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Best GTA V Mods To Make It Even More Fun
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Best GTA V Mods To Make It Even More Fun

GTA V has been a big hit for Rockstar Games. While people are eagerly waiting for GTA 6 for improved graphics and new game play, most of the gamers are utilizing GTA V Mods to improve their gaming experience in GTA V. Many of us have only used Mods just for new color schemes for cars and downloading super cars.

But GTA V Mods can do a lot more than this. GTA V Mods can give a whole new direction to the game and let you play the game with other perspectives. Here are some of the best GTA V Mods that you can download to add fun to your GTA V.

List of 5 Best GTA V Mods:

2. GTA 5 Redux
3. GTA 5 Open All Interior
4. Bank Heist
5. Complex Control


No, it’s not a tongue twister. Most Gamers know what we are talking about here. LSPDFR, short for Los Santos Police Department First Response, is one of the most loved GTA 5 Mod in the market. This cool mod turns you into the police itself. Yes, no more running from cops, rather be the cop and make thieves and criminals run. This game lets you enjoy the game with the perspective of a police officer.

This GTA 5 Mod offers a lot of opportunities to Hunt for criminals and thieves, epic car chases, shootouts, robberies, and whatnot. LSPDFR is an amazing and fun to use mod. To start being a cop, you will have to visit the Police Station first and then create a COP avatar for yourself. In short, I loved being a COP.

Download LSPDFR Mod for GTA V here


2. GTA 5 Redux:

While a lot of people are waiting for GTA 6 for next level graphics, we aren’t. GTA 5 Redux is an awesome GTA V Graphics mod to give your old timer GTA V a refreshing look. GTA 5 Redux is an ambitious yet beautifully managed mod that gives a whole new look to Los Santos. GTA 5 Redux gives an exhilarating look to the Los Santos streets, its weather, the theme, etc. Not just that, vehicle handling, weapons, everything feels new and livelier. GTA 5 redux has also reconfigured the NPC Behavior. Redux is a must to have GTA V Graphics mod because it doesn’t change the game, just improves it and that too sweetly.

Download GTA 5 Redux here

GTA 5 Redux

3. GTA 5 Open All Interior:

GTA 5 is already pretty huge and you have got a lot of stuff to do in GTA 5. But when it comes to exploring some of this city, streets are pretty much everything you can explore. All the building and tourist attractions are closed and are just a dummy in the game. Well, not anymore.

GTA 5 Open All Interior is yet another awesome GTA V mod that gives you access to a plenty of buildings like FIB office, etc. The doors are now open to these building and many more shops that are available for you to rob, and make awesome videos. GTA 5 gives a whole lot of new functionality to the game. It has around 70 buildings open for you to explore. All the open locations are available on the Map to make them easier to find. However, you can also toggle it with just a key. This gives added functionality to all those dummy building in the game.

Download GTA 5 Open All Interior Mods here

GTA 5 Open All Interior

4. GTA V Bank Heist:

GTA V Bank Heist is yet another functionality adder to the already awesome GTA V. All of us have seen those awesome YouTube videos with gamers robbing banks time after time and evading a 5-star police in a more than awesome way. Yes, those are GTA 5 Bank Heist mod videos.

GTA 5 Bank Heist opens a few banks and ATMs all over the GTA Map and gives you the option to rob them. As soon as you rob a bank, you will find yourself being chased by 5-Star police with all those choppers and LSPD Vans. Evade police with awesome Fast and Furious style and end up with millions in your bank account. Isn’t it cool? I found it so.

Download GTA V Bank Heist Mod here

GTA V Bank Heist

5. Complex Control:

Complex Control is yet another awesome GTA V mod. Battle Royale games like PUBG and Call of Duty have reshaped the whole gaming landscape. They have become the new liking for a whole lot of gamers around the world. GTA V, on the other hand, is completely different and you can’t argue that nothing compares with GTA 5 Map and its feel.

This mod makes GTA V a Battle Royale game much like PUBG and COD. You spawn as an avatar with new abilities in every game. The map slowly shrinks and you have to be the last one standing after killing all the other players. Sounds cool? Yes, to me too. The avatars come equipped with teleportation abilities and 3 special abilities.

Download Complex Control GTA V Mod here

Complex Control

These are all the 5 Best GTA V Mods that can give a whole new experience to GTA V and gamers. Do let us know which one you like the most, we love hearing from you.

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  1. Matthew

    Being LSPD cop with a bat mobile... Jaja having the time of my life.

  2. Sagar Kapoor

    Hey Matthew, Do try Redux too.. It's an amazing mod.. In love with it..

  3. Chris Smith

    A few of my game players are using cheat codes, how can I find it out?

  4. Amara Smith

    GTA 5 Redux is the best out of this

  5. Sagar Kapoor

    Hey Chris, no players can use cheats in the online version of the game. You can use them in the offline versions though. However, if you do find someone cheating one way or the other in the online mode, you can report the player. Rockstar Games take these issues seriously. I hope this helps

  6. Sagar Kapoor

    Hey Amara, Redux is my personal favorite too. As it enhances the game without ruining the genuine struggle of the game.

  7. Ajmal

    Redux mode make gta really realistic

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