Top 10 Trending PC Games to Kick-in Your Adventures

Top 10 Trending PC Games to Kick-in Your Adventures

With computer games now turned into intriguing storylines, filled with extraordinary graphics, inspiring characters, and elements of realistic approach towards gameplay setting, and overall production design, gamers can’t dream for more. Game developers like Rockstar, Tencent, and Ubisoft have given us numerous sources of adventure and entertainment via their fascinating gaming ventures in the latest PC games on windows 10 to come into the market. Here is a list of top PC Games that have attracted users towards their captivating and gripping gameplay and setting:

Best PC Games In 2019 You Need To Play Right Now!

10. Far Cry 5

Image: Forbes

From the streets of Nepal, Far Cry has now gone to Montana, United States, once again in a hope of liberating a small county from the ruthless and manipulative cult leader. Following the previous trends of Far Cry series, this fifth instalment has made another attempt at first-person arcade and strategy game. Far Cry 5, though have a fairly convincing narrative and plot, the gameplay in itself is quite similar to Far Cry 4. Map exploration, fighting wildlife, destroying enemy shelters, and capturing county areas one by one, this has all been experienced previously. However, the game’s inspiration from real-life socio-political events and their incorporation into the narrative is commendable.

9. Player’s Battle UnderGround (PUBG)

Image: Polygon

This widely played, and commercially successful arcade and action game developed by Tencent needs no introduction or description. The server-based game allows a hundred players to join a battle in an enclosed arena to be the best battle strategist and come out at number one spot to have a delicious chicken dinner. By going through regular upgrades, adding up of new avatars and battle arena maps, and launching a free mobile version for the users have made it one of the most popular games among PC gamers and mobile users alike.

8. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Image: Gamerant

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Lara Croft is back in this latest PC game, acting as the final instalment of Lara’s origin trilogy. Set right after its 2015 prequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara now have to stop an apocalyptic event, while combating the paramilitary force of mercenaries. A game made for fine strategists, Shadow of the Tomb Raider features the protagonists travelling through American regions of forests and scrambling secret paths and hubs to an ancient mythical city. Though the game can be played for completion of the three-part narrative, and for the character designs; however, there is very minimal development in the gameplay.

7. Gris

Image: Polygon

Developed by Spanish developer Nomada Studio, Gris has become one of the top PC games and have gained mass popularity over its storyline and concept. This new PC game, released in December 2018, narrates a musical cum magical plot about a girl, which focuses on a girl subconsciously fighting her fears. A psychological fantasy, Gris has been widely applauded for its setting filled with flawless landscapes as well as, a throbbing sound and music. If you hadn’t played it yet, it’s time you give it a go.

6. Frostpunk

Image: Instant Gaming

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Play Android’s SimCity at a whole new level, under drastic scenarios, minimal resources, making life and death decisions. Frostpunk, a city-building game, is a fascinating medium for gamers to play something with a realistic touch. Set in a volcanic winter in 1886, the player needs to build up a refuge for survivors, collecting resources and wisely using them, while the decisions of the player decide the life he has taken responsibility for. In a gripping narrative and wonderful graphics, keep society alive playing in one of the top PC games for windows 10 running now.

5. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Image: GameAxis

If you have ever watched Dragonball FighterZ on your home’s idiot box and enjoyed the mind-blowing fights that made you clutch the edges of your chair, Dragon Ball FighterZ is all you ever wanted. Probably, no other adaptation of the famous manga/anime has ever brought the same enthusiasm among DBZ fans. To keep your childhood memories of DBZ alive, the developers have maintained the anime-like character designs, fighting powers, and comic art, giving it a old-age touch with modern high-end graphics. With a multiplayer mode available, the game has delivered the finest one-on-one PC game experience.

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Image: Wired

With this instalment of Call of Duty, the developer Treyarch has tried to bring in new experiences to the game. The game has removed, for the first time, its single-player mode, and have focused on a complete multiplayer storyline. The game has a zombie mode, giving you a traditional hunch of the CoD series. And then, there is a battle royale mode, called Blackout, consisting an arena of 100 Players fighting for the final standalone. Yeah, it’s a battle royale mode just like you play in PUBG. But at totally different level. If you still feel that the game won’t be worth it, the fact that it sold highest number of copies in the history of CoD, might push you to try it.

3. FIFA 19

Image: RedBull

Yeah, this one never gets old. The latest addition to EA’s long-living sports PC game, FIFA 19 is back. Once again, taking advantage of its league licenses, the game has your favorite teams fighting for most prestigious football titles. And above all, it places you at the center of it. A more sophisticated control setting and upgraded graphics just spice up your game. Lastly, composers Hans Zimmer and Vince Staples offer you the finest PC game anthem to worship this widely loved game.

2. Assassin’ Creed: Odyssey

Image: The Verge

In this newest instalment of Ubisoft’s PC game series, the story takes place in ancient Greece, in the midst of Peloponnesian War between city-states of the nation. The game, like its predecessor, features a single-player mode, filled with a thriller plot, action, stealth, mercenary cults, and much more. The game also lives up to its name by settling the true events of the war, while also connecting it with rest of the instalments in the series. The new graphics, characters, and the game setting would leave you playing the game for hours.

1. Hitman 2

Image: ARS Technicia

The wait for Agent 47 to return was over, when IO launched the sequel in November last year, as a pre-Christmas gift for the PC games lovers. Featuring the cold-hearted assassin, Hitman 2 has all the elements of stealth, combat, and gun fight. The players can embark on secret contract missions eliminating targets at six different locations. All these perks are then supported by a thrilling plot, which connects you to the previous instalment while also leave huge suspense for future ones. Maybe, games like Odyssey and CoD have made record sales, Hitman 2 is the true real deal on the PC right now.

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