10 Best Free Beat Making Software To Make Your Own Beats

Explore these beat making software and create music.

10 Best Free Beat Making Software To Make Your Own Beats

Beat making software is giving a pace to the budding artists to make their own beats and produce music the way they like.  Although creating music and beats on your own is as difficult as you ever imagine. Besides passion, love and taste of music, etc. are all needed to come up with the best beats, you’ll need good software to run it.

The technology of creating musical beats has changed a lot over the last decade or so. In this article, we have taken care of all the necessary and outstanding software that can be your great companions and you can come up with great beats for your musical composition.

The list is too long and can be quite tough to decide which one is best for the music style you’re thinking to make. Here we will list down the most popular and best beat making software along with their features to help you choose the best software to make your own beats. The list is divided into the following parts:

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Best Free Beat Making Software:

A. Best Free Beat Making Software

B. Best Free Online Beat Maker

A. Best Free Beat Making Software:

Best Free Beat Makers Best For Compatible With
FL Studio Value Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
MAGIX Music Maker Ease Windows
MuseScore Free Tool Windows, Mac
GarageBand Mac and iOS Mac, iOS
OrDrumbox Beginners Windows, Mac

1. FL Studio

FL Studio - Best Beat Making Software

Get FL Studio Here

If you are looking for a beat making software that is finest and can offer you best beyond being free or paid, then FL Studio is something that you cannot miss. Whether you use its free version or paid one, you can create outstanding music beats. FL Studio features plug and play integration wherein you can quickly input patterns on the Step Sequencer and switch to performance mode for live playing.

 Why Choose FL Studio?

  • Note Mode to add melodies and harmony to production.
  • Mixer to let you master in music at professional standards.
  • 80+ plugins included for better results of music composition.

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2. MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX Music Maker - Best Beat making Software

Get MAGIX Here

Platform: Windows

Price: Free and $85 onwards

MAGIX Music Maker is one the easiest beat making software that is loaded with multiple features and 400+ sounds. Magix offers multicore support to the user with 4 free additional Soundpools, 3 free instruments, 8 free effects and much more. Simply create music with this music maker and give raise to your new and fresh musical ideas and turn them into music of your dream. Ease of access is what makes this software a choice to opt for.

Why Choose MAGIX?

  • Make, Record, Mix and Master Music.
  • Combine sounds and loops as you like.
  • Adds a unique touch to your music with virtual instruments or live recordings.

3. MuseScore

MuseScore- Best Beat Making Software

Get MuseScore Here

Platform: Windows, Mac

Price: Free

MuseScore is yet another in the list of best free beat making software. For both beginners and professional musicians, this software has turned out to be a great choice to create, play and print music sheets. MuseScore compiles music for guitar, orchestra, jazz, piano, chair and much more. You can further download your recorded songs in any format and share them with your friends. Its ease and compatibility make it suitable for beginners or novice musicians.

Why Choose MuseScore?

  • Gives you a platform with professional music notation.
  • Completely free with no limitations.
  • Transfer to and from other programs via MusicXML, MIDI and more.

4. GarageBand

GarageBand - Best Beat Making Software

Get GarageBand Here

Platform: Mac, iOS

Price: Free

With GarageBand beat making software you can start making professional sounding music straightaway. You just need to plug in your guitar or microphone and choose from an array of realistic amps and effects. This is best free beat making software dedicated for Mac and iOS users that allow them to create music with or without any instruments. GarageBand lets you go from start to finish and you can create and mix up to 255 audio tracks.

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Why Choose GarageBand?

  • Jam with drummers of all styles i.e. from Latin to Jazz to HipHop and many more.
  • It offers powerful synths with shape-shifting controls.
  • Record, mix and master your music with ease.

5. OrDrumbox

OrDrumbox - Best Beat Making Software

Get OrDrumbox Here

Platform: Windows, Mac

Price: Free

OrDrumbox beat making software allows you to showcase your creativity freely with no boundaries. This tool is best for those who love experimentation and gives amazing results which makes it a go-to software for aspiring musicians. The features that make it a must-have software includes auto-composition, polyrhythms, automatic sound matching and much more. You can experiment with its music database and effects to come up with a music/beat that will amaze your target group of audiences.

Why Choose OrDrumbox?

  • It comes with a rhythm and sound database.
  • Offers numerous music items that are fully editable.
  • Import and export of MIDI are available.

B. Best Free Online Beat Maker:

1. Soundtrap- Make Music Online

Soundtrap- Make Music Online

Access Soundtrap Online

If music-making is in your blood, Soundtrap is your everywhere studio offering you incredible features. This amazing tool is available online and you can access it anytime and anywhere to make some noise, explore a new one and create a song for musical collaborations coming ahead. This is a platform for passionate music creators and studio profressionals. The software is flexible and can be used by both beginners and professional music artists.

Why Choose Soundtrap?

  • With Automation, you can tweak volume; pan and use sweep effects to create professional sounds.
  • With Autotune, you can pitch and modify the voice recordings.
  • 4000+ high-quality beats and presets.

2. Sampulator

Sampulator- Best Online Beat Maker

Access Sampulator Online

Sampulator is a Garage Band-style sequencer that can be used anywhere on any browser. This free online beat maker is just a one-tap software wherein you need to press the Shift key to start recording and Space key to play and stop the recorded audio. It has an inbuilt beat board that creates sound based on that so if you are a beginner and are looking for a beat maker that can help you learn things then this one is the best and the easiest one.

Why Choose a Sampulator?

  • Get a whole set of samples.
  • Access its inbuilt basic sequencer to play with.
  • GarageBand-style sequencer.

3. Song Maker- Chrome Music Lab

Song Maker- Chrome Music Lab

Access Song Maker Online

Go online, open your browser, open Song Maker by Chrome Music Lab and start making our own beats. All you need to do is to add notes by clicking on the grid and then share your song with a link. Not only this, but Song Maker also allows you to use MIDI keyboard or you can sing a note in your mic. Use your keyboard to do the needful. Press the arrow keys to move, enter and backspace key to add and remove notes. Like all software, use the spacebar to pause/play music.

Why Choose Song Maker?

  • An experiment by Chrome Music Lab to create and share songs.
  • It is an online tool and therefore, no download required.
  • Share the song you have created with its link.

4. Looplabs

Looplabs - Best Online Beat maker Software

Access LoopLabs Online

Looplabs is an impressive cloud-based beat making software that a music lover can use to create music regardless of his technical skills or ability. With Looplabs online beat maker, you can create your choice of music and beats quickly and easily. The software is quite simple and handy to use and can be easily used by both beginners and professionals with no experience required. This beat maker is an amazing tool with thousands of infinite possibilities.

Why Choose Looplabs?

  • 10000+ royalty-free sounds.
  • From electronic to pop, hip-hop, Latin, jazz, funk or Indian, you can create any of the music.
  • Music creation is made easy and better with Beatport.

5. Soundation

Soundation - Best online Beat Maker Software

Access Soundation Online

Soundation is yet another free online beat maker tool that is considered to be the starting point for the new producers and music composers. With this tool, you can record, mix, and share music together with millions of other Soundation users. Having an online studio lets you produce, remix and record songs directly from your web browser. Not only this, but you can also choose from the thousands of sounds, loops, effects and much more.

Why Choose Soundation?

  • Thousands of sounds, effects, and instruments to choose from its sound library.
  • Create powerful music with no limitations.
  • Listen, share and collaborate with multiple music creators.

Wrap Up:

That’s all folks! We have tried all these beat making software and categorized them for your better help. This list includes free and online beat making software to use on your desired working platforms. Check this out and let us know which one you feel is the best. As per us, FL Studio is the prime choice as it is available on almost all operating systems. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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