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Best Ways of Finding Duplicate Music Files in Windows 10
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Best Ways of Finding Duplicate Music Files in Windows 10

No matter how much you love listening to music, there is no denying that most of us have a hard time when it comes to finding duplicate music files. The reason is simple, there are tons and tons of music files accumulated over the years. You shouldn’t be surprised if some of them have got corrupted over time. And, if you are thinking of finding duplicate music files and getting rid of them without much care, you might just end up losing an important music file.

Worry not! Even if you are prompted to work your way through a pile of similar-looking music files, why not get rid of duplicate music files smartly?

Dealing With Duplicate Music Files Using Window Applications –

1. Duplicate Music Fixer

Duplicate Music Fixer - Music File Fixer Tool

Another duplicate music files finder tool that makes finding duplicate music files easy is duplicate music fixer. If there are two or more identical copies of the same file on your system, duplicate music fixer will help you get rid of them without a hitch.


  • Easy to use and easy to understand interface.
  • Comes with an option to exclude folders that you don’t wish to be scanned (useful when for instance, when you are finding duplicate music files from a complete drive)
  • Helps you scan audio files of varied formats.
  • A prompt 24X7 customer support which is always there to support you in case you deal with any issue.
  • Duplicate Music Fixer also helps you add the same song in different playlists by creating references of the same song thereby, saving you tons and tons of space.


2. AllDup

AllDup- Duplicate Music Finder Tool


AllDup is one of the best duplicate music files finder utility available that helps you get rid of duplicate music files using its fast and sophisticated search algorithm.


  • An in-built viewer that lets you analyze the content before you perform any action.
  • Helps you ignore the ID3 Tags when dealing with MP3 files.
  • Allows you to export the search result in .txt or .csv format.
  • It also hard links or shortcuts of the original files

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3. Duplicate File Deleter

Duplicate File Deleter - Duplicate Music Files Finder Tool


Finding it hard to get rid of duplicate music files? Duplicate File Deleter will help you get past millions of music files in no time at all. It has a modern Windows look and feel, with a very easy and clean user interface, something that’ll make your experience even more fantastic.

  • Functionality to choose the file type you wish to scan.
  • Allows you to customize your scan with your own file extensions.
  • While it automatically selects duplicates form removal, it asks for your approval before deleting a particular file.
  • If you have a stressed system, it even has a low memory footprint.

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4. Clone Files Checker

Clone Files Checker - Duplicate Music Files Finder


Clone files checker scans your PC for duplicate songs. It even helps you get rid of all the audio files that have a resemblance in some way in three simple steps.


  • The best part about the tool is that it lets you create a backup so that just in case if you even delete the wrong audio file, you can retrieve it back.
  • Gives you an option to clone the duplicate files and move them to a separate folder.
  • Scans all types of music files even if they have different tags.

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5. Duplicate File Remover

Duplicate File Remover - Duplicate Music File Finder Tool


Rated as one of the best tools for finding duplicate music files, duplicate file remover separates all kinds of media files individually and removes them from your computer’s storage.


  • Supports a universal Windows platform and is, therefore, very flexible and responsive.
  • It has custom folders so that music files can be selected separately.
  • It has a separate modifier, editor and browser for simple editing.
  • Prompt customer support in case you face any issues in the functioning of the tool.

Talking about backup, while you may or may not rely on the backup facility that some of the tools on the list provide, you can always get a tool that is focused just on backing up your data to avoid any hassles. You never know when you might lose your data (music files in this case). The main purpose of backing up is not just to store files on the cloud but even keep them secured. Right Backup is one such tool that keeps your data secured and gives you the facility to schedule your backup too. Also, it makes your data accessible across the devices.



Gone are those days when you had to manually sort your gigantic music library and had to accidentally say bye to some of the most precious songs from your library. The tools mentioned above will keep all your precious songs in your library while making the sorting part super easy for you.

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