7 Best Chatbot Apps for Android in 2024

7 Best Chatbot Apps For Android That Will Change the Way You Use Your Phone

7 Best Chatbot Apps for Android in 2024

Thanks to advancements in Artificial intelligence, chatbots are becoming an integral part of everyone’s life. They have the capability to enhance any chat applicationby facilitating human-like conversations. This functionality is now present in almost all chatting applications, including WhatsApp. By using a chatbot, we can create human responses, prompt replies, and can make all our routine tasks super-efficient.

Since chatbots are essential apps for each Android user, users must have in-depth insights into the best chatbot apps for Android. To help you, we have provided an overview of the top 7 best chatbot apps for Android. Read on to explore the attractive features of the best chatbot applications.

Why Do We Use Chatbot Apps?

Android smartphones require chatbots to speed up our daily tasks. Let’s look at why we should utilize it on our smartphones.

  • Users can receive faster customer service from apps with chatbot functionality.
  • It lets users communicate with apps in whichever language they want.
  • Anyone can use Internet resources to discover the answers to their questions without geo-restrictions.

Is it Legit?

Chatbots are legit and have superior security protocols to protect user information. You can simply choose a trustworthy chatbot, following strong security policies to prevent data theft and vulnerability.

How to Use Chatbot Apps on Android?

Chatbots are essential utilities for all users. You can grab the beneficial attributes of the applications on your Android device. You can download and install the chatbots from the Google Play Store on your Android device. You just need to sign up on the app to start using it.

Top 7 Chatbot Apps To Improve Productivity

Now that we have learned the importance of a chatbot for Android let us explore some of the best available applications for your smartphone.

1.  Drift


If you own a business and have a website for your service, Drift can be a valuable chatbot for you. The interactive application integrates well with your website,  allowing you to welcome your visitors and address their queries on the go. With Drift connected to your website, you can rest assured that you’re always available to assist and engage with your clients at all times.


  • Can integrate with 50 native languages
  • Ability to close deals with Drift deal room
  • Capability to integrate more than 500 third-party tools
  • Excellent capacity to book meetings

  • Quality A/B testing
  • Can provide a review of the strategy
  • Capable of training new sales representatives
  • Beneficial customer success manager

  • Lack of transparent pricing

2.  Replika


Nowadays, we are seeking online interactive applications for online assistance, and Replika is the best choice. The engaging AI chat app is capable of answering all your questions, serving as companion and assiting you effectively. Replika even has the ability to  track your mood and respond accordingly.


  • It features an entirely customizable UI.
  • The service Can form emotional relationships with users
  • It can provide users with a judgment-free zone.
  • The program may generate unique Replikas.

  • It can help manage your stress
  • The app has superior data privacy
  • The tool can enhance your mental health
  • Replika can create 3D Avatar

  • Replika is not suitable for users from all age groups

3.  Tidio


Now, communicating with your customers is super easy with the Tidio AI chatbot. The live chat application can answer your customers instantly and assist you with any concerns. The Tidio app can provide you with a visitor list and valuable insights about customer perspectives.


  • Can send push notifications
  • Available with high-quality templates
  • Chatbots built on NLP technology
  • It contains 16 distinct triggers

  • Faster chat response
  • Simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Capability to integrate with eCommerce platforms
  • Can provide info about the visitors

  • Lack of ability to integrate with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter

4.  Chatfuel


If you want to embrace the power of AI on your Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram platforms, Chatfuel can help you. The unique chat applications allows you to seamlessly communicate with customers from anywhere. With Chatfuel, you can provide round-the-clock support to your clients.


  • Provides custom integration API
  • Capability to personalize your messages
  • Ability to integrate with Google Sheets, Calendar, Zapier, and many more
  • Ability to manage multiple managers

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Can provide analytics on users
  • Ability to provide personalized sales experience to your clients
  • Can make your marketing strategy efficient

  • Comparatively, they have less advanced options

5.  ChatGPT


As a widely used chatbot, OpenAIs ChatGPT can answer all your questions. The free-to-use application is available as a desktop website and smartphone application. ChatGPT can provide human-like responses to users, offering reliable answers.


  • Can provide a tailored response
  • Provides better learning opportunity
  • Ability to respond to professional inputs
  • Can include custom instructions

  • Free to use
  • Language understanding and response generation
  • Faster response to questions
  • Can create inspirations

  • Users will have control over the generated response

6.  ManyChat


ManyChat is the best chatbot Android app that can answer all your customers’ questions instantly. The interactive application can help you stay connected with your clients anytime. While communicating with your clients, you have the option to stop all bot messages.


  • Ability to book appointments
  • Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Capability to categorize your audience
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface

  • Can broadcast messages
  • Can automate the communication channels
  • Ability to let customers purchase through Facebook Messenger
  • Capability to generate leads

  • Limited integration ability

7.  WATI


Being an official partner of Whatsapp Business, WATI can help you answer all your client’s questions on the go through Whatsapp chat. The utility can help you to enhance customer satisfaction and, eventually, the overall sales. WATI can also let businesses launch marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.


  • Available with shared team inbox
  • Can keep track of WhatsApp broadcasts
  • Ability to provide super-fast response
  • Can manage your contacts

  • Can connect with Whatsapp Business API
  • Can send messages to 100K recipients in a single click through broadcasts.
  • Capable of monitoring the performance
  • Ability to notify each agent

  • Available only for the Whatsapp platform

Revolutionize Your Android Experience with These 7  Chatbot Apps

Chatbots are essential tools for enhancing the efficiency of your communications. It can help businesses to succeed in the dynamic digital market. Learning about the best Android chatbots is crucial for choosing a suitable app. We believe that this post has helped in this concern. Use the power of chatbots and enhance your business horizons!

Do let us know your peronal recommendations in the comments section below!

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