AirPower May Arrive With iPhone 12: Will It?

AirPower May Arrive With iPhone 12: Will It?

Isn’t it something we all have heard of earlier as well? Do you remember that amazing device likely to be launched by Apple that could charge three devices at a time? Yes, we are talking about Apple AirPower. Years back we have heard about the AirPower- a wireless charging pad that was expected to be introduced along with Apple AirPods. Apparently, the things took a U-turn and Apple cancelled its launch by 2019.

What is An AirPower?

AirPower is an unreleased wireless charging mat developed by Apple Inc. it was expected to arrive with the Apple AirPods but unfortunately Apple cancelled its release. Yes, the AirPower was designed to charge up to three Qi devices simultaneously i.e. an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch.

What is an Airpower
Image Source: Jon Prosser

AirPower was announced years back in 2017 with an original plan to be released in early 2018. However, Apple failed to materialize, leading to the wide speculation over the product’s future. Apple then officially announced the cancellation of the release of AirPower- the wireless charging mat on March 29, 2019.

What Was Expected From AirPower?

Well, many of us were very much excited for this amazing product release by Apple Inc. but, all this has been called off by Apple with the cancellation of this wireless charging mat for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Wasn’t it wonderful to have a single charger for three major iOS devices? Indeed it was!

So, don’t be disheartened, there is still a ray of hope for all Apple lovers out there. If we all are lucky enough, we are going to see this amazing wireless charger AirPower at the same time along with the launch of iPhone 12.

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Where To Get AirPower?

Is your excitement at peak again? Are you waiting for this amazing wireless charger to hit the market? Well, we have some good news for you. There are chances that an all new AirPower- wireless charging mat to be launched soon in the market.  Wondering how we are sure about this? Well, we too aren’t sure we are just expecting something out of the trending news and articles related to AirPower.

Recently, we have seen a tweet by Jon Prosser of the Front Page Tech. He has discussed in his tweet about the probability of the AirPower charger making a comeback. In his tweet, he has added the picture of this amazing wireless charger with all three devices over it i.e. an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Check out the Jon Prosser’s tweets below:

Also, in his another tweet he has mentioned that the ‘future product’ i.e. Apple’s AirPower will be made with some amazing features like smarter software communication between devices that have A11 inside to ‘dynamically manage heat’. He said this because, in the earlier model of AirPower, it was diagnosed that when a user charges Apple Watch with that wireless charging mat it causes the mat to overheat. This time the addition of A11 is expected to manage the heat by switching the internal charging coils on and off.

What To Expect From The New Version Of AirPower?

Well, we are still not sure whether Apple Inc. will launch this wonderful product or not. We are just expecting its launch to happen along with iPhone 12. So, all the Apple lovers keep your excitement on as according to the sources and also Prosser, it is expected that the new AirPower will be launched at the end of 2020 or at the start of 2021. Considering its price, it is assumed that this wireless charger for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods will be sold for $250. Expensive, ain’t it? Yes, the cost of the AirPower wireless charger is more than we might be expecting. But, the cost has never been a barrier for the super iOS lovers.

Will AirPower Be Launched Or Will It Fail Miserably Like Before?

You might be hearing of all these rumors around. What is your take? Will Apple launch AirPower or will it again fail. Let us all keep our fingers crossed and hope our excitement does not burst like before. It is also expected that if AirPower hits the market, it will be the birth of wireless charging iPhones.

What do you think of AirPower and its launch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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