5G Technology is Around The Corner

5G Technology is Around The Corner

Mobile Technology is evolving continuously. We have just embraced the 4G technology. It gave us faster mobile broadband that enabled the users to surf the web on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Earlier generations of mobile technology gave us voice, data and video.

At present, South Korea has the fastest Internet connection in the world. Here, the 4G network lets you download an 800 MB movie in just 40 seconds. Now, 5G is supposed to be faster.

As 4G is not able to support the networked devices that the Internet of Things is supposed to connect, 5G technology will help us there. As you are aware that Internet of Things is a connected network. It connects not only computers and touch screens but also household appliances, accessories, vehicles and even clothing.

It is expected to power the Internet of Things. You can easily expect a person with at least 10 connected devices. These can be wearables, smartphones or tablets. Everything will be connected. The connected devices will work together to help us communicate with apps and services.

Ericsson is developing 5G-networked cars. They can guide themselves and will warn drivers about the impending accidents.

The governments around the world and even private companies are ready to invest a lot of money to develop the 5G research and its role in the Internet of Things. It is certain that a lot of money will be spent on creating the 5G infrastructure and launching it worldwide.

The South Korean government is sure to make early progress as it will not like to lose its domination of the global mobile communication equipment market. This nation was a leader in rolling out 4G and became a home for technological innovation.


As we see of now, almost everybody is becoming dependent on Internet access, whether it is personal or business work, fast network has become a necessity. And it is for sure that it is going to help the economy. The introduction of the 5G technology could help in the growth of industries, specially relying on the Internet of Things in the coming years.

Technology firms and governments are therefore being urged to work together to launch 5G. It is becoming clear that 5G technology is not too far away from becoming a reality.

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