Amazing Hidden Windows 10 Tricks And Tips!

Amazing Hidden Windows 10 Tricks And Tips!

I always wanted to brag about my knowledge when I used to sit between my friends and colleagues by sharing Windows 10 tips and tricks. Trust me, it was an awesome feeling! Windows OS is a widely used platform between us and every one owns a Windows system.

Windows 10 tips and tricks

Here I am sharing the same Windows 10 tricks and tips that I have learnt. In this article get the list of windows tips and tricks that will help to get praises from your surroundings.

Windows 10 Tips And Tricks

Turn On Night Light

The Windows 10 offers amazing features that give reliefs on your eyes and make you sleep faster after surfing at night. This is a night light feature which restricts emanating of blue light from your PC.

To start with this Windows 10 tip, launch Windows settings by pressing Win key and I together. Now go to System and then Display. On the right side pane, toggle night light feature.

Turn On Night Light


If you are an Android user, check out this blog- 7 Best Night Mode Apps for Android To Reduce Eye Strain

I hope you like this Windows 10 tip.

Access Emoji Keyboard

Access Emoji Keyboard

 Who ain’t loves emojis? I love these funny emoticons because they add extra spice in our conversation. They are quite popular nowadays and everyone uses them one in another way. However you can use them on your Windows system too. Not many people are aware of this feature, so here I am sharing this windows trick with you.

To start with this Windows 10 trick, make sure to enable touch keyboard first. To on this feature right click on the task bar and choose “Show Touch Keyboard Button”


As you can see on the keyboard, there is an option of emoji near CTRL. There will be the series of various series of emojis.

option of emoji near CTRL

You can also check the below blogs that are related to emojis.

Improves Battery Life

Indeed, battery life is important while using any electronic device. However, there is an option of battery saver on your laptop when you are running out of battery life of your device.

  • Launch Windows Settings [Win key and I together]
  • Go to “System” and on the left side pane check “Battery”
  • On the right side of pane, turn on the battery saver as shown in the below image.

Battery Saver

I hope you like this Windows 10 trick.

Windows Clipboard

This is another smart windows tip and trick that enables all your copied items at one place. On the Windows clipboard you can paste multiple items and in addition to this you can also check clipboard history.

You can press Win key and V together and you will get a pop-up of Windows Clipboard.

Windows Clipboard

Tap on Turn On and now you can check the clipboard history here. I hope this windows trick proves useful to you.

Windows 10 Keyboard Tricks

I am sure you are going to love the below mentioned windows 10 tricks. Without wasting much time, I am sharing the keyboard tricks with you.

Important Keyboard Windows Tricks

Keyboard Shortcut Actions
ESC Close Current Task
Win Key + I Open Settings App
Win Key + L Lock System
Win Key + D Display & Hide The Desktop
Win Key + E Open File Explorer
Win Key + A Option Action Center

Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Actions
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open Task Manager
Ctrl + Esc Open Start Menu
Ctrl + Alt + Tab View Open Apps
Shift + Arrow keys Select Multiple Times
Win key + M Minimize All Windows
Win key + S Open Search

Above mentioned are the best Windows tricks that can be used to attain applause around you.

Do You Like These Windows 10 Tricks & Tips?

I hope you like the above mentioned windows tips and tricks. If I missed out at any point, let me know in the comments section below. I would like to know about your windows tricks, share it with us in the comments section.

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