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Wi-Fi Eavesdropping a Serious Threat

Table of Contents

What You Are Compromising?Places Where You Are Mostly Targeted?How to Identify Whether You Are Snooped?How to Hide Wi-Fi?The Bottom Line

Humans by nature are certainly not meant to be loners, we need to stay connected to others to survive, be it on social media, chatbots and via emails. Moreover, the conversation is a great key to evolve the business. Businesses always flourish to understand customers’ needs and preferences to stay connected for the convenience anytime and anywhere. One of the secrets to make people stay at a place for a longer time is to offer free Wi-Fi, that’s why hotels, restaurants, coffee shops even subways generally use this tactic.

However, using the public Wi-fi and hotspot can turn out to be dangerous on online networks. Cybercriminals can use the hotspot which you are using to get into your device & peek at your private & financial data. You can’t let your credit card, debit card, username and other vital passwords get compromised.

Imagining life without staying internet is nearly impossible. We need internet connection to send emails, upload images, and stay connected with friends on social media platforms.  However, using a Wi-fi on subways can make your life miserable and there is always more!

So, let’s check out the how is Wi-fi Eavesdropping a serious threat?

What You Are Compromising?


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After accruing the access of your device cybercriminals can steal your valuable data which is stored on the device with ease. They can go through your images, audio, video, documents, emails, financial data, debit and credit card info, banking username and credentials. Once hackers gain access to your machine, it is possible that cybercriminal will use the information for their financial benefits. Mostly, cyberattacks target the data are as follows:

Conversations, chat history, login details, video and audio files, credentials, web addresses, information of encrypted transactions, browsing history, documents, FTP Documents, FTP login info, emails, VoIP Details and other secure internet pages.

Most users have the assumption that multi-encryption on a Wi-Fi is securing the data, but do you think it is as effective as it seems. Well, the encryption is developing a method and if you are not updated with the latest version then it might turn out to be risky for you or your data because cyber attackers are proficient in detecting exploiting loopholes of the technology and your device.

Skilled cyber attackers can work with security measures and access your Internet. So, if they are using the correct tools then they can easily gain access to your private and financial information.

Places Where You Are Mostly Targeted?

Whether you are using Wi-Fi on public places or sending emails anytime and anyone can become a victim of Wi-fi eavesdropping. So, here is the list of Places where you are mostly targeted.

  • Restaurants, Airport lounges and other public spots.
  • Through long-range wireless ISP driven connections.
  • Using Wi-Fi on subways.
  • Through Corporate Business connection.
  • Populated residential and business zones.

How to Identify Whether You Are Snooped?

First and foremost, you need to use a router’s admin interface to login. Please keep in a mind that you are not using the default username and credential of your router. You can always change the password if you have doubt about it.

Now, you need to navigate a wireless network & connection device. It will reflect the name of the device you are using wi-fi from. This way will help you to ignore the unknown connection. Moreover, whenever you get unknown devices then you can change your password to stay secure.

How to Hide Wi-Fi?

Getting your Wi-fi stolen by neighbors is a common issue when we talk about Wi-fi protection. When you keep default and easy credentials, they can easily guess the username and password. However, you can avoid stealing of Wi-fi by protecting the Wi-Fi connection with a powerful password which is a combination of alphanumeric with special characters.

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The Bottom Line

As you know nothing comes for free, no matter how great connectivity you get when using public Wi-Fi, you should always consider perils of hacking. If you want to make sure you never become a victim, then you need to ensure the secure the network that you are using with a VPN. So, that you can get the threat free browsing and peace of mind.

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