What Is Password Cracking and Its Common Methods

all about password cracking

Password is the first line of defense for a user to effectively protect against cyber criminals. For better security it is always recommended to have good and effective passwords.

What is Password Cracking?

A cyber-attack is one in which criminals try to hack the passwords of the victims. There are different methods that criminals use to crack a password.

We have discussed some common methods which criminals use for password cracking:

  • Dictionary Attack:

In this attack, criminals use words that are common passwords. Criminals use simple documents that have all the common words which users can possibly use as their passwords.

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  • Brute Force Attack:

Criminals use all the possible combinations of alphanumeric characters. This attack is very time consuming as criminals have to use different combinations one by one.

  • Rainbow Table Attack

Instead of comparing passwords directly and then comparing its hash to crack it, this method uses a rainbow table which is the list of precomputed hashes. Password is cracked using its hashed value. In this hash value of the password is compared.

  • Phishing

In this technique attackers send malicious emails that redirect users to fake websites to trick them into entering their personal information and other important details. It is an easy way to hack, as criminals need to send email to the potential victims and wait for them to become a victim.

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  • Social Engineering

Attackers will pose as tech guys or representatives of a genuine organization and then ask for important information. This trick works very well as victims generally give all the information easily.

  • Malware

Malware is a malicious software which steals information from the user’s system and sends it to criminals. Malware can be installed on the user’s system by various methods and once it is installed it starts stealing the information.

  • Offline Password Cracking

In offline password cracking attackers attack on a third party on which passwords are stored in a file. Once the criminals have access to these files they start cracking it on their own machine.

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  • Keylogger

Keylogger is a type of a malicious program which tracks all the keystrokes of the user’s system. Everything that user type will be recorded and then sent to the attackers.

  • Guessing The Passwords

Most simple technique to hack a password is guessing it. Criminals take note of the user’s activity to guess passwords, this technique only works when users have not used any password creating software.

Most common techniques that hackers use is phishing and malware. Passwords should be strong, unique and long for better security and users have to be self-aware and be safe from falling into the scams.

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