Want To Avoid Black Screen Of Death Error? Scan For Malware!

Want To Avoid Black Screen Of Death Error? Scan For Malware!

Is your computer starting to slow right down and crash with the black screen? This is a problem similar to the blue screen of death and was blamed on Microsoft, until it was discovered the problem is due to malware infecting computers and has left millions of people looking for a black screen of death solution.

At first this issue was thought to only occur on windows 7 or later versions but it has also been found to occur on Windows Vista and XP. Hence, no matter what version of Windows you are using you are not immune to this and if you do not take steps to fix this problem quickly you may be left with no alternative but to wipe your hard drive and reinstall windows from scratch.

Source: – virusresearch

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What causes the black screen problem?

After research, it was found that this issue is caused by malware getting onto your computer and infecting it. Here are the first symptoms you will experience in your PC: –

#1 Computer slows down.

#2 Pop ups all over the Place.

#3 Unusual network activity. It shows that the malicious file is trying to communicate with different PCs and devices. It is passing on your confidential data such as passwords, credit card details etc. You can watch the lights on modem flashing abnormally even when you aren’t using it.

This is an indication that tells you to take immediate action to protect your PC as well as your precious data from malware attacks such as Daonol, which is an info stealer malware. This malware has been found guilty for black screen of death error and frequent crashing of the PC. Here are some black screen fixes that will stop the malware causing this problem.

What Can I Do To Stop This Right Now?

1. Uninstall any programs which you do not use or any free programs you have downloaded and seem to slow down your computer. One of the ways for malware to enter your computer is via free software downloads. Therefore, it’s recommended not to try any free software as it may leave you seeking for solutions to fix black screen of death error.

2. Make sure your PC is equipped with an antivirus of good reputation. Having a computer with no antivirus or firewall is like leaving your credit cards and bank account details in a public place for everyone to see.

If you have an antivirus software update it immediately and run a full system scan. The antimalware should be capable enough to scan, find and remove anything from the depths of your PC.

Again, enabling the firewall to guard your PC is a wise decision. A good firewall allows you to detect and block attempts by malicious programs such as spyware, browser hijackers etc. to transmit data out of your PC.

3. The final step is to download and run a registry cleaner software. This practice is an integral part of the black screen solution. Malware when gets into your PC after bypassing antivirus, it looks for a safe place such as the Windows registry database. Malicious programs recognize invalid registry entries and further use them for camouflage their activities. It makes them stealthy. Removing invalid entries allow you to stop malware from functioning in your PC and stealing your valuable data.

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Follow these steps to get rid of all the errors on your computer, speed it up and most importantly stop black screen of death error right now. Tell us if you liked this black screen fix in the comments below.

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