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Fixes To Common Issues With Twitter Not Working
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Fixes To Common Issues With Twitter Not Working

In the latest update from Twitter, it nearly killed the app for Android users. It kept on crashing, and a lot of Twitteratis were unable to share their precious Tweets. Whoever updated the app on their Android devices, faced constant crashes. It was later found that there was a bug behind Twitter not working.

Common Issues With Twitter Not Working
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This made us focus on what other problems Twitter users might be facing. If the app is not working for you or one or other feature is troublesome, take a look at the fixes to the commonly encountered issues.

Solutions to the common issues for Twitter not working:

1. Twitter not loading-

Twitter not loading when you sign in on your phone can be an issue. This might be a local issue sometimes whereas other times it can be a problem which is faced by many. Just like the recent event where several Android users were reporting Twitter not working for them. As the update was rolled out, the app started crashing, in this case, you must try and check the latest news. If this isn’t the case, you must verify your phone for malware. You can decide to log in again or remove the app and download it once again on your device. Use Systweak Anti-malware for your Android phone to get rid of any malware which might be causing apps to crash.

2. Twitter videos not playing-

Twitter videos not playing-

 One of the other common issue faced by users is that Twitter videos are not playing. When you are using the app, phone connection always plays a part in playing media files. If you are facing this issue, try connecting to Wi-Fi and recheck your Twitter app. If the app fails to play the videos even after this, you must try clearing out the cache from your phone. Go to Settings and check for storage and clear cache and it will free up space on the phone. Android users can try using Cleaner for Android which will optimize the phone.

Download Cleaner for Android here

3. Twitter pictures not loading-

Twitter pictures not loading

If you are unable to see any of the images on the Twitter app, you must restart your app. If you still find yourself amid no pictures loading, then you must check your network connection. You should also check if you have put any restrictions in the Phone settings. To save data and battery, a few settings will keep you from loading images on certain apps. This can be a reason for Twitter pictures, not loading. You can fix it by going through your Phone settings. Try connecting to a stronger internet connection, which will ensure all media shows on the app.

4. No sound on Twitter videos-

No sound on Twitter videos

Check your device speaker for the first thing to check if Twitter is unable to play any sound on its videos. Turn on the volume and also check if you have put the phone settings on to stop playing any volume on videos. The no sound on Twitter videos is a common problem which is faced by many. But often it is not a device issue, so we make sure by playing other videos on the device to rule out this issue. You can play any media file on your phone to check this being an issue with the app itself. The Twitter videos playing no sound can be due to network issues. As the Wi-Fi or data connection you are using might be weak to load the sound along with the video. Another reason can be that you are not tapping on the video to play it and waiting for it to play on its own just like Instagram. Check if you have plugged in the headphones or any Bluetooth headphones and it might be playing on it.


If Twitter is not working for you, we hope the points mentioned in this article have helped you. If none of them works, please search online for anything for this might be a more significant issue, and you can find reasons like the recent event.

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