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Attract More Followers on Twitter Using These Ways!
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Attract More Followers on Twitter Using These Ways!

If used correctly Twitter is a powerful tool for businesses that helps generate leads, build trust for your brand and connect with your prospects. The best part, all this can be achieved without spending a dime.

So, they say!

But for me, this never worked, and I couldn’t go past 100 followers on my Twitter account. When my friends use to ask me how many twitter followers, I had no answer.

This gave me a feeling that no one likes to read my content. Until one-day things started to change, and I got decent followers to be able to share my story with you.


If you too face the same problem as me here, you go with how to get more followers on Twitter.

How to get more followers on Twitter?

Here’s a list of practical ways to that will help you get more Twitter followers:

1. Let your profile speak for you!

People follow you if they know about you, hence let your Twitter profile speak for you.

Add a beautiful profile pic with a brief about you and your blog link. Add #hashtag to add a little spark to your profile.  This will help in getting more Twitter followers

2. Follow Right People!

Twitter works on, roll my log and I will roll yours.

This seems objective, but it works. For me, this has been the most accurate way to get more Twitter followers. Certainly, following right people gets you Twitter followers as they understand your brand and all about you.

“Follow likeminded people to get more followers on Twitter.”

Moreover, the right people will not only follow back but will also fill your feed with material that you can discover and share. Don’t underestimate anything when you are trying to get more Twitter followers.



In addition, to this, if you are facing problem in searching Twitter followers. Try following these ways.

I used these ways and it worked for me to search for people to follow on Twitter:

  1. I started by following a cybersecurity blogger who had 12,000 followers, visited his follower’s list to find the similar security-related Twitter profile and started following them. This was based on intro and profile pic.
  2. Followed people recommended by Twitter.
  3. Looked for cybersecurity hashtags and followed those whose tweets made sense.

Further, followed 60+ account on a regular basis this got me, followers. Hurray!

3. Tweet & Retweet

The most common mistake we all make is we barely tweet. This means only one or two posts that are put on their blog are tweeted, that gets lost very quickly as people tweet non-stop.

Hence to have a voice on Twitter be talkative! Tweet your own posts, other peoples’ posts and articles you read online.

This doesn’t mean post anything and everything. Post only quality material. Once people start noticing that you have quality and meaningful content you will get clicks that will increase engagement and you can get more Twitter followers.

“Quality tweets = more engagement = more followers”


Retweet interesting, genuine tweets that would create a following for you.

“Don’t just retweet add some spice to it. Someone out there surely looks for more flavor.”

Choose the “quote tweet” option and retweet.

Need help with Tweeting and Retweeting?

Hootsuite is a great tool that will help in scheduling tweets and retweets.


4. Know the right time to tweet

Of course, you can tweet anytime and anything you want. But if the majority of the world is sleeping, then it makes no sense as no one will hear you.

So, tweet at the right time of the day to get more Twitter followers.

Find out from where most of your readers are and cater to their schedule.

5. Pin a post at the top of your Tweets

Twitter is not just about gaining followers it’s about your blog.

To get more visibility for your content, pin your latest or favorite tweet from the blog to the top of your profile.

6. Use Photos when you Tweet

Statistics out there say tweets with photo do XX% better than tweets without it.

Obviously, we all love photos and to prove the same we don’t need statistics. Images are captivating than one or two liner text. Therefore, add images to get more Twitter followers

7. Tweet inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes attract readers. If your post consists of a photo and inspirational quote, possibilities are you get double retweets and more followers.



8. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in getting more Twitter followers. Tweet with hashtags get 12% more engagement—but don’t overdo it

Try to use industry hashtags like #cyberseurity, or hashtags focusing on an upcoming holiday or any hot topic.


Alternatively, try adding some fun hashtag like #MyGirlfriendNotAllowedTo. This will put your content in front of new people and will get you more followers on Twitter.

9. Offer Twitter support option

This worked for me, so you can try it and see if it works for you too. Consider offering Twitter support to your clients and customers. Once you do so they will be more inclined to tweet you to get support. In turn, you will get more followers on Twitter.

10. Join Twitter chats

At a certain time, each week Twitter users host Twitter chat.  You can join these chats to connect with people who have a common interest and increase your reach. These chats usually last for an hour and have six-to-12 questions and will help you get more Twitter followers.

Benefits of Twitter Chats

  • Grow your social media following.
  • Increase brand awareness as a whole.
  • Hosting a chat brings your target audience to you.
  • Twitter chats provide an opportunity for professionals around the world to meet and share their expertise.
  • Twitter chats give the ability to learn from peers.
  • Find inspiration from others and get the creative juices flowing.

11. Unfollow people who unfollow you

Certainly, this won’t help in growing followers on Twitter but will help to keep your feed clean of those who do not want to be a part of your success.

Basically, there’s this unsaid realm on social media where people follow to get a follow back only to unfollow them a few days later.


It’s a Big No and shouldn’t be done. If you see someone doing this, you are free to unfollow them!

To track unfollowers you can use Crowdfire I too use it.

“Never, ever buy Twitter followers.”

12. Have fun!

Have fun with Twitter, it is a social networking platform. No one is sitting there to judge you. So, join the community without any fear.

Interact with people, provide insight, and discover new places and people globally.

With said, start Tweeting and get more Twitter followers!

Using a little bit of these tips will get you more followers on Twitter. Implement them on your Twitter account today and see the magic.

Why Get More Twitter Followers Matter?

Numbers bring benefits, especially when you are looking to gain exposure.

Twitter followers help in the following:

  • Generating leads
  • Floating your message across industry and sundry
  • You will be recognized as an influential figure
  • Get you creative and new ideas

When it comes to lead generation Twitter Followers can do wonders. Once you have a good number of follower’s product promotion no longer stays a problem.

“If you have the number you are playing the game right.”

Twiiter_follow us

Increased Twitter following marks you as an influential figure. People always look for accounts with considerable followers to follow.

An account with more followers is instantly followed.

This explains why getting more Twitter follower matter.

Another reason why Twitter followers matter is it helps in knowledge enhancement, new idea and more. Twitter can be your getaway point.

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