VPN vs TOR Browser | Difference between TOR and VPN

VPN vs TOR Browser | Difference between TOR and VPN

TOR Browser is sometimes confused to be a VPN. Even if not, not everyone is clear about the distinctions between a VPN and TOR Browser as they both are used for one and the same thing.

We, here, have provided a full guide on VPN vs TOR Browser where we have tried to explain the Difference between TOR and VPN comprehensively and also, which one is suitable for whom. So, let’s not waste anymore of our precious time and get straight into it.

TOR Browser


  • If you are a general user who wants to maintain anonymity over the internet, Bypass Geo-Restrictions to watch content from around the world, and secure your bank payments, VPN is the way to go.
  • If you are a journalist, a whistleblower, or someone who has his/her life dependent on the secrecy of the identity and information, TOR Browser is the way to go.
  • TOR Browser has layered security infrastructure which makes it near to impossible to track the information back to the user.

Difference Between Tor And VPN:

List of Contents

  • What is TOR Browser?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using TOR
  • What is a VPN?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of a VPN
  • VPN over TOR Browser:
  • Systweak VPN:
  • FAQs:

What is TOR Browser?

TOR (The Onion Router) was initially a US Naval project to test technologies for Anonymous Communication. It was later on used by the US Troops to share information anonymously.

TOR was later made open for use by the general public too. TOR has been used by a lot of Good and Bad People in order to transfer information anonymously.

Is TOR a VPN? – NO. TOR functions totally differently than VPN. TOR Contains a layered security infrastructure which ensures complete anonymity. It consists of 3 nods – Entry Nod, Middle Nod, and Exit Nod.

The Client encrypts the information you are about to transfer. Entry Nod Peels of the first layer and replaces your IP Address with its own. Middle Nod only gets the IP Address of the Entry Nod and replaces it with its own before transferring it to Exit Nod. Exit Nod, in the end, again replaces the IP Address of Middle Nod by its own before transferring the information to the desired address. This process makes it impossible to trace back to the original user. There are thousands and thousands of servers around the world which play the role of Nods.

What is TOR Browser

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using TOR


  • Complete Anonymity thanks to the layered Security Infrastructure of TOR.
  • Easy to access. Just Download and Install TOR Browser to start using it.
  • Free to use.
  • Helps bypass Geo-Restrictions


  • Slow Internet Speed thanks to advanced security layers that the data has to pass through.
  • No option to watch Streaming Sites.
  • Not suitable for Downloads as the TOR Network is really slow and doesn’t make a great option to download Torrents.

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What is a VPN?

Source: CyberDB

A VPN, just like TOR Browser, is designed to provide anonymity over the web and much more. However, it is more suited for a general user than TOR Browser is.

A VPN follows various security measures in order to provide the security you want. The point to note here is that not all VPNs provide identical security and features.

VPNs utilize Encryption, IP Address Masking, and Secure Transportation of Data from one point to another.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a VPN


  • VPN Provides faster internet speed.
  • Helps Unblock Geo-Blocked Content on Streaming Sites
  • Can be used for torrenting (Varies from VPN to VPN)
  • Can be used to provide anonymity making important online transactions


  • Less secure than TOR
  • Though it is tough to trace the information back to the user, it is still possible.
  • Difficult to choose the best VPN
  • Mostly Paid

VPN over TOR Browser:

It is perfectly possible, feasible, and even suggested to use VPN over TOR Browser. To put it simply, if you are using a VPN while using TOR Browser, it is known as VPN over TOR Browser.

Security specialists suggest users to use VPN over TOR Browser for an additional layer of security, especially while using ‘.onion’ website. If you wonder what they are, read this blog about the Dark Web. Using a good VPN over TOR Browser is a good practice.

We suggest you use Systweak VPN for uncompromised security either with or without TOR Browser. More on it in the end.

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Now, as we promised to take a look at Systweak VPN, here it is:

Systweak VPN:

Systweak VPN is one of the most popular and secure VPN for Windows. It provides all the necessary features to provide you the best security and anonymity over the web while providing a good speed and bandwidth. Let’s look at some of the highlighted features of Systweak in detail:

Click Here to Download Systweak VPN

  • IP Address Masking

Systweak VPN uses a wide range of servers through which the data is rerouted to hide the IP Address and maintain anonymity.

  • Unrestricted Access to Content

Systweak VPN is proven to provide access to Geo-Restricted Content on a number of different streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, etc.

  • AES 256-Bit Encryption

Systweak VPN employs AES 256-Bit encryption to Encrypt and Decrypt the data that is sent or received over the internet.

With these amazing features and more, Systweak VPN is one of the best VPN for Windows available in the market. Visit Systweak VPN for more information.



Is TOR Browser a VPN?

The answer to the question Is TOR Browser a VPN is - No, TOR Browser isn’t a VPN but they both are used for the same task – Anonymity. However, a VPN is more user friendly than TOR Browser is which limits your scope of usage.



Is TOR Browser better than VPN?

No, TOR isn’t better than VPN. They both belong to different user bases. If privacy is the utmost need, TOR is the way to go. But if you want security while still being able to do other tasks like Watching global content, torrenting, etc., VPN is the way to go.



Is it illegal to Use TOR Browser?

No, it isn’t illegal to use TOR Browser. However, there are several dark web websites that are run by criminals for illegal purposes. If you are using TOR Browser to access any of those, you are definitely making a criminal offence.



Can you access the Dark Web using TOR?


So, this was all about VPN vs TOR Browser. Hope you found this information helpful and we were able to explain to you the difference between TOR and VPN. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such tech related content.

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