Boost Wi-Fi Speed With Super Six Tips And Tricks

Boost Wi-Fi Speed With Super Six Tips And Tricks

With COVID 19 striking the world, most of us are working from home – accomplishing office tasks, finishing school and university assignments or just staying connected with our loved ones. With so many of us, it is but normal to see a dip in our Wi-Fi speed

So, here we are with some of the tips and tricks that will help boost Wi-Fi speed. 

Best Tips And Tricks For Boost Wi-Fi Speed.

1.Position Your Router Well

Position Your Router Well
Source: TP-Link

Let’s begin with a very basic thumb of rule, place your router in the middle of the house in an open area. This should preferably boost your Wi-Fi speed. If not, then read on!

Move your router away from metal objects since they emit electromagnetic ways and it can create a dead zone for your router. Also, one of the places where you don’t want to place your router is near the kitchen since it has dishwashers, stoves, and microwaves which emit high amounts of electromagnetic waves.

You can take the help of a handheld stud finder and if you are confused about where to find one, you can use a stud finder app. Keep a safe distance from electric wires and place a Wi-Fi router approximately in the center. Here’s a trick to boost the Wi-Fi signal, you can place the router slightly above the floor level.

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2. Choose A Router With The Right Frequency

Router With The Right Frequency
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To boost Wi-Fi speed your router should be configured in a way that delivers optimum performance. If you have a dual-band router (the chances of which are very likely), you would get better output by switching to a 5GHz band router instead of say, 2.4 GHz router.

For this, you will have to check the administration interface of your router. Once you are there look for the 5 GHz network option. Now, give it the same password and SSID as you might have given to your 2.4 GHz networks. 

What this would do is that whatever device you are using will choose the best signal on its own without your interference.

3. Choose A Channel For Your Router Which Is Not Very Crowded

Choose A Channel For Your Router

Since you might be having many routers and their access points in your locality, chances are they might interfere with your network. To boost your Wi-Fi signal you will have to try and steer clear through these. Although your router is capable of picking the optimum channel for you it doesn’t cause any harm to analyze the network situation, isn’t it?

There are several network analyzer tools such as Wi-Fi Analyzer (Android) and Network Analyzer Lite (iOS) that tell you how optimum your network is in comparison to others in your locality.

4. Update Your Security By Cutting Off Bandwidth Leeches

Update Your Security By Cutting

It’s simple! If freeloaders are sucking on your Wi-Fi, you are most likely to see a dip in its speed. That’s because when there are extra users, they take a large part of your bandwidth. The best way to prevent this is to protect access using WPA2 security and a very complex router password.

This step becomes even more imperative if you and your home adore the internet of things and have devices such as security cameras, coffee makers and many other devices connected to the internet.   

You don’t want a stranger making you a cup of coffee and then you blurting out – something smells really fishy!

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5. Reboot Your Router

This is quick and very simple, something that we constantly hear from IT admins. If your Wi-Fi is crawling like a snail, try switching it off and starting it back again. Yes! In more concise terms, all you have to do is a simple reboot. 

What would this do? It refreshes and clears the memory of the router and allows all new updates to install.

6. Stay Connected With The Newest Wi-Fi Technology

Reboot Your Router
Source: CNet

For instance, IEEE 802.11 ac is the latest Wi-Fi technology in the market. It gives you great upload speeds and awesome download speeds. Needless to say, replacing your older Wi-Fi with these will drastically boost Wi-Fi speed and subsequently, it’s signal.

But, here is something that you need to make sure – all your Wi-fi enabled devices such as laptops and smartphones should comply with the latest Wi-Fi technology

Also, if you have decided to invest in the latest technology, you might also look at the features such as guest networks, MU-MIMO, quality of service, replaceable external antenna, etc. Unless you are on a shoe-string budget, you shouldn’t mind choosing a router with all the features packed.

Which Of The Above Tips Worked Out For You:

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