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Best Software to Protect Information And Keep Your Identity Safe on Mac
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Best Software to Protect Information And Keep Your Identity Safe on Mac

I believe that protecting yourself from identity theft has become a tradition these days, thanks to the internet hacking. From your personal computer to online system in big companies, everyone is in the race of protecting identity online. Since there are so many ways one can lose his/her identity while being online, one needs to be extra cautious when it comes to protecting identity.

The quite obvious ways to protect yourself from identity theft are a few that we already keep in check. However, sometimes those walls aren’t strong enough & a momentary lapse from our end can make things irreversible. So you need to become a bit extra cautious when it comes to putting up information online. There are millions of apps or software that claim to be the best when it comes to protecting identity online. However, if they were strong enough, why isn’t the consistency slowing down? So many questions, thus so many speculations, but no answer.

Protect Your Identity & Information Safe on Mac

We all are well aware about every Apple product’s security level as it comes with utmost care for the user. However, not every security wall is breach proof, Apple’s products have also experienced the identity theft issue. This is why here we will be talking about how to protect yourself from identity theft on Mac along with your confidential information. There are many tools that are quite effective & reliable to keep protecting the identity online & those are the ones we will be exploring today as mentioned in the below section:

1. Advanced Identity Protector

Advance identity protector

Download Advanced identity protector now

Since we are talking about the best tools to protect yourself from identity theft, I believe you must start with the most advanced one. This is why we have mentioned the Advanced Identity Protector from Systweak on the top of the list. Considered as the one-stop-solution for your mac, the identity protector works as a personal digital vault to keep your identity safe. From offline to online, every possible activity on your mac will be monitored by the Advanced Identity Protector and the results will be displayed in front of you to take action accordingly.


Full system compatibility

Personal digital vault

Let user customize scanning areas

Keeps all your personal information secure in one place


Doesn’t always unblock the Geo-Restricted Sites

2. Identity Guard ($16.99/Month)

Identity Guard

Get It Here

If we are talking about building a thick security wall around our system to protect ourselves from identity theft, the tool also must be top notch as well. Hence, we have included the Identity Guard in the list because of the quality it brings for users in the lowest price possible. Identity Guard is one of the best & comprehensive identity theft protection tools you can have on your mac. Since your confidential info is being used to access your financial transactions, it needs to be secured under the best security wall possible. The Identity Guard has been designed to keep your personal information protected from online threats as well as keep it managed to access easily. From address to credit card details (if any), everything gets monitored by the Identity Guard to look for the suspicious activities & keep them away from your info bundle.


Deeply monitors your mac for offline as well as online transactions

Best valued identity protector for your mac given the rich & powerful features

Checks every in-depth personal info detail for fraudulent transactions or activities


All time support (24*7) isn’t available with the Identity Guard

Identifies fraudulent activities but don’t share it with credit bureaus

Any sex offending cases doesn’t get monitored under the identity protector tool

3. ID Watchdog

ID Watchdog

Get It Here

Since our whole focus is to keep yourself protected from identity theft & your personal information as well, many of the tools will be based on resolving theft issues. So the other addition to the list of the best software to protect identity online is the ID Watchdog. The identity protector tool has been working out amazingly fine and is successfully resolving fraudulent activities in the simplest way possible. One of the best features from the ID Watchdog is that it constantly notifies you every time there is a possibility of suspicious activity on your device. Also, many of us think that identity theft or fraud is limited to credit cards only, but this isn’t the case. That’s why ID Watchdog starts checking every possible sector where the issue has been raised in the last couple of years & keeps monitoring them on a regular basis.


Award winning leader & identity protector for your mac

Looks for possible fraudulent activities including credit card fraud

Constant dark web monitoring as well as public records monitoring


No removal of user’s identity from mail lists

The tool says, “No one can prevent all identity theft”

4. IdentityForce


Get It Here

One of the most powerful & advanced identity protector tools, IdentityForce (a Sontiq brand) is just the tool you are looking for on your mac. From protecting yourself (as an individual) from identity theft to protecting your employees (corporate entity), everything is possible with the IdentityForce. There are many features I would appreciate in this identity protector tool, however, one I like the best is that it offers proven identity, privacy, and credit security solutions. Also, don’t forget about the 40 years of experience this brand carries which itself is an incomparable asset one can wish for. For now, the company is offering a quite attractive plan if you are looking to purchase the product. Also, a percentage of your spent amount will go be donated to feed them who need the most. Isn’t this amazing!!


24*7 customer support with advanced detection technology

Sends all the fraudulent activities to credit bureaus

Award winning identity protector who keeps monitoring everything on your system


Not all the suspicious activities gets monitored on your mac

Majorly suitable for a corporate entity than an individual one

The tool only monitors & tracks one bureau’s score monthly

5. IDShield


Get It Here

As the name suggests, IDShield has been designed to keep your confidential information as secure as possible. Keeping everything into consideration, the identity protector tool keeps a track on every financial transaction you make. Also, even if the IDShield had been introduced for mobile operating systems, you can access the same easily on your personal computer or mac as well. Yeah!! You just need the BlueStacks emulator for PC & the process will become easy for you to download the IDShield & start using it to protect yourself from identity theft without any hassle.


Deep scanning & monitoring of social media platforms

24*7 support to reach out to experts if needed

Free mobileOS app (Android & Mac) as well as Password Manager


IDShield doesn’t have any trial period

Like other identity protectors, only a single bureau monitoring

You cannot cancel the membership online (written only)

6. IdentityIQ


Get It Here

With the ultimate relief tagline of the “stop worrying about data threats & thieves”, IdentityIQ offers you the complete solution for identity theft & credit info. And the reaction users can’t give is only because whenever the identity theft happens, you may not even have an idea about it. So identity theft is one of the most problematic issues one faces while being online & tapping anywhere on the internet. IdentityIQ is one of those complete solutions one must look for so that the user is already either notified or protected from the identity theft on their devices. So this identity protector believes in utilizing the innovative and enhanced monitoring techniques. This will result in protecting your credit info and identity, so the user can get back to your life.


Credit reporting & dark web monitoring

Data breach monitoring & identity theft insurance

24*7 customer support through different scenarios


No cons for now


IdentityIQ Secure Plus –


IdentityIQ Secure Pro –


IdentityIQ Secure Max –


7. McAfee Identity Theft Protection

McAfee Identity Theft Protection

Get It Here

McAfee Identity Theft Protection is one of the most updated identity protectors to keep your personal info protected. There are many users who know to what extent identity theft can go to & that’s when they need to best in the business. We all are pretty much known to McAfee & what if offers but with the McAfee Identity Theft Protection, it’s gone beyond limits. Yeah!! With the ultimate tagline of, “Fraud doesn’t rest – neither do we”, McAfee Identity Theft Protection is all set to keep monitoring everything on your mac. Any suspicious activity or transaction on your system will be taken care of by this advanced tool to keep you ahead in the game.


Continuous dark web & credit monitoring

24*7 & 365 days customer support

Free Benefits With Auto-Renewal

Annual credit report monitoring as well as criminal record monitoring.


No cons for now


Identity Theft Protection STANDARD –


Identity Theft Protection PLUS –


Identity Theft Protection PREMIUM –


8. ReliaShield


Get It Here

ReliaShield is also one of the best software you can use to keep yourself protected from identity theft. The best coimonibation of the price as well as the features you would be getting with the identity protector is just amazing. Also, the transparency you get with the service is just mind blowing, thanks to the policy & terms that also provides you a handsome reimbursement coverage. From personal info to social media platforms & banking details, everything gets monitored by the ReliaShield to keep you protected from the identity theft.


Dark web, data breach updates, & criminal record monitoring

Best plans customized for both personal as well as professional front

Stolen funds reimbursement policy with utmost transparency


No cons for now








9. LifeLock


Get It Here

Many of us who have looked for the identity theft protector for our devices have come across LifeLock as well. A fully compatible identity protector, LifeLock has been designed to keep yourself ahead in the game by monitoring every possible activity on your device. From locking away your financial information (only accessed by you) to helping you take back your online privacy, there are many features that are advanced enough to keep yourself protected from identity theft. Scanning the system for suspicious activities to resolve the issue/loophole, everything is fixable with the LifeLock identity protector.


Constant alerting of potential threats to your personal information

Lock your TransUnion credit file in one click with Identity Lock

Funds reimbursement policy (depending on your plan)

60 days money back guarantee with annual membership


No cons for now


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Select covers up to 5 devices –


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Advantage covers up to 10 devices –


Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Ultimate Plus covers unlimited devices –


10. Identity Defense

Identity Defense

Get It Here

One of the best identity protector platforms, Identity Defense has been designed to monitor everything on your device. From dark web monitoring to tracking & reporting the credit score, everything comes easy to this tool. Since the tool believes that your personal information is everywhere on the system & so are the fraudsters, you need to be extra careful. So start using the most powerful & comprehensive identity theft protection tool you can get your hands on. Identity Defense helps you identify those suspicious activities on your system that are related to your social security number or email address as well.


Use of artificial intelligence to monitor your information

Alerting you of attempted use of your personal information (any changes)

Dark web & credit bureau monitoring with risk management reporting

The three-bureau credit monitoring with the premium plan


No cons for now


Identity Defense Essential –


Identity Defense Plus –


Identity Defense Complete –


Keep Identity Theft Away From Your Devices

Since identity theft has got many more victims than one can imagine, it’s quite necessary to work on it as soon as possible. Reports say that the percentage of people who are becoming identity theft victims is very huge & as a reaction, service providers are working their best to help users all over the world. There are hundreds of platforms or software that can help you monitor dark web or credit reports, but you always look for the best, powerful, advanced, & rich-featured ones.

So start exploring the above mentioned identity theft protection software on your mac & start using one that’s working out best for you.


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