8 Missing WhatsApp Features that We all Want

8 Missing WhatsApp Features that We all Want

WhatsApp is a great messenger; we all can agree on that. It is connecting people around the Globe for Free. Also, WhatsApp keeps releasing relevant updates to make the experience better and better. However, there are still features that people wish were there in WhatsApp.

Here is a list of all the New WhatsApp features that I think people would admire if they are there in upcoming WhatsApp Features. So, here it goes:

Missing WhatsApp Features that we all Want:

1. Hiding Profile Picture from Specific Contacts:

We all have pictures that though we want to flaunt, don’t want everyone to see except for our close ones. Also, we don’t want to expose our loved ones and personal life to open world vulnerabilities.

A feature that would allow users to not just hide their statuses from specific contacts, but also hide Profile Pictures too can be a great addition and is a missing WhatsApp Feature that I think everyone would appreciate.

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2. Message Scheduling:

Message Scheduling is another new WhatsApp feature that I think would bring more functionality and sophistication to the messenger. Business people would be able to send confirmations and schedule appointments through message scheduling. Also, I, as a general user, often come up with something to say at the wrong time and frequently forget to wish people birthdays and anniversary. Message Scheduling is a new WhatsApp feature that I believe many would like to see.

3. Permission before Sending Messages to Unknown People:

A lot of people, especially females, face a lot of hassle dealing with unwanted messages from random people who find her cute and get a number from god knows some friend of a friend. A permission to send messages before a new person sends a message would be a great new WhatsApp feature for privacy that many would appreciate.

4. Encrypted Cloud Backups:

Encrypted CLoud Backup

WhatsApp has recently added end-to-end encryption to their chats to improve privacy and security. But what about the backups? The Cloud Backups of WhatsApp chats are vulnerable and can be misused if they fall in wrong hands. Hence, encrypted chat backups would be a great addition to the long list of WhatsApp Features.

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5. A Separate Desktop App:

Separate Desktop App

Though there is WhatsApp web available for all the people who want to use WhatsApp on PC. But we all agree it sucks. WhatsApp Web App isn’t any better. A stand-alone desktop app like Telegram would be much smoother where the desktop app doesn’t depend on the mobile app, and will be a great new WhatsApp Feature.

6. Number and Scope of Group Features:

Those who have used Telegram in the past know that the level of flexibility and features offered by Telegram is unprecedented. Admins can restrict users from sending pictures, GIFs, etc. In Telegram, Admins can also give members a timeout before they can send messages. These features will be great for people using WhatsApp for official purposes. I am sure professionals would appreciate these new WhatsApp features.

7. Uncompressed Videos and Photos:

Yeah, I know that you still can send Uncompressed Photos and Videos by attaching the files as documents and not as photos and videos. But you would agree, this isn’t as intuitive as sending them through the gallery. Hence, a feature to send photos and videos uncompressed directly through the gallery would be an awesome WhatsApp feature addition. However, I don’t think this is even in WhatsApp’s radar.

8. Leaving Group without Announcing it:

Leaving Group Without Announcing

Though it isn’t a deal breaker for anyone out there, it is really annoying when you leave a group and people start messaging you about what’s wrong. There can be plenty of use cases where people would be allowed to leave the group without notifying people and actually creating a ruckus about it. I think it can make a tiny meaningful addition to the list of leaving WhatsApp groups without announcing it.

So, these are few of the Missing WhatsApp Features that I am sure people would want to see and appreciate. Hope you agree with the idea too. Do let us know if you feel that there can be other WhatsApp features too that would be a clever addition in the upcoming WhatsApp features list, it would be great.

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