Attention Users!! Windows 10 Is Vulnerable To Hacking

A Significant System Hack in Default Settings

Attention Users!! Windows 10 Is Vulnerable To Hacking

Windows Operating System, one of the most widely used and recognized operating system in the world couldn’t save itself from being hacked. In a recent reveal, Microsoft Windows 10 has confirmed a glitch in the default settings that need to be changed if you want to disable the vulnerability.

Windows 10 confirmed a glitch in the default settings
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Microsoft has warned all the Windows 10 users to be aware of this serious system hack that is quite vulnerable to your system.

It all started with KB4535996 that is an optional update and got released on 27th February 2020. The update had been released to help the users fix with Windows Search & printing glitches, however, it looks like the update itself has become a headache to a lot of users.

fix with Windows Search & printing glitches
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Since this current update (KB4535996) is an optional one, not the compulsory one, you wouldn’t see it till the time you don’t open Windows update settings. The moment you open Windows Update from the Settings menu, the update will be visible to you.

Now you need to check if the update code is KB4535996 or any other one. There is a possibility that your system has gone past that update and is experiencing the update beyond KB4535996.

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What’re Users Facing?

Ultimately, the users have to face the outcomes, be it good, bad, or the best ones. In this incident, Windows 10 users are facing system performance issues and others aren’t able to complete the installation process at all.

After the downloading, the installation process starts that never reaches the completion due to some errors that can be seen on the Windows Update page.

Though it’s harmless, many users are facing the installation abruption that is a bit frustrating. For others, it has led to boot failures & system crash that is quite serious.

The only good thing about this update is that it is optionable. For those who have installed the update and are facing system issues, they will need to wait for the resolution. For the ones who haven’t, it’s better that you don’t do anything about it. Just don’t open the Windows Update (Settings) and keep using the update you already have.

What Microsoft Thinks Or What We think Company Thinks?

An effect to this level must be a concern for the company, however, we believe that they are unaware of the issue. The official page of the optional update KB4535996 doesn’t include any issue that talks about the bugs faced by users.

Either Microsoft genuinely doesn’t have any idea about the bugs with the optional update or trying to ignore the reaction of users. So that the update doesn’t spread worldwide because the update (KB4535996) did work out for a lot of users successfully.

What is The Plan-of- Action Now?

The ones who installed the update and had problems in installation, the only solution is to uninstall the same. Follow the below steps and get rid of the source of the bugs:

  • Press Windows icon; search for View Your Update History and open it.

What is The Plan-of- Action Now

  • Once you open it, choose “Uninstall Updates”

Uninstall Updates

  • Select the KB4524244 and tap on “Uninstall”

restarting the system

  • Complete the process by restarting the system and you are good to go.

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File Extension Loophole That Welcomes Malware

All of us are aware of the file extensions that we use, or it auto connects to the files we work on such as .doc, .xls, .mov, .mp3 and so on. These file extensions let us recognize the operator of the profile as well as what type of file it is. However, the phishing email senders or intruders also send us the same types of files that look generic and quite identical.

A few of us know that Microsoft Windows 10 has a File extension that will lead you to know the correct type of file attached in the email. This step will let you save you from malware attacks and from probable remove control of the system from the intruder.

All you need to do is, explore the file extension and enable it from the system as to give below:

  • Click on the Search bar; type “File Explorer Options” and open it.

File Explorer Options

  • Select the “View” tab; search for “Hide extensions for known file types” and uncheck it.

Hide extensions for known file types

  • Click on Apply and save the new updated settings.

This minor changed settings can save you from big harm if you know about the exact file extension of the file you received. We know that Microsoft doesn’t want the users to get confused with these many file extensions. However, I believe telling something like this will always keep us one step ahead of the intruders.

Wrapping Up

No device or operating system is bug-free or without vulnerabilities and I think that’s what makes them strong with time. However, the users get impacted every single time just like this one (KB4535996) where they had to face a system crash, boot failures, or incomplete installation.

Good thing that the update was optional so not every one of Windows 10 users got affected. However, the company to put in the efforts and come with a proper solution.

Till then, I urge the users to follow the above steps of uninstalling the update if you have been affected.

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