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Know About the Best Alternatives of HIBP
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Know About the Best Alternatives of HIBP

In June 2018, Mozilla and HIBP developer Troy Hunt officially declared their collaboration for incorporating massive HIBP database into Firefox. The result of their partnership has been officially labelled as Firefox Monitor, an internet-based tool that informs users about their email address being hacked or exposed in dark web via online data breach. In this blog, we are covering the best HIBP or ‘Have I been Pwned’ alternatives.

It is vital to understand the gravity of reusing similar passwords for all social media websites and other online services. Hackers aiming for your Facebook account can access all your online accounts if they can hack your password for Facebook. You are compromising your identity along with bank details and helping those nefarious groups to enhance their online database.

Tools like Firefox Monitor can assist people towards cybersecurity and encourage them to change password by informing them about their email account security circumstances.

An Insight into Firefox New Service

With an aim to make web browsing safer and secure, they have integrated Firefox Monitor with web service “Have I Been Pwned” (HIBP). This new service informs users if they are hacked or not by simply entering the email address to Here, users are recommended to download “Firefox Quantum” browser first for launching Firefox Monitor.

Some of its notable features are data monitoring and building awareness about the significance of creating a strong password and multiple passwords. The process is simple, where you must enter your email address and click the “scan” button. It will give you information about your email address, whether it is hacked or not and if your confidential data is leaked online, it will give details about the breach.

The service is free and is not limited to Firefox browser users. Troy hunt compiled more than 500 million email addresses for this project. If your email id does not appear in the compiled database, Firefox will save your id and will continue checking it for future breaches. Also, the developer of HIBP is working on a password manager application.

“Have I Been Pwned” Alternatives

However, this brand-new service is not completely novice, and, in this blog, we are covering the alternatives of HIPB.

Have I Been Sold

This service works exactly like Have I been Pwned and is an efficient password leak checker. All you have to do is plug in your email address to the box and hit scan button to check whether your email id is compromised or not. If it is available in the database of this service, then it is hacked. Also, they will inform you whether your website is sold to different companies for promotion or not.

data breach
Source: Product Hunt


This service allows you to report the company as well from where the data was first sold. Furthermore, you can appeal to them to remove your email addresses from the database and inform you in future, if your address is added to the list.  Also, the service explains you the procedure of protecting your email address in five simple steps i.e. using custom email domains, using custom email providers, arrange catch-all addresses, outlining email filters and developing exclusive trap emails.

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A search engine based on hacked-database developed for safety experts, security firms, journalists, and common people for creating protected accounts and deliver information about data breaches and leaked accounts. It let you search for everything including email addresses, names, usernames, IP addresses, VIN numbers and let you reverse search passwords.

data breach
Source: DeHashed


They create HTML and display the result in microseconds. Also, they own a light-weight search engine developed especially for delivering fast results. Just go through its support page and you can substantiate records total number.

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Hacked Leaks Checker

Targeting everyday single user can be frustrating and therefore, hackers aim for complete database filled with tons of information including sensitive data and password. They are comparatively easy target and can be sold to the dark web or shared to P2P market in bulk. Losing sensitive information is devastating and therefore, needing an app that not only monitors data but also informs users about the breach is a must.

data breach
Source: Google Play


This application performs everything mentioned above. It monitors your account, check any fresh breaches, informs users and provides guidelines for taking appropriate steps after the breach. You can upgrade yourself by visiting the news section by delivering information about the latest cybersecurity threats.

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A friendly chat bot that uses communication and interactive reminders to assist you to learn the fundamentals of hacking. It provides instant feedback on everything and in limited steps, you can learn to secure yourself from online frauds and hacking. They use basic language and friendly instructions to teach you the fundamentals.

data breach
Source: twitter


In general, lessons on cybersecurity is technical, academic, and large. Also, cyber frauds happen every day and so do our socializing activities. Either you can shut down the internet completely or learn how to avoid any online disaster. Hacksy helps you to achieve the same and meanwhile, also update you about recent hacking trends.

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A professionally designed service that gives constant notification on breaches and keeps you informed about any potential frauds. Whether you own a small business or looking for your personal security, this service is one of the finest choices and best have I been pwned alternatives. Most of the security features cost a considerable amount but this service is free of cost.

data breach
Source: Breach Alarm


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Data breaches have now become a common phenomenon, and everything is now online. Unfortunately, till date, people underestimate the significance of strong passwords and how easy it is to access all their personal information. With these tools and services, you can take a step forward and protect your identity and data from online frauds. Do comment in the section below and share your experience with these services and applications.

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