Keep Your Android Smartphones Secure Using These Simple Tips

Keep Your Android Smartphones Secure Using These Simple Tips

Smartphones come with different functionalities. We use them for almost every task that we do on our system. Like the computer, smartphones are also prone to attacks. These little devices contain all our information which can be hacked and stolen by the hackers.

Your smartphone can easily be hacked as we ignore security aspects of it.

These are some tips using which you can secure your Android smartphone.

1) Use Lock on your Phone

Locking your phone is the first step in securing your phone. If your phone is not locked any one can steal information stored on it once the phone gets in the hands of the criminals.

You can use any type of lock on your phone like fingerprint scanner, pattern lock, voice recognition, iris scanner and pin lock to secure your phone. However, the most secure of them is the pin lock where in you enter some number of digits to unlock your phone. But always remember not to use simple combinations like 1234, 4321 etc.

2) Do not forget to use two factor authentications

Two factor authentication is available for Google accounts. In two factor authentication you will get prompted to enter the code to login which is sent to you on your phone.

You can also set your Google accounts to give you simple prompts in Yes and No, you just have to select Yes if you have logged in.

This two-factor authentication system is also applied by other applications also. They also send code to the user’s mobile phone.

3) Always download the application from trusted sources

Most of the time, infection enter the smartphone via the applications downloaded from unknown and untrusted sources. Many people download the paid applications from Internet directly instead of paying for the application without knowing that these cracked applications contain malware and other infections which may harm your device.
Only the applications downloaded from Play Store and other app stores can be trusted.

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4) Keep all your files encrypted

Encrypting your files offers additional security to your device. If in any case your device gets compromised and your files get in the hands of the criminals then encrypted files will make it very hard for them to open the files.

5) Manage your passwords

Do not set same passwords for multiple accounts. If in case one of your account gets hacked then at least your other accounts will be safe. Also, do not store passwords on your device itself as once your device gets compromised all your passwords will also be compromised easily.

6) Use good security software

Security software detect and remove any infections that are on your device. Having a good antivirus on your device will ensure that your device stays protected from malicious infections.

7) Do not click on the ads while Browsing

When browsing Internet on your phone, ads will pop up and you may accidentally click on it. Once you click on the ads you will be either be redirected to the Play Store to install another application or some services will get activated.

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8) Keep your device updated

Keeping your smartphone updated will also guarantee that latest patches are installed on your device. Different manufacturers release different patches for vulnerabilities they found which will make the device safe from zero-day attacks.

These methods will ensure that your device is secure. Most of the smartphone users save their banking information on their phone or uses mobile banking applications. Once the device gets hacked all the information can be stolen by the criminals.

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