Is It Okay To Ignore Software Updates?

Is It Okay To Ignore Software Updates?

Updates have been an inseparable and unignorable part of every admirable software in the market. Constant notifications for software updates have haunted us forever and we have tried to kill the “Remind me later” button daily, but no use. It still keeps coming like a mosquito in the night. Why is it that developers constantly release updates for their applications?

Need for Constant Updates:

It’s pretty obvious that software companies invest a lot of time and money to keep releasing these updates regularly. Updates play a vital role in the uninterrupted functioning of the software.

Updates are aimed at solving a number of different problems including coping up with the security flaws in the software. People with malicious intent keep looking for new ways to take advantage of the flaws in the security of the system or software. Frequent and constant updates are also aimed at keeping the software immune to Malware.

In addition to it, Developers keep learning and researching even after releasing the software. They also have to keep their eyes and ears open to any sort of bugs reported by the users. In order to provide an uninterrupted and polished performance, developers keep making changes to remove those bugs and flaws through new updates.

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Threats posed to a System by not Updating Software:

We have already established that updating software does have its perks and advantages. But still, what if a person decides to utterly disregard them? Would it harm him or his system in any way? Let’s look at a few of these disadvantages:

  • Exposed to Malware: The biggest of all threats to a system is the Security breach. Hackers keep looking for security flaws constantly to use personal data against you. Most software companies keep updating their security standards to patch the holes present in their current version to promote safety and reliability. Hence, disregarding the updates can make the system vulnerable to cyber-crime. Ransomware and malware are a sustained menace to an un-updated application and system.
  • Choppy performance: No software works in isolation; it has to collaborate with the hardware and other software including the operating systems to work seamlessly. With constantly ignoring the updates, a user can miss out on the bug fixes occurring due to constant changes in OS and other software installed in the system. With these bugs and issues piling up, the performance of the PC gets adversely affected.
  • Missing out on New features: As described earlier, Software companies keep releasing new features with updates to keep their product competitive in the market. By ignoring the updates, the user can miss out on these free updated features.
  • Incompatibility: Updates are also rendered to keep the software compatible with the latest software and hardware. An outdated software may turn out to be incompatible with the new software installed on the system which may promote compatibility issues.

Looking at the threats a system is exposed to, when not update, one can certainly acknowledge how important it is to update a software! But this discussion doesn’t disregard the struggle of dealing with frustrating round the clock notifications and messages regarding updates. But to our luck, there are various software available in the market to deal with the problem. ‘Software Updater’ is an application aimed at reducing the effort involved in searching for constant updates available. But not all software do the task equally well. The best software updater available in the store is ‘Systweak Software Updater’.

Systweak Software Updater:

Systweak Software Updater is undoubtedly the most advanced software updater available in the market. Its outstanding features make living life with updates easy. It comes bundled with many smart features that can provide peace of mind.

  • Fully Automatic: Systweak Software Updater automatically scans and identifies the software that need updates. It saves you from the hassle of manually going to the website to look for updates and download them manually.
  • Secure Updates: Systweak Software Updater identifies the genuine source to download the update from to deal with the problem of Malicious software getting downloaded. It helps provide you safe and secure updates.
  • Fast Download: Systweak Software Updater features AI-based algorithms for blazing-fast downloads.
  • One-Click Updates: Systweak Software Updater is designed to provide hassle-free download, hence it lets you download all the required updates with just a click.

systweak software updater

  • Easy to Restore: Not all updates suit your PC equally. Some updates even hamper the performance of software and system. Hence, a user may some times need to go back to the previous version. Systweak Software Updater automatically creates a restore point to make it easy to revert changes.
  • Schedule your Updates: It also offers you an option to schedule your updates. You can command Systweak Software Updater to automatically update the app always on a specified date and time. It helps make your life peaceful.

Keeping track of all the software is both important and intimidating but not if you wield the right tool. We hope we were able to answer your doubts regarding the importance of software updates. Do let us know if it was helpful to you, we love hearing from you.

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