How to Send Anonymous Emails: 5 Methods

How to Send Anonymous Emails: 5 Methods

Emails happen to be one of the most reliable and concrete forms of communication, especially in a professional setup. Whether you need to share work-related information with a client or use emails as a promotional marketing tool, emails fit well in every genre.

How to Send Anonymous Emails
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So, have you ever felt an urge to send anonymous emails? Well, yes, it may sound like a wicked thought at once. Hiding your email address while sending an email is a deliberate attempt to conceal your identity, which you wouldn’t want to practice in usual circumstances. Isn’t it?

Send Anonymous Emails
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Wondering how to send anonymous emails while keeping your identity masked? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several ways to send anonymous emails while keeping all the routing information hidden from the receiver. Sending anonymous emails is the most secure way to share sensitive information across platforms where you don’t wish to disclose your identity.

No matter whatever reason it may be, here are the 5 effective ways to send anonymous emails that will not let you fall into any kind of trouble.

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5 Ways to Send Anonymous Emails

1. Use Encrypted Email Services

Use Encrypted Email Services

Using an encrypted email service is one of the most effective methods to send anonymous mail while concealing your identity. An encrypted email service provider hides your basic information including your email address, IP address, contact list and covers everything up to keep the intruders away. Encrypted email services follow a strict end-to-end encryption policy so that no one can get access to your inbox and sensitive data. A myriad of encrypted email services is available online. Although, if you are looking for specific suggestions, you can go for popular services like ProtonMail, Guerilla Mail, and more.

2. Switch to a Burner Email Account

Ever heard of Burner emails? Well, you may not be aware of this term but you may have seen this concept in most criminal-based movies and TV shows. So, what exactly is a burner email and how does it help you send anonymous emails? The sole purpose of a burner email is to conceal your identity, as burner emails tend to expire after a certain period. Also, one can easily send a burner email without registering an email account. You can simply send across any anonymous email message without creating a legitimate email account or signing up.

Switch to a Burner Email Account
If you want to send anonymous emails as a one time job, using a burner email account is your best bet. Burner emails can allow you to send a message to any email address while keeping your identity, IP address disclosed. To send a burner email, you can use Anonymous Email service that will allow you to send unlimited emails and attachments through a secure platform.

3. Remove the Metadata

We’re all pretty much aware of what is metadata and it can be simply framed as “data about data”.  So, while you’re sending emails with attachments especially the ones that are stored in Microsoft Word format or any other document you should make sure to remove and strip off all the metadata that can be sent along with the email message as a giveaway.

To remove the Metadata from email attachments, here’s what you need to do. Right-click on the file that you are tagging along as an attachment with your email. Select “Properties”.

Send Anonymous Emails
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Switch to the “Details” tab. Tap on “Remove Properties and Personal Information”. Hit the “Apply” button to save the recent changes.

4. Use a VPN Service to Hide IP Address

Another effective workaround to send anonymous emails across the web is by using a VPN service. A VPN service will allow you to set up a secure connection while you’re connected to the Internet, keeping your IP address and other sensitive information concealed. Using a VPN service will ensure that your actual IP address and routing information remains disclosed, making your emails absolutely untraceable.

Use a VPN Service to Hide IP Address

Looking for a lightning-fast and secure VPN service? We have a recommendation for you. Download Systsweak VPN for Windows that will keep your 100% anonymous while browsing the web. Systweak VPN hides your IP address while establishing a secure, encrypted connection on the web and allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and explore a worldwide range of restricted content including movies and TV shows.

5. Use AnonyMouse

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AnonyMouse follows a pretty unique approach to boost your online anonymity while sending emails. AnonyMouse is an open-source platform that allows you to communicate freely without revealing your email address info and makes it almost impossible for anyone to track your IP address. To send anonymous emails via this platform, you simply need to fill in the sender’s email address, subject of the email, followed by your message.

Here were the 5 most effective, secure, and reliable ways that can help you with sending anonymous emails while keeping your identity concealed. You can use any of these methods for passing your message across without revealing your actual identity on the web.

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