How To Install Tor Chrome Extension And Enjoy Private Browsing Mode

How To Install Tor Chrome Extension And Enjoy Private Browsing Mode

Looking for the best private browser, but unable to find one? Worry not, in this post, we will explain how to perform a private search without the Incognito window when using Google Chrome. Known for its ease of use, Chrome is a popular browser. But we all know it has its share of vulnerabilities, and when it’s Google our data is not safe.

If this bothers you, but you can’t ditch Google Chrome as you love it. Here’s a trick: use Tor for Chrome and make it the best private browser.

Wondering how that can be done? Want to activate private browsing mode? Read the post till the end and learn how to install Tor for Chrome. If you are privacy-focused, this post is just the right place.

Fact Check – No day goes by without using a Google product.

How to install Tor Chrome Extension & hide digital footprints?

Want anonymity but don’t want to abandon Google Chrome? You are in luck, here’s how you can get the Tor extension and connect to the Tor network in your Chrome browser.

Note: Before using the below browser extension, ensure your PC or Mac is connected to Tor. If you are unaware of the steps, you will need to download a separate patch, from Github designed to connect to Tor.

Steps to connect to Tor network.

1. Visit

2. Based on the operating system you are using download the .zip file

Onion Browser

3. Once downloaded, unzip the compressed file.

Windows Users – Unzip the file and double click run.bat

Mac Users – decompress and double click file


4. You will not get a black command prompt window with 6 options.

5. To connect with the Tor network press 1 and wait for the connection to establish. Once the connection is created, you will get a message Tor is connected successfully.


6. Thereafter, download the Onion Browser Button add-on from here.

7. Once it is added to Chrome, you will see it under extensions.

Chrome Extensions

8. Click Tor to enable a secure connection and begin with the private search. The greyed icon will convert purple.

Secure Connection

In addition to this, you can install Tor via the source code too.

Installing Tor

  1. Visit Tor official website and click Download Tor Source Code
  2. On Windows open the command prompt and change the directory to the one where the code is downloaded.
  3. Use command tar xvzf tor-*.tar.gz  to decompress the download.
  4. Compile the source using command ./configure && make
  5. Install the application using the command sudo make install.

Note: Using – sudo apt install libevent-dev libssl-dev you can resolve compilation errors.

This is how you can install Tor and enjoy private browsing on your Windows and Mac. When done using Tor always remember to stop the Chrome extension from the browser and via the command prompt.  Once disconnected no longer your online identity will be hidden. Using these simple steps, you can install Tor on Chrome & stay secure from cyber-attacks and other online threats.

With the help of these simple steps, you can enjoy private and secure browsing.

Why use Tor for Chrome?

With features like Safe Browsing, Incognito mode, and others Google Chrome, certainly is a secure browser. But when it comes to data privacy and keeping a user’s identity secure, Chrome cannot be trusted, wondering why?

The answer is simple, Google – the tech giant and biggest data house to improve its products, share accurate location, show matched search results, and collect user data. Not only all like this, as this allows Google to collect an unprecedented amount of data. Hence, to keep private information private from hackers & Google an additional layer of protection is needed and Tor is the right choice. Using this excellent privacy-focused browser, we can hide digital footprints and stay anonymous.

But if you don’t want to disown Google Chrome, no issues, install Tor for Chrome or use the browser extension to secure your privacy. Doing so will help draw a line between your private and public data. Also, without switching to Incognito mode, you can stay private and prevent cache, cookies, history, and other data from being saved and stored by the browser.

So, what are you thinking? Get Tor for Chrome now and share your experience with us in the comments section. This helps us understand how much you like the post we bring for you. We love hearing from you, do share your feedback, suggestions, or questions (if any) with us.

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