Best Browsers With Built In VPN For Windows 10

Best Browsers With Built In VPN For Windows 10

Let’s face it, your web activity is being spied on from all corners. Hackers, ISPs, government agencies and many others are just waiting to capitalize on your data. If you leave a small loophole, someone might steal your personal, financial and other crucial data. Scared? Needn’t worry. A VPN can easily shield your online privacy with a few clicks.

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is essential for your online privacy. And, not just while you are surfing the web on a public Wi-Fi but even when you are traveling or browsing the web at home too. Here are some of the best VPN for Windows 10.

But, have you ever heard of browsers with built-in VPN? Yes! You heard us right, there are several best browsers that have VPN integrated into them. Here, we are going to talk about some of the best browsers with built-in VPN for Windows 10. Are they any good? Let’s find out –

Best Browsers With Built In VPN For Windows 10

Most of these VPNs for browsers are free of cost and surprisingly offer more or less the same features as their paid counterparts.

1. Epic Browser

Epic Browser - Browser with Built In VPN

The name of Epic Browser is taken amongst secure and private web browsers and an integrated VPN testifies that. It is focused on privacy and based on Chromium which is Google Chrome’s open source project.


Just like a paid VPN, it too has several servers

Strict no-logs policy which means none of the user data is collected

Open source code can be accessed by anyone

Registration is not required which means again none of your data is collected

It has a kill switch which terminates the web session if VPN drops

No WebRTC or DNS leaks


Unlike a paid VPN, it has hundreds of servers which means there are not many countries to choose from

You will have to install the extension initially

Get It Here

2. Opera

Opera - Browser With built in VPN

Opera is one of the most popular browsers but lesser is known that it also has a built-in VPN. And, just like all the other browsers in the list, you needn’t pay a single penny. Quite surprisingly despite being free, it offers a good speed and allows you to even hide the browsing VPN.


Easy to set up

No cap on data that can be accessed via VPN. It offers unlimited bandwidth

Strict no logs policy which ensures none of your data is shared

You needn’t download an extra plugin or extension to use the VPN

Utilizes compression technology because of which speed is great

Integrated Ad-blocker


Three servers only

Not exactly a true VPN since it utilizes HTTPS proxy

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Get It Here

3. UR Browser

UR Browser - With in Built VPN

UR Browser is a new entrant to the world of browsers but it is a  pretty decent browser with built-in VPN. Though, the VPN service is provided by OVPN which is again a staunch proponent of user privacy. It uses script-blockers and ad-blockers which make it one of the browsers that strongly focus on privacy.


UR Browser is open source which makes it transparent

Sleek interface and it’s easy to set up

Alike standalone VPN platforms, it too offers a decent encryption

HTTPS redirection

Faster bandwidth and fast loading of web pages, thanks to ad blockers

You can choose servers

Several privacy modes


No kill switch

VPN service is provided by OVPN which is third party

Registration required to access VPN service

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4. Globus VPN Browser

Globus VPN Browser - with In Built VPn

Globus VPN browser might not be the most popular browser on the block, but if you want a browser with a built in VPN and have stumbled upon this one, you won’t regret having it aboard.


You can choose from among different servers in 9 countries including Brazil, Canada, France, Sweden, Netherland

The interface is decent

It offers surveillance protection as well

Globus VPN offers good browsing speeds

In case you need help you can even contact their customer support team


Free only for 5 days

Ads can pester you

Internet connection terminates periodically

Get It Here

5. Tor Browser

Tor Browser - Built In VPN

We won’t say that it is a VPN, but we have included this in the list because it encrypts and relays your web traffic over three times as it goes over the Tor network. Furthermore, this very network comprises thousands of volunteer run servers which are known as Tor relays.


Free to use

All cookies get cleared as soon as you are done with a session as such no third-party trackers can follow you

Available in many languages

Supports HTTPS-everywhere

Since the traffic hops through multiple networks, the websites cannot track your IP


Performance can be slow at times since traffic runs through relays

Many web services block Tor

If you frequently use Tor, you can be marked for surveillance

Get It Here


We’d again like to reinstate that online anonymity is very important, especially, when browsing the internet on a public Wi-Fi, and while investing in a VPN is a wise choice, you can keep the above browsers with built in VPN as an option too. Do, use the above browsers and tell us in the comments which one you liked using the most.

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