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How to Install a Progressive Web App on Your Device
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How to Install a Progressive Web App on Your Device

Be It a Smartphone, iPhone, OR Desktop Computer

Apps literally dominate the device & we all have experienced that from the time we have started using cell phones. However, the same couldn’t have been applied when it came to desktop computers. Now things have changed because of continuous improvement & creativity that’s centered on user customization more than ever before.

Install a Progressive Web App

In recent years, the way of interacting with different websites has changed from actually visiting the website. That is where different options kick in that makes the whole process more simpler than ever & one of them is Progressive Web Apps.

What Do You Mean by Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are nothing but a way to access the same website by just tapping on a native mobile app. A faster web experience, PWAs can be installed on your desktop computer or mobile device to access faster and use additional functionalities.

Progressive Web Apps
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Have you ever experienced the situation where browsing a web (on mobile device), you get a pop-up asking if you want to add an app to the home screen. That’s one of the most important features Progressive Web Apps or PWAs offer.

How to Install a Progressive Web App on Android Device

Installing Progressive Web Apps on Android devices isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Just a few clicks and you are all set to enjoy PWA Android feature including getting PWA notifications on your smartphone.

Since Android captures more than 87% of the world market share, PWA installation is as simple as navigating websites you want for Chrome browser. All you have to do is just follow the steps mentioned below & you have installed the Progressive Web Apps on your Android phone:

  1. On your Android Smartphone, open the Chrome browser.
  2. Follow the process by browsing/accessing the website you want to install on your device.
  3. Once the page has been opened, tap on the burger menu & select the listicle option Add to home screen.
  4. Now, you need to choose the Allow/Okay button & the further instructions & within seconds, you will have PWA of the website on your smartphone. Simple as that.

How to Install a Progressive Web App on iPhone

Similar to PWA Android, PWA iOS is quite helpful when it comes to providing faster access to web apps.

Until recently, iOS wasn’t compatible with PWAs installation, however, if you use Safari browser on iOS 11.3 or later and macOS 10.13.4 or later, using Progressive Web Apps wouldn’t be bound by compatibility issues.

You just need to start browsing on Safari with a few Settings tweaks that are below:

Safari > Settings > Experimental WebKit Features > Service Workers (enable)

Please know that PWAs won’t work properly till the time you don’t enable Service Workers option. It’s adviser to enable all the options under Experimental WebKit Features.

On condition that the above features have been enabled from your end, let’s install the PWA on your iPhone home screen:

  1. Access/browse the web page you want to get a Progressive Web App for.
  2. Tap on the burger menu (top right corner) & choose Add to Home Screen.
  3. Tap on Add & give a different name to your assigned PWA on the home screen.

Now all you need to do is, tap on the home screen app icon & you are all set to visit the PWA.

Please note that PWA versions of almost all the native apps have lite in their names.

Install a Progressive Web App on Your Desktop Computer

We all know how Apps dominate the cell phone category but the same cannot be said about desktop computers. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is the best option for fast web experience on your computer. Let’s follow below steps to install Progressive Web Apps on your computer system:

  1. Open Chrome browser on your desktop computer.
  2. Start accessing the website you want to install on your system’s home screen.
  3. Tap on Install option on the top right side of the address bar.
  4. Keep following the further instructions & within no time, you’d be able to have PWA on your system’s home screen.

In case you are looking forward to Uninstalling the Progressive Web Apps from your device, check out the steps here.

Wrapping Up

Installing & using Progressive Web Apps have become quite trendy nowadays. Since it saves you time in actually going all your way to browse the web page altogether. An additional functionality & fast web accessing tool, PWA is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

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