How to Fix YouTube Video Lag on Android?

Say Goodbye to Buffering issues on YouTube & enjoy a seamless playback experience!

How to Fix YouTube Video Lag on Android?

Countless millions of people use YouTube every day, making it the most popular video streaming platform in the world. Its extensive library offers videos on practically any subject, catering to diverse interests. The video streaming platform has become the go-to choice for accessing content with the help of a user-friendly interface. .

However, Android users may encounter issues such as YouTube video lag, which can disrupt your viewing experience. In this guide, we’ll explore some effective solutions to address the video lag problem and ensure smooth playback on your device.

Methods for Resolving Android Video Lag on YouTube

Are you trying to fix the YouTube video lag? Here are some best Android YouTube video lag fixes.

Method 1: Avoid Mobile Data by Making Use of Wi-Fi

A stable network connection is essential for seamless playback on the YouTube Android app. To avoid problems like video lag, it’s advisable to use  Wi-Fi instead of relying on mobile data. Follow these steps to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: To access the quick settings panel, swipe down from your home screen.

Step 2: To access the settings for mobile data and Wi-Fi, tap the “Internet” button.

Step 3: Below the Wi-Fi settings, you’ll find the first section that controls all mobile data settings. Press and hold the button to activate Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi settings

Step 4: Your device will search for nearby networks once Wi-Fi is enabled. Select the network’s name.

Step 5: If prompted, enter the password and press the “Connect” button.

Now, open the YouTube app and start watching your videos without any lag.

Method 2: YouTube App Update from Play Store

Early versions of apps may contain bugs or glitches that can cause issues like video playback lag on Android devices. Ensure you’re using the latest app version by following the steps shared below:

Step 1: Launch your phone’s Google Play Store.

Step 2: Click on your profile, which you can see in the upper right corner of the app.

Step 3: Choose ‘Manage apps and devices’ then.

update youtube

Step 4: “Updates available” is now a visible section. Touch it.

Step 5: You can update just the YouTube app or all of the apps in the list by selecting Update next to each or tapping Update All.

Start the app and check if the YouTube update fixed any issues.

Method 3: Get Rid of Cache

If the previous solutions haven’t resolved the YouTube video lag issues on Android devices, try clearing the cache. While the specific steps may vary depending on your device manufacturer,  the basic procedure is as follows.

Step 1: Get to the ‘Apps’ section of your phone’s settings.

Step 2: As said before, tap to choose YouTube from the list of applications.

Step 3: Tap the ‘Storage and Cache’ option to access the app’s storage page.

clean cache

Step 4: You can remove all the files the app has downloaded and store them in its cache by tapping the “Clear Cache” button.

Step 5: To see if the videos are still buffering, try relaunching YouTube.

Method 4: Disable YouTube’s Data Saving Option

You can save data using YouTube’s built-in data-saving mode on Android, preventing the app from using excessive bandwidth. Turning it on,  degrades video quality and may cause the app to lag. So, if you are experiencing video lag on your device, disabling it may fix the issue.

Step 1: As mentioned earlier, launch YouTube and navigate to the settings.

Step 2: Choose “Data Saving” from the menu on the settings page.

data saving

Step 3: Make sure to toggle the data-saving mode on the data-saving page. Simultaneously, you can turn it off by tapping the button adjacent to it.

Alternatively, you can experiment with playing YouTube videos while adjusting specific settings that affect video quality.

Method 5: Remove Any Media Files Saved by the YouTube App

Premium YouTube app subscribers can download videos to watch them in offline mode. If you download too many videos, your phone’s storage will fill up and you may experience performance issues. Hence, delete the downloaded YouTube videos to free up space on your phone.

Step 1: Press the profile icon in the upper right corner of the YouTube app and choose Settings.

Step 2: Press Downloads, and then choose Delete all downloads on the screen that appears.

Step 3: To confirm, choose Delete.

Additionally, you can swiftly free up storage space by uninstalling unused applications and transferring some files to the cloud.


By following these instructions, you should no longer experience stuttering or lag while watching videos on YouTube. If you’ve noticed that YouTube videos aren’t playing smoothly on your Android phone, you should be able to resolve the YouTube video lag on Android by following each method shared in this guide.

If you know any other workarounds that can help you fix the “YouTube video lag issue” on Android smartphone, then feel free to share it in the comments section below!

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