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How To Fix A Stuck Pixel On The Screen
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How To Fix A Stuck Pixel On The Screen

Most of the time a general issue is faced by almost everyone and that is of dead or stuck pixels on the screen. That annoys me in doing the work, but most of us do not know that it can be fixed by some simple hacks and without changing the monitor. In this blog, we will be discussing certain ways by which you can fix the stuck pixels at home without the need for any specialized knowledge.

How To Test The Screen For The Stuck Or Dead Pixels?

You can test any LCD, TFT, or OLED with the below-mentioned tool. You just have to run the tool on the computer.

EIZO Online Monitor Test- With EIZO online monitor test, you can easily diagnose bad pixels and also the quality of the monitor. EIZO Monitor Test is the best online tester that will diagnose and fix stuck pixels of the monitor. It has a very easy interface and can be launched in just a few clicks.

Open the EIZO Monitor Test by clicking on the link.

  • Once you are navigated to the website, check all the boxes

fix stuck pixel

Note: – If you want to test multiple monitors, then the same test can be run on another monitor also.

  • Click on the Start test. There will be several tests running in the online screen test and for each test, you will get a notification at the right-hand bottom of the screen. This notification will explain to you about the test running.

stuck pixel fixer

  • Once the test is done you can exit the screen by pressing the ESC key.

After running the test, if you find dead or stuck pixels, proceed further to know what to do next.

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How To Identify Dead Or Stuck Pixel?

The stuck pixel will appear in any of the colors that its three sub-pixels can form, i.e., red, green, or blue.

The dead pixel appears black as all the sub-pixels are off. This can occur because the transistor could be broken. It is hard to fix it and you might need to buy a new monitor.

So in a nutshell, if you see a black pixel, then it is hard to fix it and it is recommended to change the monitor, however, if you see a white or colored pixel, then we have a solution for this.

Below we will see how we can fix the stuck pixels.

How to fix stuck pixels?

Stuck pixels can be fixed with all the methods explained below:-

  • Diagnose stuck pixels in the monitor in different color palettes.

dead pixel fix

A third-party tool named JScreenFix will do the needful for you. Click on the link to launch JScreenFix and then click on Launch JScreenFix.

Once the tool is launched and the function is initiated, it will ask you to drag the square box of flashing pixels at the stuck pixel and leave it there for 10 minutes.

Note: – You can press the green button placed at the bottom right for a full-screen flashing box.

stuck pixel test

  • You can manually fix stuck pixels.

If the above-mentioned tools did not solve your problem, then lastly you can try a manual method.

Turn off the monitor. Get a piece of damp cloth to rub the stuck pixel. Attached the damp piece of cloth to a pointed item. Like children use the eraser placed at the top of the pencil. Now apply pressure on the area which is targeted by the stuck pixel. Make sure that the pressure is in control else it will create more stuck pixels. Now start the computer and monitor while applying the pressure and by now, the stuck pixel should be gone.

This method works because on screen the liquid in one or more of its sub-pixels is not equally spread. As soon as the screen backlight is turned on the liquid passes through various pixels and as result colors are created. When we apply the pressure on the screen the liquid spreads out of the targeted area and when the pressure is removed the liquid is again accumulated at the same place filling the gap if any.

Our verdict: –

We have discussed the best tool to detect the stuck pixel and to fix it. Also, we have discussed the manual way by which the stuck screen can be resolved. We recommend you try these methods at home but if none of the methods resolve the problem then it is the right time to talk to a technician. Let us know in the comment box below about your experience after trying the above methods.

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