How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone

Each technological advancements is making our smartphones smarter. The phones that a few years back were restricted to call and messaging have now become a complete entertainment package to view your favorite content, read your favorite books, capture a moment and much more. But, don’t you think that still the primary objective of a phone is to call someone. As for entertainment you have various other resources but to call someone easily and quickly still phone is the preferred medium.

Now to call someone, although we prefer cellular networks but what if cellular networks are weak or lacking in a particular area. So there comes a handy Wi-Fi calling feature for the iPhone. In this particular article we will be discussing how to enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone when you are lacking cellular network. So without further ado let’s dive into the article.

Note: In this article we are talking about the Wi-Fi Calling that works in combination with the carrier network you are using and not through VoIP service. This means you can make a Wi-Fi call right through the dial pad of your phone and not through any third party apps.

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Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone

It is easy to set up Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, once you have enabled Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone by following the steps given below:

1. Click on the gear icon on your iPhone to open the Settings app.

2. Now in the Settings of your iPhone tap on the Phone option.

iphone settings

3. Now on the Phone’s screen that opens, tap on Wi-Fi calling option under Calls. This will open the Wi-Fi Calling screen.

wi-fi calling - iPhone

4. On the Wi-Fi Calling screen, move the toggle to the ON position that is in front of the option, Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone.

enable wi-fi calling iphone

And that’s it. Now since you have enabled Wi-Fi calling the rest is handled by your service provider.

In future if you wish to disable Wi-Fi calling then follow the steps till 3 and then in 4th step toggle the button to Off position.

Note: To place calls over Wi-Fi, your carrier needs to support Wi-Fi calling.

While enabling Wi-Fi calling you may need to update the Emergency address. So you may get a prompt to enter or confirm your address used by emergency response services. This is a security measure that is designed to track your location by emergency services when you or someone else places an emergency call to them through Wi-Fi calling.

Also do note that after you confirm your emergency address, emergency response services can track your location no matter you have enabled/disabled location tracking on your iPhone.

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Advantages of Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on iphone

The main advantage of Wi-Fi calling on the iPhone is that you can extend your network coverage beyond cellular network. Another advantage is that after enabling Wi-Fi calling on an iPhone you can easily switch between cellular as well as Wi-Fi networks depending on the signal strength and network availability. Moreover, you can now use Public Wi-Fi hotspots to place calls and send text messages that were prior restricted to just browsing the web. And not only you can now use the Public hotspot but also you can now use your home Wi-Fi network to full extent. You can now use it to place a call if your Wi-Fi network is superseding the cellular network.

Which Carriers Support Wi-Fi Calling?

Although enabling Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone is quite simple, however this will only work if your network carrier or your telecom company supports it. So, if your telecom provider does not support this feature then no matter you enable this feature you still can’t use Wi-Fi calling.

Also, we recommend that before placing a call on Wi-Fi you first check how you will be charged, or your network provider counts Wi-Fi calling minutes. Because, if your cellular operator is charging a hefty amount for Wi-Fi calling then it is better to use VoIP apps to call on Wi-Fi networks.


So guys this brings us to the end of the article. We hope that after enabling Wi-Fi calling on iPhone, there’s no more stopping from making a call if in case the cellular network is weak. Do share your comments and feedback in the comments box below. Your feedback keeps us motivated and pushes us to write more reader oriented articles. Also, if you love our work then do share it with your friends and family.

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