How To Download 4K Videos from YouTube

How To Download 4K Videos from YouTube

Unlike the old days, the high-definition resolution is not just confined to one option. With high-definition videos becoming a norm, we turn to one place where we are sure we are going to be able to see videos in HD. Yes! YouTube it is. But have you ever wanted to even keep such videos offline? Sure you must have. After all modern devices pose no restrictions as far as storage is concerned but YouTube kind of does that. For even saving videos offline up to 1080p, you have to have a premium subscription.

So, the question is how to download YouTube videos in 4K or higher?

That’s what this blog’s for, one of the best ways or apps that can help you download YouTube videos in 4K is 4K Video Downloader. Let’s walk you through how easily you can fetch 4K or even higher resolution videos on your Windows PC, macOS, Android, or Ubuntu.

Before diving into how you can download 4K videos from YouTube, let’s first get a brief glimpse of what a 4K video is all about.

What Is YouTube 4K Resolution

YouTube video

The 4K resolution comes under the category of ultra HD or ultra-high definition videos. In terms of YouTube when you watch any video (clip, movie, TV show or any other video) in 4K resolution (4K UHD) it means a video has 2160-3840 lines of vertical resolution as opposed to HD that has 720 or 1080 vertical lines. Since the clarity of 4K videos is of superior quality, you will need an internet connection that provides you strong bandwidth.

How To Download 4K Videos From YouTube On PC, Mac, and Android

For the purpose of this blog, we will be using Windows OS. However, you can click on the download link based on the OS you have (Windows, Android, macOS, and Ubuntu)

1. Download, install and launch 4K Video Downloader

Downloader setup

The application has cross-platform functionality. Therefore, we have mentioned all the download links below. So, depending on your OS you can install 4K Video Downloader on your device.

Android | Windows | macOS | Ubuntu

2. Copy The Link From The Browser

Video link

Copy the video link of the YouTube video that you wish to download in 4K (or even higher resolution) from the browser.

3. Paste The Copied URL

Download video

Now click on the Paste Link option in the 4K Video Downloader application’s interface as shown in the screenshot below. The copied link will automatically be fetched and pasted.

4. Browse the Location

You can browse the location where you want to save the downloaded video.

5. Choose Your Desired Resolution

4K Video Downloader lets you download videos in all high-definition resolution formats that include 1080p HD, 720p HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K in a variety of FPS. Select your desired resolution. Since we know that you are inquisitive about how to download 4K videos from YouTube or even higher, select the option for 4K or higher (Ultra High Definition).

6. That’s It! Now’s the time to download

Download clip

Hit the Download button at the bottom, sit back and relax till your video is downloaded.

Are There Any More Perks Of Having 4K Video Downloader

Now that you know how to download 4K videos from YouTube on your PC or smartphone, you might want to know if there are some other benefits as well. Apart from letting you download 4K or higher videos from YouTube, this 4K YouTube video downloader also lets you –

  • Save complete playlists and channels in high definition
  • Extract subtitles in over 50 languages from YouTube videos in SRT format
  • Save 4K videos from several other platforms like Daily Motion, SoundCloud, Facebook, Streams from Twitch, and many more
  • Download 3D videos in all major formats
  • Download 360° videos

And there are several other great features for which you can sign-up for the premium version as well.

Wrapping Up:

YouTube, undoubtedly is a spectacular platform that has a repository of UHD or 4K videos and we are sure that apps like 4K Video Downloader can spice things up. With technology and apps advancing every single day, why should there be any restrictions on downloading 4K YouTube videos? Hope this post has helped you and if it did, do give it a thumbs up and tell us if you are now able to enjoy 4K videos from YouTube.

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