Let Google Lens Speak Out The Text You Just Copied

Let Google Lens Speak Out The Text You Just Copied

Google is one of those companies that never fail to surprise us with different updates once in a while. Many of us aren’t doing anything but being quarantined & binge watching Money Heist on Netflix at home. So let’s do something interesting with Google Lens’ new update of being more productive at home.

Google Lens

Google Lens helps you from as simple as calling a number to as complicated as translating texts in real time & looking up words on the internet as well.

Google Lens New Feature to Being More Productive

Google Lens has been used by millions of users from scanning & translating texts to identify plants & animals. The app is one of those tools that can be used for many tasks completion including QR code reading & knowing the best rated dishes on the restaurant menu.

Lens Text Copy

Lately our family dining table has also become a work desk, a video conference room and … a kid’s playground. As I learn how to become a full time kids-entertainer, I welcome anything that can help me stay productive. And while I usually turn to Search when learning about new things, sometimes what I’m looking for is hard to describe in words.

This is where Google Lens can help. When my family’s daily activity involves a walk in the neighborhood, Lens lets me search what I see, like a flower in our neighbor’s front yard. – Lou Wang (Group Product Manager, Google Lens and AR)

Recently, the tech giant launched new features (as below) that definitely are going to keep you engaged:

1. Copy Text From Paper On Your Laptop

We already know how Google Lens helps us out to be productive & save time as well. Google Lens already let us copy text from documents or paper notes & paste it, however, the new update makes it more interesting.

From now on, whatever text area you copied from your meetings or general conversations, all you need to do is just, tap on “copy to computer”. That’s it. An amazing way to quickly transfer the handwritten meeting notes from a paper doc to your computer in no time.

Just remember that your system is signed-in with Chrome credentials & the handwriting is neat.

2. Start Pronouncing New Words You’re Learning in COVID-19 Lockdown

Almost every one of us is trying to learn new things every day and among those things, one is learning new languages. The graph has shown that due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the learning-new-languages-search has almost doubled in the last months.

Before, Google Lens was capable of translating any words from Chinese, Spanish, or other languages into more than 100 languages. All you needed was pointing the camera in the text direction and that’s it. Now, with the new update, you can use the Google Lens to practice the new words that are a bit difficult to pronounce.

Just point the lens in the text direction & tap on the new button called “Listen” to hear out the difficult words like Otorhinolaryngologist.

3. Look Up For New Concepts Quickly With New Update

Learn new concepts

Sometimes we get stuck even though we are using Google & the internet services. So in case if you ever come across any phrase or term that you don’t understand take help from Google Lens.

Rolling Out of These Features

The above three new features have made users quite excited as they will be able to transfer the text from paper to the computer. The features rolled out on dated 7th May 2020 (yesterday) on Android as well as iOS platforms. Know that the Listen feature is only available on Android operating system only & will be rolled out on iOS in near future.

Wrapping Up:

Google Lens has made headlines by rolling out new features that claim to be more engaging and productive than ever. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, we all are trying new things such as learning new languages and that’s when Google Lens helps us immensely.

Don’t forget to start using these features on your appropriate mobile operating system and share the experiences as well.

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