FamilyTime Review – Can It Safeguard Kids’ Digital Personas?

FamilyTime Review – Can It Safeguard Kids’ Digital Personas?

Most parents in this day and age must already be aware of the digital threats that endanger kids and teens these days. And to safeguard their kids’ lives, they also conduct thorough research to make well-educated decisions about using a family monitoring app like FamilyTime. But the question that lingers in many parents’ minds is whether such apps do as they claim and if they are worth their time and money. That said. Let’s look into what FamilyTime is and what it can do to protect kids’ online activities.

Intro to FamilyTime Parental Control App

FamilyTime is one of the most popular and competent parental control apps. Parents praise this app for several reasons. Its dynamic software offers some of the best protection features a parent may need.

FamilyTime garnered a lot of attention from legit and high-ranking media outlets such as CBS News, Washington Post, and HuffPost for its ingenuity and is considered a symbol for making digital parenting easier.

Major Highlights

Before we dive deep into FamilyTime’s complete review, here are a few noteworthy highlights that can help parents get an idea of what it can do for them.

  • Allows parents to monitor kids’ online activities, e.g., YouTube & TikTok Monitoring, Web History, etc.
  • Tracks kids’ location in real-time
  • Creates a virtual fence for kids (geofence)
  • Helps fight screen addiction with a Screen Time Limit feature
  • Keeps teens safe on the road, i.e., Teen Safe Drive feature
  • Works seamlessly across multiple operating systems
  • Has positive customer reviews

FamilyTime App Review

FamilyTime App Review

As adults living in the digital age, we have all swam in the shady waters of the internet and social media. There is no shortage of inappropriate content online. From explicit YouTube videos to violent games or movies, kids may get exposed to such things through adverts inadvertently, even if parents make educated efforts to prevent that from happening. That is unless they use apps like FamilyTime. The detailed review of this app will help you understand what FamilyTime parental control app can do for you and how you can get the most out of it.

Key Features

The FamilyTime app is prevalent as the symbol of modern/digital parenting. Countless users/parents regard it as one of the best family monitoring apps because it is a parental hub that helps you keep track of the what(s), when(s), and who(s) of kids’ activities. Let’s get started with a quick rundown of its key features.

Family time Controlling Options

Screen Time Limit

Many parents struggle to balance their kids’ screen time nowadays. FamilyTime’s screen time limit feature can help you surmount this daunting task. It allows you to specify how much screen time you wish to allow for your kids. Once that time is over, the devices become inaccessible, and kids have no choice but to put away their screens.

Limit Screen TIme

Internet Filter

Undoubtedly, the internet is an amazing tool for learning and expanding our horizons. However, it has a seedy underbelly that cannot be ignored. Since it houses inconceivable amount of data, kids may get exposed to age-inappropriate content that could potentially ruin their innocence and childhood.

Internet Filter on Family Time App

FamilyTime’s internet filter allows parents to restrict kids’ access to adult or unsuitable websites. Parents can use the Safe Search feature to prevent any inappropriate content from appearing in the search results. Moreover, they can block images, videos, and written text using keywords to deny access to information on subjects like gambling, drugs, weapons, violence, etc.

Location Tracking

Location Tracking on Family Time Parental Control App

Ever the number of threats increasing exponentially, it is natural for parents to feel anxious while sending their kids out the door. Since we cannot confine them to the house, it is best to provide them with the tools that can ensure their safety. FamilyTime’s location tracking feature is one of those tools. It helps you keep track of your kids’ whereabouts. You can track their footprints remotely in real time and know where they are whenever you like.


Location tracking is fantastic, but let’s take kids’ safety one step further. With its geofence feature, parents can create a virtual fence around their kids. Parents can mark the places kids visit daily, like school, playground, a friend’s house, etc. They can also tag places that kids are not supposed to visit, such as bars or clubs. After marking them, you will receive notifications every time kids enter and leave those places. Doing so helps you keep track of kids’ footprints, and you can intervene or talk to them if needed.

YouTube Monitoring

Not a day goes by when people don’t watch content on YouTube, including kids, teens, and adults. It is one of the most popular platforms that houses an enormous amount of entertaining video content in various genres. The problem is that the vast enormity of content sucks you in and can be addictive. It is easy to lose track of time with this app.

TikTok Monitoring

TikTok has taken over the world with its charm. It offers fun filters and short video content that is entertaining but addictive. Though people like using this app, they cannot help but endlessly scroll its feed for hours. Its vast data stream also includes age-inappropriate content that is unsuitable for kids.

With FamilyTime’s TikTok monitoring feature, parents can protect their kids from getting exposed to such content. They can monitor the type of videos their kids view on this app and limit their interaction with this app if needed.

Call & Text Monitoring

The list of digital threats is quite lengthy and includes dangers like cyberbullying, racial bias, trolling, depression, social anxiety, suicidal ideation, online grooming, phishing, identity theft, etc. The repercussions from these threats are far-reaching and impact kids’ lives immensely. The problem is that teens and kids wish their parents to respect their privacy. Yet they keep such issues under wraps so their parents would not find out.

Parents can help their kids find these problems and overcome such challenges while respecting their privacy. Let FamilyTime help, and you will not have to become a helicopter parent. It monitors kids’ calls and texts for all such issues and notifies parents if anything relevant is found. That way, parents can help their kids without crossing any boundaries.

SOS/Panic Button

It is natural for parents to wish they could be with their kids all the time and protect them from malicious people. However, since it is impossible to keep kids in your line of sight all the time, we can provide them with tools that can help. The SOS/Panic button allows kids to alert parents of their location and immediate need for help. They can use it in emergencies and notify their parents that they need help.

App Blocker

It is fascinating how technology keeps advancing at an accelerated rate. At the same time, it is also terrifying from a parent’s perspective. Every few days we hear kids rave about a new app. It will be impossible for parents to keep track of every app and weed out the unsafe ones without using family monitoring apps like FamilyTime.

Its app blocker makes it a breeze to sort through apps that are unfit for kids to use. Every time they download a new app, it gets blocked by default and parents receive a notification. They can take their time to find out whether they should allow their kids to use that app or not. Thus, it allows parents to prevent their kids from playing violent/addictive games or using teen dating apps.

Pick Me Up Button

Its Pick Me Up button is one of a kind. It is a unique feature that isn’t offered by other parental control apps. It is especially helpful for busy parents who lose track of time or forget to pick up kids from school, friend’s house, game, etc., on time. All you need to do is set up the time and location from where you need to pick up your kids. The app will send alerts to your device to remind you to pick up your kids with the location.

Time Bank

Time management is one of the most crucial skills that pave the path to success. Helping kids understand the importance of saving and managing time is one of the most challenging tasks indeed, especially now as we live in the era of screens and technology. Getting kids to complete their homework and put away screens is even more difficult.

With FamilyTime’s Time Bank feature, parents can motivate their kids to spend less time with their screens. You can start by convincing them to save their screen time during exams, special assignments, quizzes, etc., then motivate them to reduce their screen time every day. Their unused screen time gets deposited in the time bank for later use, and parents can use it to reward them for good behavior or something else.

Teen Safe Drive

Teen Safe Drive is one of the most incredible features offered by this app. It allows parents to specify a driving speed limit for their teens to keep them safe on the road. The app tracks teens’ speed while they drive, and parents receive immediate notification if they cross that limit. It prevents them from reckless driving or speeding to show off their skills in the company of friends.

Internet Schedule

Do you want your kids to get a good night’s sleep? If you want them to focus on the task at hand and minimize distractions, you can do so by devising an internet schedule. If kids know they will not have access to the internet during family events, after bedtime, during study hours, etc., their attention will not be divided.

Schedule Internet Limit

It is impressive how FamilyTime caters to the safety needs of kids and teens alike. Though some of its major features are described above, the list does not cover them all. To know more about this app, it is recommended that you visit its website.

How to Use It?

FamilyTime is easy-to-use but is more complex than a simple green or red button interface. The app is available for download on its website, Google’s Play Store, and Apple’s App Store. Users need to create an account to set up and use its features. You need to install the app on parent and child devices, then sign in to link them. If you have attained its premium version, you can set up all its features as you need, and that is it.

What Does It Cost?

Those who wish to test it before purchasing its premium version can avail its three-day free trial version. All you need to do is providing your credit card information to begin. You will not be charged during the trial period. However, you will need to choose from one of its four payment plans once the trial period is over. All four payment plans include access to the entirety of its premium features. The details of its payment packages are as follows.

1. The MyFamily Plan

It costs $2.25 per month and users are charged $27 annually. It can be used to monitor one child device.

2. The MyFamily 2 Plan

It costs $2.92 per month and users are charged $35 annually. Parents can use it to monitor two child devices.

3. The MyFamily 3 Plan

It costs $3.75 per month and users are charged $45 annually. This package allows you to monitor three child devices.

4. The MyFamily 5 Plan

It costs $5.75 per month and users are charged $69 annually. You can use it to monitor five child devices.

Are There Any Discounts?

FamilyTime offers promos and discounts quite often throughout the year. Customers can save up to 35% on its premium plans. It offers promos and discounts on special events like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Back to School Sale, Black Friday Sale, Christmas & New Year discounts, etc. The best way to find out about its special offers is to keep tabs on its website and visit its social media pages.

Compatible Devices

FamilyTime is a dynamic app, indeed. It works seamlessly across various operating systems, such as Android and iOS. It can be used to monitor kids’ activities from one OS to another. That means parents can monitor and protect kids from iPhone to Android or vice versa.

Is FamilyTime Worth It?

If we take to the customer reviews of this family monitoring app, it is evident that parents love it. Many happy customers leave positive reviews of FamilyTime, which means it has made its mark as a worthy tool that is capable of safeguarding kids’ digital lives.

It is an indispensable app for parents who wish to protect their kids from threats of the digital age and offers exceptional customer service to its customers. Nothing in this world is perfect. Similarly, FamilyTime has had its share of kinks and glitches. However, the team has stepped up to solve all bugs and issues with updates in a timely fashion. If you want to download the app directly, visit Google Play or App Store.

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