Check Out The Way to Enable WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

Check Out The Way to Enable WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

Being a comfortable & effective communication platform for more than 2 billion users all over the world, WhatsApp has come too far. From letting people use the app on Android & iOS, the company launched WhatsApp web version. & now, in order to run in the direction of wind, WhatsApp Web is letting you use Dark Mode as well.

Enable WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

Yeah. WhatsApp dark mode that you could only use only on WhatsApp (mobile version) only is available for WhatsApp Web also in a few clicks or should I say tricks. So let’s get to know the way to enable WhatsApp Web dark mode:

WhatsApp Web Version & Everything Around The Feature

Since dark mode is already available on almost every app we use everyday, it was necessary for WhatsApp to offer something similar. And certainly, due to the COVID-19 lockdown almost everyone has started working from home. Since nobody wants to use multiple devices if the object is the same, users are preferring using WhatsApp Web on their system only.

WhatsApp Web Version

Recently, WABetaInfo (WhatsApp news for iOS, Android and Windows) talked about the still-under-development-stage that claims to have found a way for users to enable the dark mode of the web version of WhatsApp.

“We have published an article about the development of the Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web. The feature is still under development, but today we’re ready to provide a way to enable it before the official release!”

At the end of Feb 2020 also, WABetaInfo released the information about Android & iOS getting Dark Theme feature as well as the company trying its best to provide bug-free experience for WhatsApp Web & desktop version.

How to Enable WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

WhatsApp hasn’t officially launched any way to enable the dark mode on the WhatsApp web version, however, WABetaInfo has given us a few clicks (here & there) to make the screen darker within no time. And shockingly, it’s working like the option had been there all along.

So without further ado, let’s check out the steps:

Web Whatsapp

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone & simultaneously, visit on your desktop browser.

Please know that is the official WhatsApp web version page.

  1. Scan the QR code given on the official WhatsApp version page with your WhatsApp (mobile version)

Open WhatsApp > Tap on burger menu (top right corner) > choose “WhatsApp Web”

  1. The above path will help you have WhatsApp on your desktop browser within equal-to-none seconds. Now when you have your WhatsApp on the desktop, let’s start tweaking up a bit:
  2. On the Desktop browser tab, press Ctrl + Shift + I & you will find an additional window opening up on the same window (Middle left corner).
  3. Go to the Elements tab where you will need to find the body class text code.
  4. Nearby Body class, you will find a “web” that is the original theme of the WhatsApp web version page.
  5. Now, in order to switch the original theme to dark theme, all we need to do is, change the web to Dark web & press ENTER. And simple as that.
  6. The theme automatically will get converted to your favorite dark theme so start enjoying the moment.

There is only one limitation & it is manageable with a few clicks. Since the official launch hasn’t been released for WhatsApp web dark mode, you will need to tweak the code whenever you refresh the page or use WhatsApp web again.

The dark theme for WhatsApp web isn’t an update still as it’s a trick we are using for helping users get the benefit.

Wrapping Up

Like every other app we use every day, WhatsApp is one the most common ones & it feels good to use the dark theme mode on all the WhatsApp versions. For now, we are successfully able to use dark mode on mobile versions of WhatsApp, however, wasn’t possible for WhatsApp web until now.

Now, there are a few tweaks that can help us using WhatsApp web dark mode without much hassle.

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