All About Live Caption In Android 10 And How To Enable It

All About Live Caption In Android 10 And How To Enable It

Live Caption in Android 10 is a relatively new feature and is totally worth it for people who are hearing impaired or for users with language barrier. Android phones have a vast user market and with such a huge user base, it becomes necessary to make and release features that not only increases the efficiency but also helps users in multiple ways.

Android 10 Live Caption is one such feature that has been recently released and is currently available for Android phones running on version 10.

What Is Android Live Caption?

Android 10 Live Caption is a feature that lets you interact with your Smartphone in an easy manner. If you are hearing impaired and may simply want to view a video or news without any sound, Live Caption is the best option for you. It easily captures any video, audio, podcasts being played on your smartphone and does not require an internet connection since everything is done locally and no data is collected by Google

Live Caption, makes use of visual captions that are displayed whenever any video is played. However, it is to note that Live Captions will be displayed for the apps compatible with it.

Another positive thing about Live Caption in Android 10 is that it decreases the language barrier by providing live captions and making it easy for people to understand better.

Currently Live Caption in Android 10 is available only in English language and does not work with phone calls or VOIP. It works best if the audio or video has less or no background sound with crisp and clear foreground sound.

Devices Compatible With Live Caption:

As mentioned above the feature is available for use on smartphones with version 10 of Android. Currently the compatible devices are:

  • Android phones with Android Version 10.
  • Google Pixel 4, 3a, 3, and 2.

How To Enable Live Caption In Android 10:

Now that we know what is Android 10 Live Caption, lets see how to enable live caption in Android 10 devices. Popularly there are two ways to use Android live caption, let’s discuss them one by one:

Method 1:

  • Locate the podcast or video you want to play and want Live Caption to be displayed for it.
  • One the video is up and playing, press the Volume up or down button.
  • As soon as you press the Volume button, below the volume slider you will see a small icon known as the caption box.

Enable Live Caption in Android10

  • Click on the captain box to enable Live Caption in Android 10.
  • The live caption can easily be placed anywhere on the screen as per convenience.
  • One the video or podcast is over, simply press the Volume button again and tap on the caption box to disable it.

Method 2:

Another way to enable Live Caption in Android 10 smartphones is to do it through the Settings, to do so:

  • Navigate to the Settings on your Android phone.
  • From the Settings menu look for the option named Sound and click on it.

Option Named Sound

  • Post this search for Live Caption and click on it.

Live Caption Option

  • Once on Live Caption, toggle on the Live Caption option.

Enable Live Caption Option

Using the above mentioned methods one can easily enable the Live Caption in Android 10 and benefit from it.

More About Live Caption In Android 10:

We now know how to enable Android 10 Live Caption. Now let’s see what settings in Live Caption can be changed as per requirement. To change the settings follow the steps below:

  • On your Android phone click on Settings.
  • Now navigate to Sound and then look for the option named Live Caption and tap on it.
  • Under Live Caption click on the Settings option.
  • Here you will find the different settings that you can adjust according to your requirements.
  • “Toggle On or Off Live Caption.
  • Toggle On or Off profanity.
  • Hide or show sound labels, like laughter and applause and music.
  • Toggle On or Off the Live Caption icon in volume control.”

Live Caption in Volume Control

Live Caption in Android 10 also provides users the option to make changes to font, color, caption style etc.  These can be changed via the Caption Preferences.

  • To reach the Caption Preferences, navigate to Android Settings >
  • From Accessibility, look for Caption preferences and click on it.
  • Finally toggle on Use caption option.

So guys this was all. Live Caption in Android 10 is an amazing feature and is totally useful for deaf people or ones with hearings disabilities. This option is currently available in English and is definitely worth a try. Do let us know how you found the article by writing your valuable feedback in the comments section below.  Please subscribe to our blog for more information on the latest technology.

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