Digital Literacy – What Every Consumer of Technology Needs to Embrace

Digital Literacy – What Every Consumer of Technology Needs to Embrace

In today’s world where technology reigns supreme in our society, digital literacy is what everyone needs, young and old alike. A digitally literate person has qualities like the ones mentioned below. A digitally literate person can-

  • Comprehend technology and utilize it in daily life.
  • Evaluate the merits and demerits associated with a technology or a device. Devices range from desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, gaming consoles and so many others.
  • Create and communicate pieces of information with people around you effectively

Since technology has a grasp on every possible piece of information, the need of the hour is to embrace digital literacy.

Technology is for everyone, so is digital Literacy

As a very common belief, we might think that technology is for the new generation. But, ask yourself, aren’t we constantly preoccupied with our smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and the several inherent aspects? Don’t we fiddle with gadgets all day long? So, no matter what generation you belong to, you need to arm yourself with digital literacy.

Digital literacy examples

Let’s have a look at some of the very basic and important examples of digital literacy in our daily lives.

  • Browsing the internet to find information
Digital Literacy

As already mentioned there is plenty of information out there, you should know how you can use the “search engines” at your advantage to get the information you want. Another important aspect of browsing the internet is to be able to validate the source from which you are acquiring information.

It takes just a few clicks and information might get circulated widely as a rumor.

  • Social Media and its platforms let you communicate with the world   

Social Media

Social media is something that has become an inseparable part of our lives and an important way through which we communicate with people. Our eyes and hands multitask between multiple social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and what not. You need to be wary of the content – text or images that are going out there on these platforms.

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  • Knowing your device

You might not be able to devour the technological chunks of your device like a techie but having a working knowledge of how the software and hardware of your device work are essential. Not just will you be able to enjoy your device’s functionalities and features but would even be able to tackle any issues that might arise with the device. It’s not that you’ll learn everything in a day but just as your device needs an update, so do you.

  • Privacy – be careful of what you are sharing

Are you somebody who ignores the “terms and conditions” that an app throws at you? Do you share personal information with a website or app, without a second thought? You are not alone, it’s a tendency that most of us have. But, these small things could put your privacy and the privacy of others associated with you at risk.

One of the best examples of digital literacy is to at least scan the information that an app requests from you and unless and until asked from a very trusted and secured source, you shouldn’t give away your personal information.

Benefits of digital literacy

  • Digital literacy promotes active learning
Benefits of digital literacy

Learning is a never-ending process and technology is something that promotes the same. No matter at what stage of life you are, if you know how to find and evaluate information, there is a tremendous ocean of skills that you can dive yourself into. Here you can have your hands-on concepts that are explained in the most simplified manner.

  • It leads to Industrial or corporate growth
Industrial or corporate growth

With every industrial sector becoming technologically driven, a digitally literate employee of the company would be able to save time and costs and deliver better services. Also, he or she will be able to safeguard the resources of the company in a better manner.

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  • Get connected with people

By knowing a thing or two about social media, you can rest assured of never being alone. You could be at the farthest end of the world away from your family and friends but with the emergence of platforms, you can get connected to your loved ones in no time at all.

  • Digital literacy helps to keep up with technological changes

Last but not least, technology and the devices it encompasses are evolving at a tremendous speed. The evolution per say is very intriguing and interesting but if you are not aware, you would find it hard to survive especially amidst looming dangers like hackers. Also, one of the important aspects of digital literacy is the technique through which you can protect yourself in cyberspace.

The digital space is indeed wonderful. It’s a world of wonders that can be accessed with the utmost ease. All it would take is the will to explore, the will to learn and the will to use this boon responsibly and teach others to do the same.

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