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This Happens When You Connect AirPod To Your Android
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This Happens When You Connect AirPod To Your Android

If you have AirPods, you are not just the owner of magnificent sound but a lot many wonders. Many a times, people wonder “Do AirPods work with Android?”. Yes, they very well do.

Apple AirPods are a wonderful device and they in fact class. Though they have their share of issues too, they are undoubtedly one of the best Bluetooth earphones you can find.

Here is yet another wonderful thing you can do with AirPods, you can connect AirPods to Android device. While AirPods and Apple smartphones are made for each other, you can even pair AirPods with Android with ease.

Technology With Which A User Able To Connect AirPods To Android?

AirPods work well with Apple because they have a W1/H1 chip because of which they automatically pair with an Apple smartphone. Still, there use Bluetooth technology because of which you can easily connect AirPods to Android.

Now, the procedure to do that is very simple, yet a lot happens when you connect AirPods to Android device. Read the blog from start to end to know more. Let’s a holistic perspective on what happens when you try to pair AirPods with Android.

Why Connect AirPods To Android

Before answering how to connect AirPods to Android you would want to know so as to why would you connect AirPods to Android? You would also probably is using AirPods with Android the right deal?

First of all, AirPods and Android device is a cheaper arrangement. You won’t have to first spend oodles on Apple device and then more on AirPods.

Still, the question is why spend on AirPods?

You have heard Android Bluetooth earphones, they are good! But somewhere down the line AirPods give you a much better audio quality. Plus, AirPods have a better Bluetooth range. You can walk around more and still be connected to your music and calls.

So, isn’t using AirPods with Android could just be the right deal!

How To Connect AirPod To Android

Connect AirPod To Android

Now, let’s get down to actual business. If you are wondering how to connect AirPod to Android follow the steps mentioned below –

1. Open the case containing AirPods and switch the pairing mode on by pressing and holding the button at the back. You will now see an LED light blinking. This way your AirPods will be ready to get paired with a device

2. In your Android device, slide down the Notifications panel and hold the Bluetooth to open its settings. Slide the On to the right to switch it on. Make sure you have enabled the option which lets you discover devices.

3. You will now find the name of your AirPods showing up in the list. Tap on your desired AirPods. You will now receive a notification that will confirm if you want to pair your Android device with the desired AirPods

4. It would take a couple of seconds for AirPods to pair with your Android device. That’s it ! you now have successfully connected AirPods to Android device

What Do You Get And What You Don’t When You Connect AirPods To Android

As mentioned above when you connect AirPods to Android, you won’t have much issues with the sound quality, but you won’t be able to enjoy all the features. Here are some features that won’t work when you will pair AirPods with Android:

  • The automatic ear detection functionality
  • You won’t be able to customize the double tap feature
  • Auto-pausing and Siri assistance will not work as automatic ear detection will be disabled and Android doesn’t have Siri

Although you will be able to see the battery life of AirPod on Android.

How To Check AirPod Battery On An Android Device

When you connect AirPods to Android, you are not shown the battery by default. You can take help from a third-party app to check the battery status of AirPods. One of the best apps that can help you do that Air Battery. Apart from showing the battery of AirPods on your Android device, it can also show you the battery life of various other W1 devices like Beats Solo, Beat X and many others.

Check AirPod Battery On An Android Device

Now, the battery of AirPods is divided into two parts. Each of the AirPods have their own battery life and the case has a battery life of its own. After you have installed the app on your Android device, keep your AirPods connected and tap on the icon. An overlay will appear which will show you the battery life of each of the AirPods.

Apart from that, if you wish to see the battery life of the case, all you have to do is put one of the AirPods back in the case.

Would You Or Won’t You

We’d like to ask all smartphone users, especially the ones who have an Android device – would you now invest in AirPods and connect AirPods to Android device? Why/ why not? And if you are an existing AirPods user, how has your experience of using them? (especially, if you are an Android user).

With that, don’t forget to comment and drop in your valuable suggestions. If you liked this blog, do share it with your friends and family and keep reading Tweak Library.

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