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Top Cloud Data Integration Software To Automate Processes Between Web Applications And Services
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Top Cloud Data Integration Software To Automate Processes Between Web Applications And Services

What Is Cloud Data Integration?

In simple terms, Cloud integration or cloud data integration involves technologies and tools with the help of which various systems, applications, IT environments and repositories are connected so that real-time exchange of processes and data can occur. After this exchange occurs data and services can be used over multiple devices via the internet or over a network.

Cloud data integration software or applications are also commonly known by iPaas which is short for integration platform as service. Using iPaas or data integration software users can easily develop integrations with the help of which they can connect several web applications.

Some Of The Best Cloud Data Integration Software

Based on customer reviews, here are some of the best cloud or data integration software.

1. Zapier


Zapier is a cloud data integration software that automatically moves information between all your web applications so that you can put your focus only on important tasks. It then builds processes and gets tasks done at a very fast speed without the need of any code.


  • As an iPaas, it automates communication between apps based on triggers because of which actions such as data transfer and formatting are carried out in a fast manner
  • This cloud data integration software supports approximately 2000 apps and forms predefined connections between them
  • Extremely easy to use interface which eliminates any need of coding, connections can thereby be established without the need of a developer


2. Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is an iPaas which helps you integrate various data structures. You can use over 90+ maintenance-free and natively built connectors to visually integrate data sources. All you have to do is just focus on your data. The rest will be done by Azure using cloud data integration technology.


  • Fully managed and cost efficient cloud data integration tools scaling on demand
  • Functions and tools that convert data format from source system to that of the destination system
  • No requirement of coding to build hybrid ETL or ELT pipelines
  • Tools to set up and administer integration with interactive visual interface
  • Using this data integration software you can build advanced workflows and business processes


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3. Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is a cloud data integration software that can be implemented on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. This iPaas works well with all levels of users whether they are code savvy or not. It capitalizes on its data mapping and connector capabilities with the help of which it is able to automate interfaces with external organizations and systems.


  • Supports wide variety of connectors across Enterprise, SaaS, Big Data, Files and mainframes
  • Extensive knowledge base gathered from community who constantly share knowledge and learning amongst each other
  • You can build advanced workflows and business processes
  • 70-80% of the development of the environment can be done without any code knowledge



IFTTT is short for If This Then That is a free cloud data integration software that automates chains between web services and several other applications which involves big names like Gmail, Facebook and Google Drive. The automation is referred to as applet which further facilitates chain of events.

  • It can easily syndicate data via all major social channels
  • It has an extensive and exhaustive tutorial base on YouTube so that users don’t get stuck anywhere
  • Auto-backup feature so that if anything goes wrong, old data backup can be retrieved
  • Impressive email and ecommerce integration so that your clients never ever get disconnected from you


In The End

Knowing that an enterprise generates and moves an ocean of data from several sources, it needs to sort this data for better functionality. So, these are some of the most popular data integration platforms that are and can be used to cleanse, manage and integrate data between several web applications. Needless to say, they have the capability to make workflows.

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