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Chromium vs Chrome: Which is better
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Chromium vs Chrome: Which is better

We all know what Chrome is – it the most popular web browser developed and maintained by Google. But do you know what is the basis of Google’s Chrome browser?

Ever heard of Chromium?

In case you haven’t then you must know that Chromium is an open-source browser project that forms the basis for Google’s Chrome browser.

This isn’t the end of the story, there’s more to it.

Here we bring to you the difference between Chrome and Chromium.

Chromium vs Chrome_

What is the Chromium browser?

The Chromium browser is an open-source web browser developed and maintained by the Chromium project. Both Chromium and Google’s Chrome were released in 2008.

The biggest difference between Chromium and Chrome and the thing that ties them together is –

Chrome is based on Chromium. By looking at their logo you can differentiate between Chromium and Chrome but that’s not the only difference.

Google keeps on adding a number of features like automatic updates, support for video formats and a lot more, which makes it better than Chromium.

Chromium vs Chrome: A Quick Analysis


Blue logo

Does not sends the crash report

No video or audio codec

Sandbox depends on the distribution

New releases testing depends on the distribution


Google Chrome


Colorful logo

Sends crash and bug reports if enabled

Sandboxed, includes the flash plugin

New releases are tested before making public

Google ads API keys


What makes Chrome different from Chromium?

Although both Chromium and Chrome are built on the same source code, yet they are different. The biggest difference is – Chromium is updated more frequently but updates are not automatic whereas Chrome offers automatic updates and Google adds extra features to Chrome.

Apart from this, there are other differences you must know to learn about Chromium vs Chrome:

Chromium vs chrome

Automatic Updates: Even though Chromium is updated more frequently as it is directly compiled from the source code it lacks automatic updates. Chrome has an automatic update feature that makes is capable enough to download and install the updates. This means if you use an outdated version of Chrome, Google’s Chrome will let you know.

Tracking and crash reporting: Unlike Chromium, Chrome has an option to send crash reports and user statistics. Chrome shares general data like Chrome settings, devices, and OS details, allowing Google to show ads and relevant suggestions.
This option can be disabled from Chrome settings, but Chromium doesn’t have this feature.

Chrome web store: Chromium is an open-source this means it has no centralized ownership with that said, you will not find a web store on Chromium. While Google’s Chrome has a live and amazing web store.

Media Codec support: Where Chrome includes close source media codecs like AAC, H.264, and MP3 Chromium doesn’t support them. This means you cannot play media on Chromium. To watch Netflix videos or access video sites you need to either use Chrome or manually install codecs.

Chrome RAM

Non-optional tracking: Google uses RLZ identifier to track users on Google. This RLZ identifier saves information in the form of encoded strings. This cannot be found in Chromium.

Sandbox: Both browsers have Sandbox support. In Chrome it is enabled by default but in Chromium, it is disabled by default.

Chrome does not allow third-party extensions: Chrome on Windows and Mac allows installing chrome extensions from Google Play Store only, while Chromium allows outside extensions. To get the same facility in Chrome you need to enable developer mode.

Data Syncing: Chrome is great for anyone working on multiple devices. Since it uses Google account you can sync passwords, bookmarks, extensions and other settings between devices.

Flash Plugin: This difference between Chromium and Chrome doesn’t matter much as soon Adobe Flash will be out of new HTML5. Chromium doesn’t support Adobe Flash as it is not open source.

Chromium vs Chrome: Which one should you use?

This one is really easy to answer. Although Chrome is the child of Chromium, it has more features than the latter. Moreover, Chromium is always in the development phase, hence it has bugs that are yet to be discovered.

However, if you are a Linux user then Chromium for Linux is a better option. But if you go with it then remember Chromium doesn’t update automatically, it lacks flash player, media codecs.

How Safe is Chromium?

Safe and privacy are two different things. Obviously, Chromium is safe as it has a large developer team behind it. This means vulnerabilities are solved much quicker. In addition to this, with less integration to third-party apps like flash Chromium wins the race when compared with Chrome. Also, as Chromium is open source users can check if vulnerabilities are patched or not. Chromium will give users more privacy as it does not share any data with Google.

Chromium browser
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Download Chrome and Chromium

Download Chrome from the official download page

Compatible platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Download Chromium head to the site 

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

With this, we sum up Chromium vs Chrome. Even though both browsers work on Chromium but the way they work and get updated is what makes them stand apart. Chromium is much secure and private but only a few know about it. So, if you want to experience Chromium and see it for yourself download Chromium today.
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