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Chrome’s malware scanner
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Chrome’s Malware Scanner: It’s Latest Update!

There have been reports of multiple number of malware attacks on many who simply surf the net. While basic antivirus software seems to work very well on many there are times when even they fail. One of the basic issues users have while dealing with a malware attack is in its detection. If only there was a way of knowing that a malware file has managed to enter your system, steps can be taken to ensure data protection and dealing with the malware itself. Such an alert system has to have comprehensive knowledge of the many different varieties of malware attacks and ransomware and also must be prompt in its detection. Hence Chrome’s malware scanner brings great hope to its users.

Google To The Rescue

As one of the most commonly used web browser Google’s latest chrome update is much welcomed. It has upgraded its services to include scanning for malicious malware and ransomware. This is probably one of the most perfect and easy ways one could scan and speed up their browser. This update works on Windows OS primarily. It provides users with an alert, once it scans the computer for the same. Therefore, this update helps be aware of the virus before it begins the process of infecting any device. This way, the user can be secure that they are downloading only safe files and not malware or any type of a ransomware.

Here Is How To Use It On Windows:

Let’s begin with Windows and learn how to check for malware manually. The steps involved are quite simple.

  • Open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click on the vertical 3 dots.

  • Once the list opens, click on Settings.

  • Right at the bottom of the page, click on Advanced.

  • Here too, right at the end of the page, under “Reset and clean up,” click on ‘Clean up computer’.

  • Click Find.

  • If in the case of any harmful software, one will be asked to remove the unwanted software. In that case, click on Remove.

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There you have it folks! A few simple clicks to quickly scan one’s computer for any malicious files. We hope that in the near future, more web browsers too update their settings like Chrome’s malware scanner so that, all can avail such easy to use services. Precaution and prevention go hand in hand. All one needs to do is keep a keen eye on one’s PC for any malicious malware attacks or any ransomware. Remember, ‘Constant Vigilance.’

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