Can we Install Safari Browser on Windows 10?

Can we Install Safari Browser on Windows 10?

One cannot define ‘Adventure’ by simply packing bags and traveling to different places across the globe. Adventure today is a much broader term and it also includes trying out something new from cuisines, hairstyles and even installing new software on your PC or mobile. Being an ardent Windows fan from Windows 95 to Windows 10, I decided to take the first step towards Mac OS, another great operating system out there by first installing its default browser- Safari, on my Windows 10 machine.

What is Safari?

One of the fastest browsers developed by Apple Inc, Safari is the default browser for MAC OS X just as Edge is for Windows. Apple has always maintained an upper edge over similar Microsoft products and the same is true while comparing Safari with Edge or Internet Explorer. Keep the increasing privacy violations and malware attacks around the globe, Apple has inculcated the maximum-security features in Safari while maintaining an easy to use browser.

Safari screenshot

Safari also features DuckDuckGo search engine which boasts trackless surfing with an incredibly fast JavaScript Engine. It has a share button that can be used to share anything you come across while surfing and at the same time. It even prevents loading harmful websites that have a hint of malware. Moreover, the Safari browser does not have huge tabs or bars on the top and utilizes the maximum of the computer screen for browsing only.

But, the question of why you should install the Safari browser on Windows 10 is significant.

Why should I install Safari Browser on Windows 10?

Safari Features

Besides trying out new programs, there are many reasons why you should install Safari Browser on Windows 10:

  • Safari Browser developed by Mac has a premium look as compared to other browsers and has an easy-to-use and enjoyable interface. No one really cares about how the browser looks like as long as they help surf the Internet. But in the case of Safari, I actually paid a lot of attention to Safari’s features. It might be because I have been using Chrome for a long time along with Opera, Firefox and Edge but Safari was from a different world of software altogether.
  • Safari browser is not only the default browser on Apple devices but also is the most preferred among millions of Mac OS users today.
  • To install Safari Browser on Windows 10 can also prove important for people who regularly switch their work between Windows and Mac computers.
  • You can also download Safari for Windows 10 for developing, designing and testing related tasks as this would help to check the compatibility of a webpage on old Apple computers.
  • It can be used for training and simulator purposes for people in tech support who can help people with older computers.

 How to Install Safari Browser on Windows 10?

Safari Browser can be installed incident-free on Windows 10, 8 and even on 7 with being compatible for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. During my attempt, one of the obstacles I faced was the fact that Apple has not updated Safari Browser for Windows 10 for many years. The latest version available was Safari 5.1.7 which was released in 2012 which seems to be an outdated version that lacks many of the recently updated security features and newer web features.

Another issue I faced was to obtain a download link for the browser. It seems that Apple has removed the download link for the Safari browser for Windows 10 from its website. However, I was able to find a direct link from Apple downloads and have provided the link below.

Download Safari Browser for Windows 10 from here:

After the installation file is downloaded, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1. Locate the folder where the executable file has been downloaded and double-click it.

Step 2. The Installation window will open. Click on the Next button.

Safari Installer

Step 3. Read the License Agreement and click the radio button next to ‘I accept the terms’ and click next.

Safari Installation


Step 4. Most Important, uncheck the 2nd and 3rd checkbox before clicking on next. As Safari Browser for Windows 10 is no longer being updated, it is not recommended to make Safari as default browser and in addition, there is no need of installing Bonjour for Windows. The first checkbox can remain marked as you would need a shortcut to initiate the Safari Browser.

Safari Installation default

Step 5. Click on the next and all the affirmative options following this step.

Step 6. Click on Finish and your Safari Browser for Windows 10 is ready to use.

There is no tweak up till now to install the latest version of Safari browser Ver 12 on Windows 10 as Apple discontinued developing Safari for Windows due to lack of users. But if you really want to try out the new version of Safari Browser then you can install Mac OS on Windows 10 computer through a virtual machine.

On a final note, I would not recommend downloading the Safari browser for Windows 10 for any tasks that require your credentials like emails, banking and online shopping due to lack of security and privacy updates. But when it comes to plain surfing or browsing the web, Safari browser for Windows 10 can still give you the feel of using a premium product by Apple.

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