Can AI Stop Ransomware, Detect Malware and Reduce Risk from Malicious Sources?

Can AI Stop Ransomware, Detect Malware and Reduce Risk from Malicious Sources?

Artificial Intelligence is not only a popular topic for research, but also has answers to plethora of questions regarding cybersecurity that remained unanswered till now! The experts have predicted that Artificial Intelligence, along with the help of Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc., will shield us from cybersecurity issues and act as Ransomware protection. Not only for ransomware, this can prove helpful enough for malware detection and reducing risk from malicious files. So, yes, AI has the potential to help us for sure. Are you wondering how will that happen? Well, read further and know about the same!



What Is Wrong In The Present Scenario?

According to the AV-TEST Institute, in 2017 more than 60 million malware files were created! Moreover, the attackers have always been one step ahead of victim! If we take a look around, the prevention methods that we use against malicious files are not efficient. Even the best Ransomware protection tricks have failed. The antivirus and endpoint security applications that we use are not able to shield us and thus miseries related to cybersecurity seem endless. Well, we cannot just sit and count the flaws because each day something new is invented and implemented. Before, the security steps are taken, hackers exploit the same and render us vulnerable. Be it an individual or an organization, nobody is safe!

What Can Be Done?

You might have read thousands of articles regarding how AI is going to snatch away your job, will compete you extensively, it will rule humans in future, and what not! But instead of looking at negative aspects, if we look at the positive aspects, we’ll be astonished! It can even act as Ransomware removal tool! Yes, the idea of being better and more efficient than humans may be scary, but at this point in time, we need someone to rescue us from this vulnerable situation. Artificial intelligence is our best shot! It has been claimed AI when used in cybersecurity, things are different. It will create an immune system instead of building an armor and trying to defend the system using the same! It will not allow the malware to enter the system and we’ll no longer need Ransomware protection.

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Furthermore, with AI it will be easier to detect vulnerabilities and patch them. We’ll no longer witness zero-day exploit. This is our best Ransomware protection tool. We cannot deny that we are continually at war with hackers. They are trying to get hold of data to leverage and we cannot just let them do that! With AI, list updates will be readily available and thus identification of malicious files will no longer be a tedious task. Josh Fu says that “By collecting a huge number of good and bad files, we can extract the features that determine what makes a file good or bad, train the math model, and then produce an algorithm that can accurately classify the file for subsequent actions.”

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Do We Need Immediate Action?

Yes, we do! The researchers have found out that in merely three years Ransomware became 5th most dangerous form of malware from 22nd. But we don’t just need Ransomware removal tool or protection because most of the hacker prefer silent exploitation. With AI to our rescue, we can easily detect any abnormal behavior in our network and take necessary actions. As experts say, in most of the cases, attacker not just suddenly attack any system, they stay in for long to observe the vulnerabilities. All of this can easily detected with the help of AI.



LinkedIn has already tried and Artificial intelligence has brought some positive changes in it. Now, it prevents any type of leakage of users’ personal information and does not initiate unauthorized downloading of video transcripts. We hope the developments continue positively and act as Ransomware removal tool as well.


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Will AI Do All These Tasks Alone?

Well, it is capable enough, but as it is in testing phase now and has not developed fully, it needs support. In such scenario, the technologies such as quantum computing, Blockchain, IoT, and others will help it. Moreover, being backed up with so many other technologies, AI will become the best Ransomware removal tool. IBM Watson has already started the spree of combining other technologies with AI for cybersecurity. We hope that it will turn out as expected!

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