Botnet an Emerging Threat

Botnet an Emerging Threat

Cyber criminals use a combination of many computers to commit cybercrimes. They take control of different devices and when in need they order them to perform different tasks.

What is botnet

Bot is a software application that runs automated scripts over internet. It performs the tasks at a much faster rate than any human.

Botnet is a collection of the devices on which one or more Bots are running and are connected via internet. Botnet is used to perform different tasks like DDoS, stealing of information, sending spam messages, and it also allows attacker to access device and its connection.

Devices include PCs, servers, mobile devices and IOT devices. These devices are infected and controlled by common type of malware. Hackers use malware to control different devices and make network of Bots that can be further used to perform a large-scale attack.

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How does it work:

Botnet consists of many devices which are controlled over the internet to perform a specific task given by the attacker.

Single system is not much of a use in terms of power and resources, therefore, attackers take control of different devices and use their power and resources for different tasks.

Bots usually do not take full control of the devices, they are hidden until a task is given to them.

Botnet works on these three different models:

  • The client server model communication through IRC channels (centralized Botnet):
  • Peer to Peer communication model (Decentralized Botnet):
  • Hybrid Model

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How to stay protected:

There are different steps that can be taken to prevent Botnet attacks. Users have to take simple steps to prevent their devices from attackers.

  1. Enable and configure Windows Firewall: Windows firewall needs to be configured properly. Users sometime disable Windows firewall. It plays a major role in preventing a system from attack.
  2. Software Update: All the software install should be updated regularly.
  3. Stop installation of software from unknown sources: Software should only be installed from trusted sources.
  4. Installing good security software: Installing a good security software will ensure more safety.
  5. Do not ignore warnings from security software installed: Security software installed on our devices often warns us about the software being installed, however, users just ignore the warnings and install the software.For proper safety, we should not install software which are flagged dangerous by our security software. If you trust the software and install it anyway, we suggest you do a proper research on it and after gaining full trust install the software.
  6. Do not open attachments unless it is from verified source: If you receive any attachment from any source, do not open it directly, before opening any attachments do a full research about its source and its
  7. Make sure that your system’s OS is up to date: OS manufacturers often release security patch, so make sure that your OS is up to date.
  8. Measuring of network activity: It is called as Network baselining. Users should be aware of their network activity in real time.

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Botnet proves to be a serious threat that stays hidden until attacker wants it to be. It is said prevention is better than cure, curing infected system may result in potential loss to organization, therefore, preventing a threat is better option.

Once the system is infected, organizations and individual users suffer major loss. So, every user should be aware of their system’s security and health.

Vulnerable systems are the main target of the attackers. Systems that are more venerable are attacked more often.

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