Best Windows 11 Customization Tools in 2024

Best Windows 11 Customization Tools in 2024
Key Points –

●     Before making any customizations, it would be a good idea to create a system restore point. This will be handy in case anything goes wrong and will allow you to switch back to the original settings.

●     These are the top eight tools for Windows 11 customization in 2024.

●     These tools have been made with accessibility in mind, and even beginners can use them.

●     These tools allow complete customization, from arranging system icons to adding widgets or other add-ons.

●     Some are free, while others are paid. Before choosing any app/tool, consider this as well.

Windows 11 is a sleek operating system, yet many users want to customize the look. Whether you want to modify the look of your desktop, fine-tune system icons, or include widgets, there are  numerous tools that can revolutionize user experience with Windows 11.

Regardless of your experience level, this blog is your one-stop  solution for your Windows 11 customization needs. These are the eight best Windows 11 customization tools that you can use to customization Windows 11.

Best Windows 11 Customization Tools

Note: Before making any changes to Windows, always create a system restore point as it helps revert changes.

1. Rainmeter


Rainmeter is a game changer for power users and graphics lovers. This desktop customization tool allows you to add multiple personalized widgets to your screen, such as weather forecasts, system performance monitors, and interactive clocks.

Moreover, the app provides unlimited customization options, helping you design a unique and informative desktop experience.

Key features –

  • Huge array of customizable desktop gadgets.
  • Widgets for climate, system resources, music players, and many others.
  • Vibrant fonts, colors, and function

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2. Start11


Do you miss the classic Windows Start menu? Look no further than Start11. This app allows you to change the start menu in Windows 11, bringing back old layouts from previous versions of Windows. You can select among different styles, resize its dimensions, or even make it slightly transparent.

Want to try something different? Why not create a hybrid menu by mixing features from different editions of Windows for that personal touch?

Key features –

  • Return the traditional Start Menu designs from Windows 7, 10, and 11.
  • Change the size and transparency of the start menu.
  • Quick access to popular folders and files right in the start menu.

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3. RoundedTB


Do you enjoy the sleek, rounded edges of Windows 11 but want more control over its appearance? RoundedTB does that for you. This is Windows 11 taskbar customization software that allows you to customize the appearance of your taskbar.

You can change the corner radius, add subtle padding, or even turn it into a floating dock to have a fluid desktop experience. .

 Key features –

  • Exact control over taskbar corner radius customization.
  • Add spaces between objects to give it a clean look.
  • Allow a dock functionality on the taskbar to float on top of other windows.

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4. WindowBlinds


Looking for overall visual transformation? Do you want to change  your current visual theme? Then WindowBlinds should be your first choice. The tool  offering an ultimate makeover. It’s an exceptional software which enables one to change his/her entire Windows 11 interface using custom themes referred to as skins.

Customize Windows 11 with themes that mimic other OS looks, embrace minimalism, or make bold artistic statements via vibrant styles. With WindowBlinds, you will have a complete visual overhaul waiting for you.

Key features –

  • Massive collection of custom themes for Windows eleven interface, revamp your entire windows interface, including buttons, windows, and menus.
  • Themes vary from minimalist design to artsy looks and even imitation OS’s.

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5. QuickLook


Bid farewell to the irritation of opening files merely for their preview. QuickLook has brought macOS’s magic Quick Look feature to Windows 11. Now, all you need to do is hover your mouse pointer over any file and instantly watch a preview without launching its parent software or program.

Therefore, it makes sense to say that it is one of the best Windows  11 customization apps for busy people who appreciate efficiency being  because they value time management.

Key features –

  • Hover the mouse over an image, document, or video file to preview it.
  • No need to open programs just to see what’s inside a file.
  • Free and lightweight software.

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6. BeWidgets


If you’re looking to enhance your widget experience, check out BeWidgets. This Windows 11 customization app elevates the widget concept, allowing you to create custom desktop widgets tailored to your preferences.

You can personalize widgets with app shortcuts, photos, weather updates, time, date,  and more, making your desktop both functional and visually engaging.

Key features –

  • Tons of options for widget appearance, like sizing, positioning, etc.
  • It is easy for beginners since it is lightweight and user-friendly.
  • The program is free, and new features are being updated regularly.

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7. Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker is a complete Windows 11 modification tool that provides a host of concealed settings. You can refine the appearance and operation of your desktop, taskbar, and context menu, among other things.

For instance, you may customize Windows 11 by hiding desktop icons, activating God Mode (a hidden menu with advanced settings), or even changing  some system animations to make it more personal.

Key features –

  • Accessing hidden settings within Windows 11.
  • Modify how your desktop, taskbar, or context menu appears.
  • Unleash hidden features such as God Mode.

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8. Fluenticons


Ever felt like the standard Windows icons were a little on the dull side? We have you covered with Fluent Icons! With this app, there’s an extensive collection of streamlined modern icons that blend well with the Windows 11 aesthetic look.

Make your desktop feel new again, and choose an icon set that looks great together and matches your personality.

Key features –

  • Express yourself musically.
  • There are different kinds of styles of icons to choose from.

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9. TranslucentTB


Windows 11 has a lot going for aesthetics, but Microsoft has yet to provide a true transparent taskbar. While paid apps like Start11 offer this feature, you don’t need to spend money when you can use TranslucentTB.

As the name suggests, it enables taskbar transparency and offers more advanced tweaks. Additionally, you can customize the opacity level and choose a specific color for your taskbar to match your personal preferences.

Key features –

  • Make your taskbar either semi-transparent or completely transparent if you wish.
  • Its impact on system resources is negligible.
  • It is an open-source software that comes free of cost.

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Customizing Windows 11 is Easy with These Desktop Customization Tools

Customization of Windows 11 will not only improve the desktop look but also boost its functionality and productivity. From Rainmeter’s fabulous skins to TranslucentTB’s start menu tweaks, these tools have something for everyone. Feel free to try different tools and get that perfect mix that works best for you.

Therefore, dive in today and start customizing your Windows 11 with these great tools! Enjoy your customization experience.

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