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Check Out The Best Visual Novel Games For Android
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Check Out The Best Visual Novel Games For Android

What’s better than living your favorite story moments? It’s always a ball to immerse yourself in a story and feel like a real hero. With Visual Novel Games on Android, things cannot get any better!

Novel Games For Android

Visual novels are considered as the ultimate entertainment. The interactive stories that mainly focus on character development, Visual novels are altogether a different kind of experience.

What Do You Mean By Visual Novel Games?

An interactive game genre, Visual Novel (VN) started from Japan & is quite popular all over the world. Mostly focusing on character & plot rather than gameplay mechanics, Visual Novel most often uses Anime style or live action sequences (occasionally). Visual Novels started with the text-based stories with the narrative style of literature, however, transformed themselves differently from the print novels we see these days.

What Do You Mean By Visual Novel Games

The visual novels resemble the mixed-media novels & to an extent, can be considered as games also. Because the novel itself lets you interact with other characters, make important decisions, checkout new places & all that with different images on the screen.

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Visual Novel Games For Android in 2020

Please know that visual novel games can be played on both iOS as well as AndroidOS successfully. However, here we will talk about the best visual novel games for Android. Let’s checkout the best Android Visual Novel Games for you:

1. ACE Academy

ACE Academy

Claimed as one of the best visual novel games of all time, ACE academy is the perfect combination of comedy, sci-fi, & romance elements. Since a visual novel is an interactive game, you can converse with other characters in a more personalized manner.

Set in 2049 where the mechanized robots have become commonplace everywhere & the protagonist is finding himself confused in the advanced world. He struggles to find a team to accept him the way he is & somewhere a team is quite desperate for a member. That’s where the excitement kicks in.

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2. Steins;Gate

Many of us who are quite fond of visual novels, Steins;Gate is not new to them. A quite adventurous & single-player game, Steins;Gate is the 2nd collaboration between 5pb and Nitroplus based on a science-fiction/adventure theme.


Available in Japanese only, the game was released in October 2009. It has sold over 1 million copies & has won the highest Famitsu Awards. The game plot is about a group of students as they are able to create technology that can change the past. Maybe time traveling. But is it the hypothetical science adventurous ride or credible & intellectual encounters? For that, play the game & find out.

Another adventurous ride of Android visual novel games, STEINS;GATE is here.

3. Roommates

Roommates are always funny, entertaining, & exciting; even if you talk about real life situations. This visual novel game is quite the same and is also full of adventure & romance. Alike Steins;Gate, Roommates is also a single-player simulation.


Developed by Winter Wolves, the game has been set is a Latin House where you will be playing either Max or Anne & will be living with a few roommates. The game is about taking you through the journey of college life on a roller coaster rise of comedy, romance, & adventure. Get ready to enjoy the ride & don’t miss the bus..

‘Roommates’ is among the most fun and promising visual novels for Android.

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4. Friends Forever Stories

A fun loving, entertaining, & foolproof-guarantee-of-adventures game, Friends Forever is another amazing addition to the list of best visual novel games for Android. Friends Forever : Choose your Story Choices 2019 lets you become the star of your visually & interactive tales.

Friends Forever Stories

What the game holds for you is that there is something for everyone. From teenage dating tales to rom-coms & from mysteries to fantasies, you can find anything & everything in there.

Just choose your story & start playing the lead character in the story.\

5. Amnesia: Memories

As the name suggests, the game is all about the memory loss that blanked the whole world for you. Now, what the past might have had for you will be the combination of excitement, shock, love, fights, laugh, & mysteries.


Today is August 1st & once you wake up, you find yourself without any memories before today. From the life you lived to the group you did hangout with, is completely gone. Shockingly, Orion (a young boy) comes in front of you claiming that he is a spirit attached to your mind. Now, under his guidance, you try to regain your memories… let’s begin the journey & see what past holds for you.

Go get your memories back with one of the best Android novel games, Amnesia: Memories.

6. Spirit of Justice

The name only indicates that it’s going to be a tough fight between evil & good. A single player game is about investigating the crime scenes & finding the appropriate evidence to save the clients.

Spirit of Justice

Becoming a lawyer & defending your clients will be your highest priority while playing this Android novel game. You only will need to find the solid evidence, build your case, & then present it in the courtroom like never before.

Let’s check the evidence & save your clients with Spirit of Justice.

7. Dear Diary – Teen Interactive Story Game

Like above visual novel games for Android, Deal Diary is also self-explanatory. Though the term only “Dear Diary” takes me back to the Vampire Diaries Show (Elena), however, this isn’t anything like that.

Dear Diary


Your character’s name is Anna who is struggling while making choices that will affect her destiny directly. While playing the game, you will find her going through the school phase & whenever she will need your help in challenging situations, you will need to help her out. Know that every decision you will be making in her story, it will directly interfere in Anna’s fate.

Download the exciting & amazing Deal Diary novel game for Android here.

Apart from the above, there are other games that will amaze you with so much excitement as below:

8. The Walking Dead: Season One

9. If My Heart Had Wings Ltd. Ed.

10. Lily’s Day Off

11. BAD END: If you play, you’ll die?

Wrapping Up

Without wasting any more minutes, start playing these awesome & entertaining visual novel games on an Android device. The perfect combination of paid & free visual novel games, the list consists of the top played & downloaded entries for you.

Let us know in case you play some other Android visual novel game & you are amazed while playing it.

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