10 Best Photo Recovery software for Mac in 2024

10 Best Photo Recovery software for Mac in 2024

Data loss is a common problem that costs a lot of money to many people and organizations every other day. Worse, some files have monetary and emotional worth, rendering them irreplaceable and necessitating data recovery as the only viable option.

The good news is that Mac users have a variety of data recovery programs to choose from, and we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best data recovery software for Mac to assist you in recovering your lost information as swiftly as possible.

For Mac, there are a plethora of data recovery software options. We have shortlisted some of the best recovery options for you to choose from. You may be asking why we chose these specific products. Well, we took the following characteristics into account when making our choices:

To include the tools in our list, they have to effectively recover data in a range of conditions.

How They Work: We sought recovery software that may assist users in recovering files in a variety of data loss circumstances.

Popularity – We wanted to check if the most popular recovery solutions’ popularity was justified by their functioning and feature set.

User reviews – If you’re looking for information about software solutions, the user community is a wonderful place to start. We attempted to assess the tools that garnered the most positive feedback and left users happy with their overall experience.

Best Photo Recovery Software For Mac

1. Stellar Photo Recovery for Mac

The Stellar Photo Recovery program restores images, videos, and music data deleted, corrupted, formatted, or unavailable due to a virus or inaccessible discs. It can also recover data from the newest DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, and video cameras, as well as 4k, 6k, 8k, UHD, and/or 360-degree files, CFast, CompactFlash, microSDHC/XC cards, and CFast, CompactFlash, microSDHC/XC cards (when a memory card is inserted and you connect it to a computer via USB). Stellar Photo Recovery will most likely be able to find the file you’ve lost on a broad range of devices because of the extensive list of supported file types and cameras/storage devices.

Stellar Photo Recovery


  • Can retrieve a variety of files
  • It’s compatible with various devices.
  • Before you restore your data, have a look at it.


  • When a file is recovered, it is given a new name.

Download: Stellar Photo Recovery For Mac

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2. Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac

For Mac, Recoverit is a commercial data recovery tool. It has a three-step recovery technique that makes retrieving lost data painless.

Since 2003, this software has assisted users in recovering deleted data. Millions of users have usMillionsde range of data loss scenarios during that time. The program can recover data from unintended formatted drives and files from the trash and data loss due to a virus assault. Data may be recovered from various devices, including external disks, SSDs, and memory cards. Hundreds of file kinds are supported, including all standard video, picture, audio, and document formats.


  • You may preview files before recovering them.
  • Virtually every sort of disk-based storage device is supported.
  • Recovery is a simple procedure.


  • The free trial version has limited functionality..

Download : Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac

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3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

EaseUS is a software business best known for its partition manager, EaseUS Partition Master, but their data recovery utility, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, is also worth mentioning.

EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac is a cutting-edge data recovery tool that can free restore up to 2 GB of lost and formatted data. It recovers images, videos, music, documents, and emails from Time Machine backup volumes and is compatible with all current versions of macOS, including macOS 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, and 10.6. Data recovery is a three-step procedure with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, and the tool even allows you to generate a bootable disc to restore data when macOS is unable to start.

DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software


  • Up to 2 GB of data can be recovered for free.
  • Time Machine backup drives are supported.
  • Simple to use


  • There aren’t a lot of other features.

Download: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

4. R-Studio for Mac

R-Studio for Mac is a powerful data recovery software for Mac that can handle even the most severely damaged or unfamiliar file systems.

R-Studio for Mac can retrieve data from APFS/HFS+/HFS (Macintosh), FAT/NTFS/ReFS (Windows), UFS1/UFS2 (FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris), and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux) partitions, and it handles even the most severe file damage with ease. A sophisticated hex editor is included with R-Studio for Mac, which adds to the value of an otherwise pricey data recovery program. If you’re a network administrator who has to recover data from a company-wide data breach, you’ll be happy to hear that R-Studio for Mac can do it over a local network.

R-Studio for Mac


  • Data recovery techniques with many punch
  • Professional data recovery tools are included in the package.
  • Network-based recovery


  • Expensive

Download: R-Studio for Mac

5. Data Rescue 6 for Mac

Data Rescue 6 for Mac is yet another high-rated recovery utility when it comes to the finest Mac data recovery software available for Mac. It was designed with regular users in mind.

Data Rescue, like Disk Drill for Mac, lets you recover data from your Mac hard disc using two recovery methods: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. It also includes a simple graphical user interface that lets you see all of the capabilities at a glance.

If your hard disc looks to be suffering physical troubles, Data Rescue 6 for Mac can clone it. Instead of an internal or external hard disc, you may choose which source you want to scan data from.

Data Rescue 6



  • Compatibility with Time Machines
  • Make a clone of a hard drive
  • Source selection for scanning


  • The free version’s functionality is restricted.

Download: Data Rescue 6 for Mac

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6. DiskWarrior for Mac

DiskWarrior for Mac bills itself as the world’s most sophisticated data recovery and restoration software. We’re not sure about that, but it does provide decent results, and it’s handy for resolving the terrible “Initialize Disk” problem that so many Mac users have experienced.

When it comes to restoring damaged hard discs and locating all recoverable data and folders, DiskWarrior for Mac is unrivaled. If your Mac can’t access a hard disk, all you have to do to rebuild it by using DiskWarrior on Mac is click the Rebuild button, and the rest will take care of itself. DiskWarrior for Mac may not only help you repair existing problems, but it can also help you avoid disc failures by leveraging SMART technology.

DiskWarrior for Mac


  • Advanced repair capabilities
  • Technology that is SMART
  • Simple to use


  • It’s pricey, and there’s no free trial available

Download: DiskWarrior for Mac

7. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery for Mac aids in data recovery, and this choice is best suited for businesses and companies since the price reflects this. It isn’t the most attractive Mac data recovery software on the market, but it gets the job done and supports an infinite number of users.

Because it is high-performance software developed to address difficult scenarios of data loss, UFS Explorer Professional Recovery makes data recovery simple. It also includes a RAID tool with an integrated script handler. This would be a fantastic feature because most businesses have some form of a RAID system in place to secure their data and keep processes functioning.

UFS Explorer


  • Storage reading capabilities have been improved.
  • RAID recovery is supported.
  • Disk decryption methods built-in


  • For personal use, it’s pricey, but it’s great for larger businesses.

Download: UFS Explorer Professional Recovery

8. DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software

DMDE is a sophisticated Mac data recovery program that allows you to search, modify, and recover data from your hard drives.

DMDE includes a disc editor as well as a basic partition manager that allows you to undelete a partition that may have caused data loss. It also includes file recovery, which is functional but not as user-friendly as some of the other choices on our list.

DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software


  • A large number of file types are supported.
  • It comes with several useful freeware features.
  • RAID assembler


  •  It’s not as simple to use as others.

Download: DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software

9. TestDisk for Mac

TestDisk for Mac is excellent if you’re seeking a fully free data recovery application for Mac machines. TestDisk for Mac lacks a properly-designed user interface that allows complete beginners to use it without feeling intimidated. That’s because it lacks any sort of graphical user interface! It does, however, come with strong data recovery algorithms and support for practically every file system you’ll ever see. Just don’t be put off by the command-line interface.

TestDisk for Mac


  • Data recovery solution that is more advanced.
  • Many file systems are supported.
  • Excellent data recovery outcomes


  • Using the command-line interface

Download: TestDisk for Mac

10. Disk Drill for Mac

No other software on our list is as simple to use as Disk Drill for Mac, which is a major compliment given Disk Drill for Mac’s superior results. It not only supports over 300 file types, but it also scans all main devices, including your iPhone or Android smartphone. Let’s have a look at some of the most useful features of Disk Drill.

Disk Drill for Mac comes with several free disc utilities, including Disk Health, Duplicate Finder, Mac Cleanup, Recovery Drive, Data Backup, Data Protection, and all of which are designed to help you keep your data organized and secured so you’re less likely to lose them.

Disk Drill for Mac


  • Evaluation of your recovery is free.
  • Extra free disc tools are included.
  • There are two separate methods for recovering data.


  • Only file previews are available for free.

Download: Disk Drill for Mac

Here is the list of limitations of the all-listed software along with their prices to help you choose the relevant product:

1 Stellar Photos Recovery for Mac $99.99/year There is no free data recovery
2 Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac $99.99/year The free version has limited functionality
3 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac $119.95/year There aren’t many other features
4 R-Studio for Mac $79.99 There is no free trial available
5 Data Rescue 6 for Mac $99 The free version has limited functionality
6 DiskWarrior for Mac $119.95 To use, you must buy
7 UFS Explorer Professional Recovery $699.95 The user interface is outdated
8 DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software $48 The user interface resembles that of a file manager
9 TestDisk for Mac Freeware There is no graphical user interface
10 Disk Drill for Mac $89 The features of the free edition are limited


Even if you follow best practices and frequently back up your laptop, you may need to recover lost or missing information for a variety of reasons.

Physical or logical damage to your computer’s hard disk might cause files to vanish. Upgrades to the operating system or software applications might result in files being lost or destroyed accidentally. Human mistake is always a possibility, such as forgetting you needed a file just after you emptied the trash or recycling bin.

Whatever the reason, if you lose or erase data on your Mac, you’ll need to utilize file recovery software. The key is to remain calm and to immediately cease using the disc where you will be attempting data recovery. If you keep using your drive or partition, your files will be overwritten and you won’t be able to recover them. Instead, quit using it and download and install data recovery software on another disc or partition.

We should all be able to recover data from our Mac hard drives if  something goes wrong. Now you have ten software choose any of the above assist you in restoring  your data


Are there any Free Recovery Programs for Mac?

Yes, there are various Free recovery programs for Mac online. But they all come with some restrictions therefore is it advised to use paid versions of the tools.



How can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos?

Permanently deleted photos can be recovered by various paid and free tools. Although free tools have some restrictions whereas paid tools will help you recover your lost data.



What is the Best Photo Recovery Program for Mac?

There are various tools available on the internet and users can choose any one of them based on their needs and budget. However, in our opinion, Stellar Photos Recovery For Mac is the best way to retrieve those lost photos.


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