Best Office Workout Apps For Android and iOS

Best Office Workout Apps For Android and iOS

Achieving your work goal is a tedious task since it requires long hours of continuous sitting. This not only makes one lethargic but even pose serious health issues. People who have desk work find it difficult to stay active. Hence in this article, we will be discussing some of the best office workout apps for Androids and iOS that can help you in staying active. You can do these exercises, at your desk and stay more focused.

Do not forget with an active work style, it is also important to eat right.

Best Office Workout Apps For Android and iOS:

It is always advised to take short and regular breaks while working. However, the kind of targets people have nowadays, it is becoming difficult to take breaks. Hence, to stay active at work, one can use an office workout that involves simple office chair exercises and other yoga poses. There are ample of apps designed for this purpose.

Let’s start discussing these best office workout apps for Android and iOS and start working towards a healthy work environment:

Best Office Workout Apps:

If you want to be calm and composed and also fit and healthy, keep reading the article to know about the best apps for the office environment.

1. Workout Trainer:

Workout Trainer

Start your fitness journey with this amazing app by Skimble. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices it is one of the best office workout apps for Android and iOS. This power-packed app comes with ample workout and specialized training regimes curated by experts.

Not just this it has specialized programs for office goings with a varied range of workouts and different difficulty levels. Different office workouts include exercises that can be done during breaks and office chair exercises that can easily be performed while replying to an email. Simple, Isn’t it!

Download Workout Trainer

2. Insight Timer:

Insight Timer - Office Workout App

The kind of work stress associated with the office these days not only requires some sort of physical fitness but also demands mental relaxation.

Insight Timer is one such nifty app that marks its place in the category of best office workout apps for Android and iOS. Insight Timer is an amazing app that provides almost the largest library of guided meditations and that too for free.

The simple yet effective guides make sure that one easily gets away from stress and be relaxed.

Download Insight Timer

3. Yoga Studio:

Yoga Studio - Office Workout Apps

Relax your mind and body with this amazing app by yoga giant Gaiam. Yoga Studio comes with easy to understand yoga poses described by professionals in the form of HD videos.

It is an all-in-one app that makes your journey towards being fit and stress-free easy. Yoga Studio has some yoga poses that specifically contain exercises that you can do at your desk. The 5-office chair exercise or yoga poses include Full Body Flow, Dynamic Flow, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Tension Release, and Finger Stretches.

Download Yoga Studio

4. Fooducate:

Fooducate - Office Workout App

Another app in the category of best office workout apps for Android and iOS is Fooducate. Fooducate enables people to keep track of their lifestyle fitness goals.

It educates users about different food habits including diet plans, health, and fitness so that they can keep track of their daily activities as well as food habits.

It is equipped with a health tracker that keeps track of the calorie intake and trending discussions by famous nutritionists and fitness experts.

Download Fooducate

5. Stridekick:

Stridekick - Office Workout App

If you like challenges, then Stridekick is the app you must have on your iOS or Android device. Stridekick focuses on challenges based on the number of steps taken amongst office people and can easily be connected to any fitness trackers such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

So, if you are all set to have a competition with your collogues, have this step tracking app installed and you are good to go.

Download Stridekick

With the kind of work pressures we all face, everyone looks for options to stay fit, calm and stress-free. This calls for either office chair exercises or exercises that you can do at your desk.  This article educates you about some of the best office workout apps for Android and iOS that you can install on your mobile and aim for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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