Best Mac Finder Alternative in 2024

Is There An Alternative To Mac Finder? Explore Best File Managers For MacBook

Best Mac Finder Alternative in 2024

Are you tired of waiting for your Mac Finder to load when you’re working with directories containing hundreds or thousands of files and folders? Does Finder crash unexpectedly, resulting in data loss? Do you often face difficulty while copying or moving files?

Typically, these issues arise due to a variety of reasons, including software bugs, permission issues, interference with third-party apps, and more.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, you’re not alone! Numerous users have reported persistent issues with Finder and are actively searching for the Best Finder Alternatives for Mac (2024). If you can relate to this, we’ve curated a list of top file management and organization apps similar to Finder on MacBook.

Find Files Faster & Maximize Your Productivity With The Top Finder Alternatives For Mac (2024)

These apps offer faster load times, and enhanced search functionality and help you manage your data more conveniently. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

1. Commander One

Commander One

Commander One is a free and user-friendly file management software like Finder. It’s known for its incredible dual-pane interface that lets you seamlessly manage a large number of files and folders. Besides being easy to navigate and use, the Finder alternative works super-fast. It provides different search methods to find files, including Spotlight search, lets you view your folder contents in three modes, and allows you to unhide files in one click.


  • Configure hotkeys for executing frequently used operations.
  • Supports drag and drop functionality and Finder tags.
  • Allows you to rename files and folders while moving your data.
  • Enables you to customize the UI as per color, theme, and fonts.
  • Preview files including Hex and Binary, before taking any action.


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2. Path Finder

 Path Finder

Path Finder by Cocoatech, is one of the most powerful Finder alternatives that gives you full control over your file system. It comes packed with more than 25 tools that enable users to synchronize their folders, view hidden files, rename files in bulk, support file filtering, and more. It even supports Dropbox integration; you just need to link your account and you’re all set up. Besides managing files on your macOS, it even lets you browse your iOS devices by connecting it through a USB cable.


  • Powerful folder comparison and synchronization are
  • Intuitive dual-pane browser to copy files from one pane to another.
  • Advanced selection and smart sorting features for effective management.
  • Native support for Apple Silicon, so that you can manage files at a faster rate.
  • Highly compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows Operating System.


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3. ForkLift


Another great alternative to Mac Finder is ForkLift. The macOS file manager is designed to be the fastest solution to take care of all your files and folders. The user interface is quite pleasant and intuitive and capable of managing your Amazon account or iOS devices via FTP/SFTP connections or Bluetooth. It also supports dual-panel design and productivity features like live preview, folder loading, and more.


  • Ability to view and edit files remotely.
  • Supports one-click sync for better management.
  • Support for local and network drives.
  • Can show hidden files without any hassle.
  • Enables you to rename files in bulk.


 4. Nimble Commander

 Nimble Commander

Nimble Commander is an efficient Mac Finder alternative that you can consider in 2024. The app is designed to be fast and effective at managing a large number of files without any hiccups. It provides a straightforward interface that makes it easy for users to easily handle multiple windows and tabs at once. It also gets integrated with Quick Look and Spotlight, which makes it highly customizable for advanced and professional users. Some of its notable features are listed below:


  • Easy to use built-in file viewer and ability to browse archive files.
  • Comes with Admin Mode to get full access to system files.
  • Features tons of search options and filters to navigate and access files.
  • Allows you to connect to remote FTP and SFTP servers.
  • Get an overview of system information like RAM usage, free space & more.


5. Transmit


Transmit 5 is another top Finder alternative for Mac that allows you to conveniently move and manage files between local and remote storage. Unlike other popular file management software for Mac, it allows you to connect to cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Backblaze 2, Box, DreamObjects, Dropbox, and more. Moreover, it can handle the classic FTP, SFTP, and S3 quite easily. Transmit 5 certainly makes complex services drag & drop simple.


  • Provides fast syncing capabilities.
  • Add support for local-to-local and remote-to-remote
  • Allows batch renaming and maintains favorite folders.
  • Supports 2-factor login for better security.
  • Selectable file sync system is also supported.


Conclusion | Enhance Your File Management Experience On Mac With These Finder Alternatives

If you’re frustrated with the Mac’s Finder performance and crashes, then you can try the above-mentioned alternatives that will revolutionize the way you organize and manage files. From faster load times to enhanced search functionalities, these substitute options offer a range of functionalities to maximize your productivity. All these Finder alternatives are our top recommendations and offer seamless control over your digital workspace.

If you know any other good recommendations for this category, do share them in the comments section below. We’ll review the suggested software and update this article accordingly!

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