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Best Linux Video Editing Software To Get This Year!
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Best Linux Video Editing Software To Get This Year!

Whether it is its open source nature or security purpose, Linux has always been considered as best for programmers. But I know there are various people around there who are already addicted to the Linux operating system because of its comprehensive abilities.

Video Editing Software

Moving ahead, if you are already using this OS and looking for a video editor on Linux, you are at the right place! We have created a list of

Best Linux video editing software 2020

1. Kdenlive- Video Editor Linux

Kdenlive is considered as the best Linux video editing software. This is freebie software that comes up with a bunch of amazing features that includes unlimited video and audio tracks along with adjustable effects and transitions. 


Kdenlive offers support for PAL, 4:3 NTSC, 16:9, and HD standards. Other highlights include masking, blue-screen, keyboard shortcuts, multi-track timeline editing and a lot more. Oh! I forgot to tell you, this is a free video editor for Linux OS. Kdenlive is built on QT and KDE Frameworks libraries and its video processing is operated by the MLT framework. 

This is one of the renowned Linux video editing software. You can download Kdenlive from here

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2. OpenShot- Best Linux Video Editing Software

OpenShot is our next pick in this list. It has an amazing streamline feature and smart transitions with 2.5 versions. When we talk about its features, OpenShot is capable of dealing with video and audio formats without any effort. Another highlight feature of this Linux video editing software is that Windows and mac OS can also install this on their system.


This is a user-friendly video editor for Linux and offers various titles, transitions, and support in professional video formats, exporting of various files, visualizing waveform, splitting the audio from video clips and dealing with every audio channel in an individual manner. 

You can get this amazing and free video editor for Linux from here

3. Shotcut

Shotcut is especially for novice users and considered as open-source, free and cross platform Linux video editing software. This amazing software inherits a broad range of features such as video transitions, filters, multi-track timeline, native timeline editing and much more. 


Shotcut can also enable quick edit in 4K audio and video, hence also supports external monitoring. When it comes to adjusting audio fronts, Shotcut offers support in JACK transport syncing, audio mixing in mono, stereo, track formats. 

Sounds interesting? Get this smart and free video editor for Linux from here.

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4. Flowblade

Well, we always come across with a situation when trying with new software, we often face lagging issues. So, if you have already used the above mentioned video editors for Linux and looking for smart software that doesn’t lag, Flowblade could be your take.


Flowblade operates in Python that makes it run smoother and faster than any other competitors. This video editing software offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of amazing features. Users will adore its video transitions, drag & drop support, watermarks, support in various audio, image, and video formats. In addition to this, Flowblade also inherits batch rendering, proxy video editing.

This Linux video editing software is available on all major browsers.

5. Lightworks

Here comes the Lightworks, the last pick on our list of the best Linux video editing software. We have listed the novice software on our list but Lightworks is suitable for professional users. This NLE video editor offers support in 4K, SD, HD formats, Low-Res Proxy workflow and Blu-Ray, alongside drag & drop support. 


In addition to its features users will adore analog & digital connections that comprises AES, EBU connectors, 3G-SDI, Optical audio, HDMI 2, 12 G and other high-quality audio and video filters effects. This is not a free video editor for Linux. You can use Lightworks on Windows and macOS too. 

This best Linux video editing software is available on all major browsers. 

Final Words

That’s all folks!  We have shared a list of best Linux video editing software for you. Share your views and feedback related to this topic. I hope you like this article and have subscribed to our newsletter for amazing tips and tricks.

Don’t forget to tell us which of the best video editors you have chosen for Linux OS. Yes! We are open for conversation too! 

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