Best DVD Players for Windows 10 in 2024

Best DVD Players for Windows 10 in 2024

Windows 10 is swooning over its users with all its upgraded features. Yet, there are certain things that it seems to be leaving. Take DVDs for instance. Even though DVD drives are contemplating obsoletion, DVD players are still very much relevant.

What if you have a collection of DVDs (movies, instructional videos, software and what not) stacked up in your drawer? You might have to wrack your brains to play them on your Windows 10 because of Windows 10 per se, may or may not have a dedicated facility using which you can play your DVDs. We have sorted things for you.

Best Free DVD Player for Windows –

1. VLC by VideoLan

VLC by VideoLan - free Windows DVD Player

The first on our list is VLC by VideoLan. If you are looking for a free Windows DVD player, you would certainly stumble upon VLC developed by VideoLan and chances are you might have to go no further. Why?  VLC is an open-source DVD player for Windows which can play all media formats with the utmost ease. It plays DVD discs, DVD folders and even ISO files without a hitch. Also, if you wish to take a step further and play Blu-ray, VLC could just be your go-to DVD player software.

We’d urge you to install the desktop app from the official website (Specifically, version 3.0 and above) as the one on Microsoft Store doesn’t support DVDs or Blu-rays.


Here’s how to play DVDs in Windows 10 with VLC Media Player – After installing VLC, insert your DVD > click on Media > click on Open Disc

You can then choose the option for DVD and click on the Play button to set your movie rolling. Off course there are several controls top enhance your DVD playing experience.

2. Daum’s Pot Player

Daum's Pot PLayer - Windows DVD PLayer

Every DVD player mentioned here vouches for superior performance and Daum’s Pot Player delivers supreme performance while proving to be very light on your system’s resources.

You might wonder, how is the Pot Player able to do that? After all, if you talk of superior performance, system’s resources are sure to take some load, right? Not with Daum’s pot player.

Well, it’s packed with dedicated hardware acceleration technologies that include Nvidia CUDA, DVXA and Intel’s own Quick Sync. You now can see that with this Windows DVD player nothing can possibly go wrong.

Plus, it even supports OpenCodec which are needed to play certain videos. Not to forget, if you wish to play Blu-Ray discs, Pot Player does that for you.


Figuring out how to play DVDs in Windows 10 with Media Player? Follow the steps below to see Pot Player into action.

Install and launch the program > Insert DVD > click on the hamburger icon and select open. Now, when you click on the open DVD. That’s it! Your movie or software will fire up.

3. 5KPlayer

5KPLayer - DVD player app

Next player that you should definitely consider is 5K player. 5KPlayer, a well-known DVD player app for Windows is a sure short DVD powerhouse. It has already won laurels from users and experts across the globe and for reasons galore.

While other DVD players might need the help of codecs, this DVD player for Windows has native support for Video_ts, VOB, iOS image and other DVD folders and codecs. Another great feature of this DVD player software is that it also ignores region coding. Which means it has direct access to the raw data of the DVD and it thereby overcomes CSS encryption.

Talking about the video quality, it supports 4K Blu-ray videos with 360 degrees, 3D DVD playback. And if you thought you would have any difficulties in streaming such high-quality content, worry not! With a powerful hardware acceleration capability, it lowers CPU usage by approximately 10% and increases file reading speed by 30%


To see 5KPlayer into action pop in your DVD into your system’s drive, click the button for DVD and click on OK. Voila! Your DVD would start playing with no ifs and buts.

4. BlazeDVD

BlazeDVD - DVD players Windows

The list of best DVD players for Windows would be incomplete without BlazeDVD that plays DVD folders, DVD discs and ISO files with the utmost ease. It packs some great features

One thing that will make you fall in love with this free Windows DVD player is its interface. It has a magnificent interface which, apart from being easy to use, even offers you several skins to choose from which enhances your experience even more. Next, it delivers what it promises, high-quality audio (Dolby Stereo Effect) and sharper, crisp and smoother video

It also gives you the option of recording DVDs into MP3 audio or MPG video. This full-featured media player lets you play movies from all regions


To use it all you have to do install and download this Windows DVD Player, launch the application, insert your DVD into the DVD drive and that’s it, you are good to go.

5. GOM Player

GOM Player - free Windows DVD player

GOM Player is an absolutely free Windows DVD player that can easily play DVD discs. The best part about this media player is that it can also play broken or corrupted media files by omitting the bad frames. Though it looks quite basic and may pop up ads now and then, it doesn’t render any difficulties in playing DVDs. Also, if you wish to read subtitles while you are watching your DVD, you can even do that. You could easily download the subtitles from its library


To play a DVD just install and launch the application by following the steps that appear on your screen. Then, right-click on the Window > Click Open > Click on Default DVD Drive

6. KMPlayer

KMPlayer - DVD player Windows

KM PLayer might not be very flamboyant DVD player Windows but it packs great features behind that simple look. For instance, even if you wish to throw those super HD Blu-ray videos, this Windows DVD player won’t have any issues

Actually, its simplicity is actually a plus for your system’s resources. When you talk about features, it supports various kinds of audio and video formats. Thanks to a very powerful renderer which easily plays all kinds of formats without the slightest hiccup

What’s more? It has a vast collection of media libraries and codec support so that you do not face any issues in DVD playback


To play DVDs in Windows 10 with KMPlayer,

Install and launch the application > Right-click on the blank Window >  Click on open > Click on Open Folder > Browse the location where your desired DVD Folder is placed. That’s how easy it is.

7. Kodi

Kodi - Windows DVD Player

Wanting to play your DVDs on Windows 10? Kodi is an option that you should ponder upon as far as Windows DVD Players are concerned. Kodi is not just your another media player, it’s way more than that. One of the best things you can do is enjoy a DVD using Kodi. It is also a great DVD ripper and lets you convert your DVD collection into Kodi so that you can create your own Kodi DVD movies library.


If you are wondering how to play DVDs in Windows 10 With Kodi? We have it all figured out for you.

First, insert your DVD in the DVD drive and launch Kodi. You will then be prompted to choose the type of media that you wish to play. In the case of DVD, you can simply choose Disc. Now, if the content of your DVD (movies, TV series, etc) don’t automatically appear, you can click the Play Disc button.

8. Microsoft’s Windows DVD Player

Microsoft's Windows DVD PLayer - Windows DVD Player

Last but not the least we have the Microsoft’s very own Windows DVD Player. If you have installed Windows 10, the odds are you already have it installed. On the face of it, it is simple and has a very minimalistic interface. Which is a good thing? You have got everything in front of you, nothing hiding behind a flashy interface. In fact, it even vocally states that to play a DVD, you just have to insert one, that’s it!

Once you have inserted your desired DVD player, all the major buttons activate – the play, pause, next, previous, rewind, forward, etc.

To Sum Up

With the sands of time, DVDs might become obsolete whether for the good or bad, don’t know. Yet, till the time you can enjoy DVDs, you should do it with complete perfection. With the above players, you won’t have any issues in streaming your DVDs with the utmost ease.

In an era of swarming live streaming services, are you still a DVD buff? Do you like watching movies, listening to songs or download software using DVDs? Most importantly, do you have a favorite Windows DVD player of your own which you didn’t find in the list above? Do mention it in the comments section below

Also, we have tons of fun tech-related content on both our blog and video channel. So, stay tuned and happy reading!

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