7 Best Discord Music Bots to Try in 2024 | Elevate Your Server’s Audio Experience

Discord Music Bots can stream music from various sources, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more!

7 Best Discord Music Bots to Try in 2024 | Elevate Your Server’s Audio Experience

When it comes to online chat rooms, Discord is quickly becoming a top contender. Originating as a gaming-centric messaging and voice chat app, it has now become ubiquitous across PCs, attracting users from diverse backgrounds, including gamers everyday individuals seeking conversations. .

Discord boasts an array of features and bots designed to enhance the user experience. Moreover, discord servers offer a variety of bots, including music bots. In this article, we delve into the realm of  Discord music bots, offering comprehensive guide to the functionalities of the best Discord music bots available in the market.

Discord Music Bot: What Is It?

Users can create servers using Discord and extend invitations to friends, individuals with similar interests, or fellow gamers. Discord servers provide numerous features that set them apart from large group chats. Whether engaged in casual conversation or gaming sessions, music bots simplify the process of listening to music. An prime example of a free discord music bot is a  virtual user. If you want to listen to music in a voice channel, you’ll need to join the channel and issue specific commands to the Bot they’re using.

Using Discord: How Can You Add Bots?

Adding bots to your Discord server is a breeze, even if you’re new to the platform. It’s as easy as pie! Simply navigate  to the Bot’s website, find the “Add Bot To Discord” Button, select the server you wish to add it to, and grant it the necessary permissions. Boom! Your Bot is ready to go! It will be added to your server seamlessly. . Just remember, if you’re adding the Bot to a server you don’t own, you will need to have the ‘Administrator’ or ‘Manage Server’ permissions.

Top 7 Discord Music Bots

Here is a list of the seven best Discord music bots:

1. Jockie

Jockie Music Bot, is a  feature-rich software.  One of Jockie’s standout features is its ability to run up to four instances simultaneously.  This means a single server can support up to four Jockie bots. With the platform, you can play music from many popular services, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, TIDAL, Soundcloud, and more.

Get: Jockie

Cost: Free

Jockie Music


  • Supports audio effects such as tremolo, echo, bass boost, 8-dimensional, karaoke, and distortion.
  • Permits four Jockie bots to share a single server, allowing for abundant music-listening sessions
  • 24/7 voice channel access, even when not in use
  • Allows access to popular music websites

2. Uzox

Look no further than Uzox if you’re searching for a premium-featured, free discord music bot. Uzox supports every major music and content streaming service, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch live broadcasts. Additionally, if you want to quickly see the song’s lyrics, the on-screen lyrics button is a lifesaver.

Get: Uzox

Cost: Free



  • Playback and queue management are made easy
  • Features a variety of filters, including 8D, nightcore, bass boost, and more
  • There are various kinds of moderation commands

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3. Aiode

When it comes to Discord music bots capable of streaming Spotify songs, , Aiode (formerly Botify) is among the best. The top-tier music bot for Discord can access Spotify and play songs by searching for them. It works with a variety of music platforms, including SoundCloud and YouTube. If you have music on Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud, you can use Aiode to compile a personalized cross-platform playlist. You can also customize the Bot, allowing users to interact with it using specific commands.

Get: Aiode

Cost: Free



  • Quickly find a song on Spotify
  • Backs up not only Spotify but also Soundcloud and YouTube
  • Numerous personalization choices
  • Helps with making playlists that work on multiple platforms

4. Zandercraft

Renowned for its excellent music-playing capabilities, Zandercraft is among the top Discord music bots. Zandercraft is the best music bot for Discord for music enthusiasts because it supports playing music in XHD (Extra HD) and Hi-Fi, alongside its plethora of productivity and entertainment features. Audiophiles seeking to enjoy music with friends while maintaining impeccable sound quality will find its high-fidelity playback invaluable. . Much like the other bots mentioned, Zandercraft,  allows you to create playlists, add songs to a queue, and do a lot more.

Get: Zandercraft

Cost: Free



  • Listen to music and add tracks to a playlist
  • You can use it to find music and make playlists
  • Playback of Superior Quality
  • Productivity Enhancements

5. ChillBot

You should also check out ChillBot, another fantastic music bot for Discord. The ChillBot Discord bot is ideal for you if you enjoy low-fidelity music. In contrast to the other bots here, ChillBot streams music—calm, lo-fi tunes—on a real-time basis. With its unique focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere, ChillBot offers a refreshing alternative for users seeking a laid-back listening experience.

Get: ChillBot

Cost: Free



  • Natural and easy-to-understand instructions for operating the Bot
  • Imagine being on a radio station
  • A never-ending loop of low-fidelity music
  • Clear and top-notch audio

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6. FredBoat

Among the top Discord music bots, FredBoat stands out for its compatibility  with numerous websites. It seamlessly integrates with platforms like Soundcloud, Twitch, YouTube, Bandcamp, and more, allowing users to play music from a wide range of sources. Additionally, FredBoat eliminates the need for links; simply enter the song’s name, and it will automatically start playing. You can also make playlists on FredBoat, ensuring a seamless transition between songs as one finishes and the next begins. . This way, you won’t have to change songs every time manually.

Get: FredBoat

Cost: Free (FredBoat Patron: $2/m)



  • No quality loss occurs when playing music
  • A search bar that allows you to look up music by name
  • A top-tier, open-source music bot for Discord
  • Superior Sound Quality

7. MEE6

A highly capable music bot for Discord, MEE6 allows you to do much more than play music. It can search for various Twitch and YouTube streamers and videos, create a leveling system for the server members, and stream music from services like SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch, and more. In contrast to other bots, MEE6 lets you reorder songs effortlessly through dragging and dropping functionality. Moreover, you can skip, play, and pause songs with a simple click.

Get: MEE6

Cost: $89.90



  • Notifies you whenever there is fresh content on Twitch and YouTube
  • Provides benefits as you advance in levels
  • Rearrange songs with the simple drag-and-drop feature
  • Assorted musical resources


The top Discord music bots significantly enhance music discovery, playback, playlist creation, and track queueing on your server. Plus, they offer additional useful features for moderating and administering servers, extending their utility beyond more music playback and transforming Discord into a multifaceted platform. . If you’re concerned about the availability of specific music bots, such as potential copyright violations with YouTube content, it’s advisable to periodically check this article for updates.

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