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Best Credit Score Check Apps (Free & Paid) for Android
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Best Credit Score Check Apps (Free & Paid) for Android

With technology, everything has become easy, be it applying for a loan or checking a credit score.  Yes, you heard it right! Now you can use credit score check apps and check your credit score and apply for loans in no time.

You can use these powerful credit monitoring apps not only to check credit score for free, but to also track identity theft, get personalized loans, and credit card recommendations.

Want to know about best credit score apps to check credit score for free, read on!

7 Best Credit Score Check Apps for Android

1. Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is an advanced free credit score app that helps you understand what is affecting your credit score and how you can take control of it. It offers credit karma savings account to help you start earning a high-yield interest on your hard-earned money. It works 100% to help you save on insurance, apply for auto loans, find vehicle records, open recalls, automatically. It offers personalized offers based on your profile & needs.

Features of Credit Karma

  • Offers personalized approval odds to help you understand which personal loans and credit card offers you are more likely to get before you apply.
  • Based on your unique credit profile, it provides multiple credit card offer.
  • Keeps your identity protected by giving you insights about possible identity theft attempts and tips to keep it safe.
  • Offers the Credit Karma Tax feature to help you fill your state and federal tax returns for free.

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2. CreditWise


Use CreditWise for an instant credit score check app on your Android device. This free credit score app helps you understand what all factors make up your credit score, and how to improve it. It offers real-time information fetched from TransUnion and Experian. CreditWise is trusted by millions of users around the world to know, improve, and monitor their credit score. It allows you to track the TransUnion report to keep a tab on signs of theft, error, or fraud.

Features of CreditWise

  • You can use its Credit Simulator to help you understand how everyday decisions affect your credit score.
  • It shares personalized suggestions to improve your credit score.
  • It sends you alerts when there are changes in your TransUnion and Experian credit report.

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3. Experian Android App

Experian Android App

Download the free Experian Android app to check your free Experian credit report anytime anywhere you want on your Android device. It keeps your credit score updated every 30 days. Moreover, it notifies you whenever there are personal information updates, mention in public records, hard inquiries, fraud alerts, and more. The app offers credit information in an easy-to-explore format.

Features of Experian Android App

  • Use this free credit monitoring app to check a credit report every 30 days on sign in.
  • It sends you alerts for key changes and various credit activities.
  • It helps you check and resolve credit disputes online for free.
  • You can sign in faster and securely with your fingerprint using this app.

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4. Mint


Mint is not only an advanced credit score check app, but it also offers numerous other features to help you track finances, bills, investments, bank accounts, credit cards, and more. Mint is trusted by millions of users around the world. It helps you monitor your spending, helps you save money, monitor your bills & finances for better financial planning. This free credit report check app helps you track all reports from one place for easy viewing & management.

Features of Mint

  • Helps you track all reports from a single dashboard for easy management.
  • You can use this app to manage bills, track finances, check free credit reports, and more.
  • For better data protection, it applies two-factor authentication with your account.
  • Allows you to sync with the Mint web app to provide you seamless user experience.

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5. Nerdwallet


Nerdwallet helps you build your credit score, monitor your spending, earn extra cashback, when you spend and helps you discover smart ways to save more. It sends you regular updates on your credit score and helps you understand factors that influence your credit report.

Features of Nerdwallet

  • Its credit simulator helps you understand what actions will help or hurt your credit score.
  • It offers extra cashback every time you spend with Nerdwallet.
  • It tracks your earning and spending patterns to help you understand your savings.
  • It finds the best offers available for you to save you money.

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6. TransUnion CreditCompass

TransUnion CreditCompass

Being one of the best apps for easy credit score checks, CreditCompass helps you point your score in the right direction by offering you useful suggestions. Here, it sends you personalized recommendations based on your credit score goals you have set for yourself. To see the latest scores, it helps you monitor and refresh your credit score daily. It offers the latest credit scores and gives you great control of your credit data.

Features of TransUnion CreditCompass

  • Helps you monitor, review, and control access to your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports from one place.
  • Sends you important credit alerts from all 3 bureaus.
  • Offers $1 million identity theft insurance to keep you and your data safe.

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7. Lock & Alert

Lock & Alert

Lock & Alert is one of the safest credit scores check apps to track the Equifax credit report. Equifax helps you control who can access your Equifax credit report. Lock & Alert is available for free for a lifetime. It allows you to lock your credit report with a single swipe. Furthermore, you can easily unlock the credit report whenever you need it to say,when you apply for a loan.

Features of Lock & Alert

  • Offers easy features to lock & unlock your credit report for better security.
  • Helps you sign in using fingerprint or email and password.
  • If you have placed a security freeze on your Equifax credit report, then it is free to replace your freeze instantly with Lock & Alert.

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